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Notice of Eligibility (NOE) Process

A reservist who incurs a line of duty injury, illness or disease and is not in, or does not remain, an active duty status is entitled to medical care for that injury, illness or disease .  As described in Chapter 6 of the Reserve Policy Manual, a Notice of Eligibility (NOE); a member’s injury, illness or disease is documented, authorizes medical treatment for a specific time period are authorized.

 Reimbursement for travel and transportation connected with the medical treatment, and can authorize Readiness Management Periods (RMP's) 

ALCGRSV 054/11 – Updated Notice of Eligibility (NOE) Issuing Authority and Guidance provides the most current process guidance for NOE authorization and supersedes guidance released in ALCGRSV 004/11.

PSC-RPM-3 is the sole authority for all NOEs, regardless of duration.  District RFRS staff or equivalent do not have authority to authorize NOEs.

All requests for NOEs and extensions and NOE extensions must be made via CGMS.  Click here for the downloadable message template to request a NOE or NOE extension.

Initial NOE requests should include:

Request for NOE Extensions should include:

PSC-RPM-3 will document Deployment Limiting Medical Conditions (DLMC) in the Medical Readiness Reporting System (MRRS).  This action will change the member’s Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) ensuring that member’s are not mobilized, involuntarily or voluntarily, until Available for Full Duty (AFFD).

Medical Status updates are required at least once each 30-day period using the Monthly Physician’s Report Form.

Monthly updates and supporting documentation shall be emailed to RPM-rpm-3 at ARL-DG-CGPSC-RPM_RESERVE_MEDICAL@USCG.MIL.

Formal Line of Duty (LOD) Determination Investigations shall be completed IAW Chapter 7 of the Administrative Investigations Manual and shall be emailed to PSC-rpm-3 at ARL-DG-CGPSC-RPM_RESERVE_MEDICAL@USCG.MIL.  


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