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Commandant of the Coast Guard National Retiree Council (CCGNRC)

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The Commandant of the Coast Guard National Retiree Council (CCGNRC) was chartered in 1982. Its primary mission is to sustain open and positive lines of communication between the Commandant of the Coast Guard and the entire military retiree community through the Commandant’s executive agent, the Director of Reserve and Military Personnel (CG-13).

The current CGNRC co-chairs are: RADM Ronald Rábago USCG, Ret. and MCPO Kevin Isherwood USCG, Ret. The Commandant’s National Retiree Council represents their respective Coast Guard military retiree communities and informs appropriate Coast Guard leadership regarding retiree issues. The CCGNRC meets annually to prepare and submit an annual report to the Commandant through his executive agent. The annual report may include information regarding the effectiveness of the Retiree Services Program and improvements to retirement transition, pay, benefits, privileges, veterans’ affairs, retiree quality of life, and other Coast Guard military retiree community matters.

In August of 2013 the CCGNRC held its annual meeting in Washington, DC. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the new retiree services instruction 1800.5G. During the meeting recommendations were offered by the following three standing CCGNRC Committees:
  • Benefits and Entitlements Committee
  • Outreach and Volunteer Services Committee
  • USCG Unique Retiree Services and Program Committee

The council was briefed by staffs and organizations internal and external to the Coast Guard. The briefings from Coast Guard organizations generally related to their roles in the new CG Retiree Services Program.

The next annual CGNRC meeting will be 11-12 April 2017 at CGHQ.
CCGNRC National Co-Chairs
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CCGNRC Members

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