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Office of Work-Life Programs (CG-111) -
Coast Guard Athleticism Program

Daily Exercise Program

This program was built upon the principles of the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Athletes' Performance Institute (AP).

We realize that not all Coast Guard Commands will have optimal training environments or the resources for this program as listed below, at least not in the implementation stage. Please do not let this hinder your progress, as this program is adaptive and scalable towards your unit and mission requirements. Contact your regional HPM if you have any questions. Our CG program begins at the intermediate stages of training. For a more entry and foundational training approach to our program, please begin with the Navy’s Naval Operational Fitness and Fueling System (NOFFS).

CG Athleticism Daily Exercise Program: This program is designed for the individuals whom are able to complete all of the NOFFS training and are looking for a more challenging workout. 

Month 1 - Stability/Strength:
Workout 1.1
Workout 1.2
Workout 1.3
Workout 1.4
Workout 1.5

Month 2 - Strength:
Workout 2.1
Workout 2.2
Workout 2.3

Month 3 - Power/Strength:
Workout 3.1
Workout 3.2

In order to best execute this training program, the following equipment is suggested to be maintained at your training facility:

Fundamental principles of core strength training: (The basics of how and why we train as we do): (6.8 MB .pdf)

Group Training: Commands with a higher ratio of personnel than training equipment please utilize NOFFs “Group Training” principles through level 3: (Level 1, 2 and 3) (8.2 MB .pdf)

TRX Pull-Up Program: The TRX Pull-Up Program was designed to improve pull-up performance and is effective for all performance levels. By following this program with a focus on proper form and intensity, you will improve the functional strength required for optimal performance and durability, and will increase the number of pull-ups you are able to perform.

CG Athleticism Program
Daily Workout Sheets

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Last Modified 1/12/2016