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Online Core Training
Online Core Training must be completed within 30 days of receiving notification of access to the Auxiliary Learning Management System (AUX LMS). Ombudsmen can contact their respective HSWL RP Ombudsman Coordinator for access to AUX LMS.

The online Core training is designed for newly appointed ombudsmen to provide basic ombudsman program information until the ombudsman can attend Coast Guard Ombudsman Training (CGOT). Ombudsmen are also required to complete this training annually.

Coast Guard Ombudsman Training (CGOT)
CGOT is a requirement for all new ombudsmen. It was designed to ensure that all ombudsmen have the same base training. Because a Coast Guard ombudsman’s volunteer role entails many skills, CGOT will provide the knowledge, skills and, most importantly, the resources to ensure success. Coast Guard Ombudsman Training is required for all Ombudsman. Commands may provide funding for their Ombudsman to attend training if not available locally.

CGOT Student Guide
The CGOT student guide is an important resource for ombudsmen and should be provided to all ombudsmen by the commanding officer or POC upon appointment. Ombudsmen will need a copy of the manual for use during CGOT.

Coast Guard Ombudsman Training (CGOT) Schedules
Training is an important factor of a successful Ombudsman Program. Trained ombudsmen are less likely to make errors in judgment that reflect poorly on the command. CGOT provides the foundational information necessary for Ombudsmen to properly execute their duties required by COMDTINST 1750.4 (series).

The below dates are tentative and subject to change due to the implementation of the new training materials.

Location Start End Contact Information
Kodiak, AK (w/ SafeTALK) 5/4/16 5/6/16 Velma Vining/907-487-5253
Base Cape Cod, MA 5/10/16 5/11/16 Maura Redy/718-354-4404
Cape May, NJ 5/17/16 5/18/16 Kathleen Grant/609-898-6429
Honolulu, HI 5/18/16 5/19/16 Tamera Streeter/808-842-2089
Alameda, CA 6/15/16 6/16/16 Lena Gavello/510-769-0831 (ext 108)
Puerto Rico 6/18/16 6/19/16 Levenia Bradley/305-695-2398
Alternate POC Mirtha Rivera/305-695-2397
Louisville, KY 6/25/16 6/26/16 Brad Welch/504-253-4707
Sector OHV
New Orleans, LA 7/9/16 7/10/16 Brad Welch/504-253-4707
Sector NY 7/13/16 7/14/16 Maura Redy/718-354-4404
Cape May, NJ 7/19/16 7/20/16 Kathy Grant/609-898-6885
Miami, FL 8/11/16 8/12/16 Levenia Bradley/305-695-2398
Alternate POC Mirtha Rivera/305-695-2397
Long Beach, CA 8/15/16 8/16/16 Jen Conole/619-278-7117
Unit Ombudsman Training
Cape May, NJ 9/13/16 9/14/16 Kathy Grant/609-898-6885
Kodiak, AK 9/15/16 9/17/16 Velma Vining
Charleston, SC 9/17/16 9/18/16 Levenia Bradley/305-695-2398
Alternate POC Mirtha Rivera/305-695-2397
Alternate POC Jennifer Avila/787-729-2339
Base Cape Cod, MA 9/20/16 9/21/16 Maura Redy/718-354-4404
Juneau, AK 9/21/16 9/23/16 Betsy Longenbaugh/907-463-2127
Mobile, AL 9/26/16 9/27/16 Brad Welch/504-253-4707
ATC Mobile

Alternative Training
Coast Guard Ombudsman training is the preferred training. However, it is recognized that due to the diverse geographical settings associated with the CG, attendance at a CG-specific training may be difficult. Alternative trainings are available through the HSWL RP ombudsman coordinator such as attending another ombudsman training, provided by a different service branch. Coast Guard Ombudsmen attending a Navy training should bring a copy of the Navy OBT/CG Comparison guide.

Ombudsman Advanced Training
Coast Guard Ombudsman Advanced Training Student Guide - Sexual Assault

Ombudsman Resources

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