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Electronic Systems Support Detachment San Juan, Puerto Rico

Where is the ESSD?

The ESD San Juan IT Shop is located on the second deck of Building 101 (the building across from the Command Center).

For after hours IT support, please call:  787- 457-7924

To reach the IT shop during working hours, please call:  4360

PCSing basics: 

Your emails in Outlook DO NOT FOLLOW YOU.

Your files in your HOME folder DO NOT FOLLOW YOU.

You MUST do a proper check-out/in with the IT shop to set up your account transfer.

Only TISCOM can transfer accounts across the network to be moved to your new unit.  They don’t know to do that if you have not done a proper check-out from your previous unit.

I'm transferring IN to the Sector San Juan area, what do I do?

 A proper check out MUST have been performed at your previous unit.  If you did not check out with your IT shop at your previous unit, you have to contact them to release your account.

During check-in you must see the acting ISSO to complete an AIS Security Brief.

Upon completion of AIS Security Brief, ISSO will submit Remedy ticket on your behalf to ESD San Juan to activate your account.

Stop by the IT Shop to say hello, we’re always happy to welcome new folks aboard!! 

I'm transferring OUT of the Sector San Juan area (this includes tenant commands and cutters).  No less than 10 DAYS before departure: 

Submit a Remedy Ticket.  From the drop down menu (click the down arrow box) in Remedy choose “CG MEMBER PCS TRANSFER”.

Fill in the required information in the transfer form.

Submit an additional Remedy ticket requesting your Email and Home folder files be copied to CD.  Choose the button with lines beside the drop down menu arrow and type in “COPY MY FILES TO CD”

Stop by IT Shop so we can sign your check-out sheet. 

I want a new printer (scanner, video card, fax machine, monitor, software, etc).   
What do I do? 

All non-standard software/hardware must be approved through the LCCB process.  If it has never been used in the Coast Guard before, then it will also have to be tested by TISCOM. 

Before you fill out that Purchase Request make sure to fill out the LCCB Waiver form and submit it to ESU Miami! 

LCCB Waivers MUST be submitted through ESU Miami.  Follow the instructions on the link below:

Choosing software/hardware that has already been tested and approved by TISCOM will speed up your approval process. 

Check for approved items here:

I want more computers for my workspace, what do I do? 

The Coast Guard no longer has a MAL (microprocessor allowance list). 

You are allowed to request as many computers as you think you need, HOWEVER, the unit shall absorb the recurring annual maintenance fees, they will no longer be paid for out of the general fund.  AND the final approval rests with CG-63.

Please see ALCOAST 578/08 for more information. 

Procurement process information can be found on CG Portal at:

Tutorials for Microsoft Office Suite 2007 

Image 6.0 brought some big changes, most notably the use of Office Suite 2007.  Use the links below for tutorials for these updated applications: 

Interactive and Quick Start Guides: 

Job Aids: 

Tips and Tricks:

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Last Modified 6/14/2010