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Reserve Personnel Management Division

Office Evaluation System Section

Commander (CG PSC-RPM-1) manages the Officer Evaluations System (OES) for all IDPL officers, including officers on Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS) or Active Duty due to mobilization, with the exception of flag officers who are managed under a separate system.

Frequently Used Manuals

OES Procedures Manual

 Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions Manual

 COMDTINST  M1000.3a

  Reserve Policy Manual

*Recent CGMS Guidance

ALCGRSV 026/14, Inactive Duty Promotion List (IDPL) Officer Evaluation System (OES) Guidance

ALCOAST 396/13, Update to Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDT M1000.3

OER Submission Schedule 

Grade   IDPL Schedule (SELRES)
CAPT April (Annual)
Commander, Ensign March (Biennial)
Lieutenant Commander, CWO4 April (Biennial)
Lieutenant May (Biennial)
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) in zone, CWO2 June (Annual)
Lieutenant (Junior Grade), CWO3 July (Annual)

OER and Reviewer Comments Forms (Rev. 02-09)

Grade Three Page OER One Page Concurrent
Captain CG-5310D CG-5310L
Commander CG-5310C CG-5310K
Lieutenant Commander CG-5310B CG-5310J
Lieutenant CG-5310B CG-5310J
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) CG-5310A CG-5310I
Ensign (one page form) CG-5310E CG-5310H
Chief Warrant Officer CG-5310A CG5310I

All are encouraged to digitally sign OER and submit to:

     Other Forms

OER Template - For preparing text to roughly) fit Form CG-5310


Letter of Communications to the Board
Occasions for Reports
Request a copy of EI-PDR
Record of Professional Development CG-4082
Direct Access - Career Summary
Employee > View > Member Information > Search > Career summary tab (expand by clicking on    to show all columns.)

 2014 OER Submission and PY 15 Officer Selection Board FAQ's

    OER Forms (Revision 02-09)

  Step-By-Step Guidance for Electronically Signing an OER (Adobe7)

  Step-By-Step Guidance for Electronically Signing an OER (Adobe8)

To submit inquiries or suggestions.

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