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Substance Abuse Program

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Who is Eligible for this Program?
The Substance Abuse Program is a resource that is available to the following members of Team Coast Guard:

NOTE: Only the training aspect of the Substance Abuse Program is available to Coast Guard Auxiliarists, Reservists and civilian employees.

Purpose of Program
The Substance Abuse Program is intended to provide resources regarding training, education, treatment and administrative processing that supports Coast Guard’s policy governing substance use, abuse and chemical dependency for Active Duty Service Members in the Coast Guard.

The following definitions apply to the Substance Abuse Program:

Program Confidentiality
Information regarding the Substance Abuse Program is not confidential. However, personal, member information pertaining to substance use, abuse and chemical dependency case related is strictly confidential and shared only on a "Need-To-Know" basis.

Services and Resources Available
Access to resources regarding the Substance Abuse Program, governing policy and guidance related to substance abuse case management is available to Coast Guard Commands and unit CDAR’s by contacting:

SAPM: (202) 475-5148
SAPR MLC LANT: (757) 628-4339 SAPR MLC PAC: (510) 637-1215
Substance Abuse Prevention Teams (SAPT)
SAPT LANT: (757) 856-2087 SAPT PAC: (707) 765-7081

CAUTION: Obtaining services/care relating to substance use, abuse and chemical dependency outside of the Coast Guard or other DoD Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) must be pre-authorized. Members obtaining related care without pre-authorization from a TRICARE Health Care Finder or the Area Service Point of Contact (SPOC) can be held personally responsible for all costs incurred associated with obtaining said care.

Requesting Services or Resources
Substance Abuse Program services or resources can be obtained from your command CDAR or the Health Promotion Manager on your Regional Work-Life Staff. Work-Life Staffs are located at Integrated Support Commands CG-wide and at the Headquarters Support Command.

Related Program Information
Addictions Orientation for Health Care Providers (AOHCP-1) Training - Resident training provided by the Navy to health care providers (i.e. physicians, PAs, FNPs and RNs) that teaches fundamental skills necessary for performing medical assessments regarding substance abuse and chemical dependency. Courses are schedule throughout the FY at Camp Pendleton, CA and Naval Station Norfolk, VA. To request an AOHCP-1 quota the provider requesting training needs to submit a completed and endorsed Short-Term Resident Training Request (STTR), (CG-5223). Completed STTRs should be submitted to Commandant (CG-1111) to the attention of the Substance Abuse Program Manager. Annual quotas are limited and are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis.


  1. For the purposes of AOHCP-1 training, Health Services Technicians are not considered as "Health Care Providers".

  2. Heath Care Providers who have not attended AOHCP-1 or an equivalent substance abuse and chemical dependency training course are NOT qualified for the Coast Guard’s purpose to perform substance abuse/chemical dependency assessments/evaluations.

CDAR Training -  Resident training designed to teach designated command CDARs the skills and responsibilities associated with performing the duties of a CDAR. CDAR courses are scheduled throughout the FY at TRACEN Petaluma, CA and TRACEN Yorktown, VA. Coast Guard commands requesting quotas should submit a completed Short-Term Resident Training Request (STTR), (CG-5223), providing the CDAR’s personal and unit information. The STTR should be submitted to the SAPT located at the resident TRACEN site serving the unit's AOR. The course code for CDAR training is 250508.

Substance Abuse Free Environment (SAFE) Training -  Exportable training provided by AREA SAPTs on a recurring basis and upon the request of Coast Guard commands. The goal of the program is intended to provide uniform substance abuse training at all levels over the course of a person’s career. SAFE training is developed and presented to three different tier levels of personnel that include:

  1. Managers: 2hr training session for personnel 0-5 and above (CO’s and XO’s).
  2. Supervisors: 4hr training session for personnel E-6 through 0-4 and E-5s filling supervisory positions.
  3. Awareness: 2hr training session for personnel E-2 through E-5.

Program References
The following references provide details applicable to the Substance Abuse Program:

Point of Contact
If you are unable to contact the SAP Team at Petaluma or Yorktown, or need assistance beyond the information provided here, please contact the Headquarters Substance Abuse Program Manager, Mark Mattiko at (202) 475-5148 or by email to

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