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USCGC Sapelo


Coast Guard Cutter Sapelo (WPB-1314)

Primary mission is law enforcement and search and rescue

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter SAPELO, like the other five patrol boats based in San Juan, performs a variety of Coast Guard missions.  A primary focus has been the interdiction of illegal migrants seeking to enter the United States in small, un-seaworthy wooden boats called yolas.  In addition to Alien Migration Interdiction Operations (AMIO), we conduct anti-drug smuggling patrols, fisheries law enforcement patrols, and of course are always on standby for Search and Rescue (SAR).
Billet Structure:
SAPELO is commanded by a CWO (BOSN) an a BMCS as the XPO .  The rest of the billet structure is just like every other 110-foot patrol boat with Deck and Operations departments being headed by BM1s, and Engineering by a MKC.  There are a total of 16 enlisted billets and one officer billet, broken down as follows:
CWO (BOSN) - CO                   BMCS - XPO
MKC - EPO                              BM1 - OPS
BM3 - OPS                               BM1 - DECK
BM2 - DECK                             MK2 - ENG                               
EM1 - ENG                               2 MK3 - ENG
3 SN - DECK                            FN - ENG

Everyday the United State Coast Guard goes to work to make a difference to America. In fact, at the end of any average day, the Coast Guard has...

-Save 14 Lives
-Conducted 180 Search and Rescue Missions
-Kept $7 million worth of narcotics from hitting American streets
-Responded to 32 oil spills or hazardous chemical releases
-Stopped hundreds of illegal migrants from setting out on the ocean, and compassionately enforced American law for those who do set out


Contact Information:

Commanding Officer                             
Tel.  (787) 729 - 4379                                              
Fax. (787) 729 - 4378

Executive Petty Officer                             
Tel.  (787) 729 - 4379                                              
Fax. (787) 729 - 4378

Engineering Petty Officer                             
Tel.  (787) 729 - 4379                                              
Fax. (787) 729 - 4378


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Last Modified 4/19/2013