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Mobilization/Training Readiness

Medical Readiness

Administrative Readiness

Training Readiness



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Mobilization/Training Readiness


The following tasks are required to be completed by all SELRES on an annual or as needed basis:



-Physical Health Assessment  (PHA)

-Dental Exam

-Flu Shots

-Annual Screening Questionnaire  (ASQ)

-PDR Annual Verification  (Oct/Nov)

-Weigh-ins (Apr/Oct)

-Inactive Duty for Training  (IDT)

-Active Duty For Training  (ADT-AT)

-Mandated Training

-All Hands


As Needed:


-Medical Tests

-Recall information

-Government Travel Card

-Security Clearance

-Other training opportunities

-Evaluations/Service Wide Exam


It is the responsibility of each SELRES to monitor his/her status for these requirements.  The status of individual requirements can be found on the Coast Guard Business Intelligence (CGBI) website

under the personal profile tab, then select the Compliance and Skills tabs.  This information can only be obtained using the CG Intranet. http://cgbi.osc.uscg.mil


Direct Access is accessible via the www on any home computer. https://ep.direct-access.us


Reserve Policy Manual (RPM) & Pay- Personnel-Procedures Manual (3PM): All Selective Reserves (SELRES) should become familiar with the Reserve Policy Manual (COMDTINST M1001.28), Personnel Manual (COMDTINST M1000.6A), and the Pay- Personnel-Procedures Manual (3PM, PPCINST M1000.2A) for further guidance and possible changes on the information contained in this brochure.


Medical Readiness


Periodic Health Assessment (PHA):  Each SELRES must schedule and complete a PHA annually  within three months of their birth month.  For assistance, contact the HSWL Staff. SELRES may utilize a Readiness Management Period (RMP) in lieu of an IDT drill to fulfill this requirement.



Dental Examination:  Annual dental exam are required for all SELRES. Your civilian dentist must complete  DD Form 2813, which verifies your dental status. All completed forms must be submitted to the HSWL staff for entry into the medical database.  SELRES members may utilize an RMP in lieu of an IDT drill to fulfill this requirement. http://cgbi.osc.uscg.mil


Flu Shots: Flu shots are an annual requirement for all uniformed members of the Coast Guard. Flu shots are typically administered in the beginning of October. http://cgbi.osc.uscg.mil


Immunizations:  All SELRES are required to have the following immunizations: (1) Tetanus/Diptheria, or T-Dap (within past 10 years), (2) Hepatitis A & B series, (3) influenza, (4) MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), and (5) Polio. http://cgbi.osc.uscg.mil


Medical Tests: SELRES shall meet all 6 medical test requirements within the specified timeframe.  Refer to CGBI, or contact the HSWL staff for further details. http://cgbi.osc.uscg.mil


Administrative Readiness


Annual Screening Questionnaire: All SELRES must complete their ASQ each year in Direct Access during the months of August, September, and October. This ALCOAST also states that members CANNOT be brought on active duty orders unless their ASQ has been completed. (reference Reserve Policy Manual COMDTINST M1001.28).


PDR Annual Verification: This requirement is to be completed annually during the months of October and November. Fulfillment of this requirement includes SGLI, FSGLI, BAH Dependency Data, and Designation of Beneficiaries and Record of Emergency Data. See the unit Yeoman for proper completion of these forms.


Weigh-ins:  Weigh-ins are conducted twice yearly during the months of April and October. The Coast Guard has adopted the Body Mass Index (BMI) for determining if members are overweight or over their allowable body fat.  (Ref Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual COMDTINST M1020.8G).


Recall Information: It is the responsibility of each SELRES to update their home address, phone number and email address in Direct Access and also inform the ADMIN office of any changes to allow for successful recall and mobilization. (reference Reserve Policy Manual COMDTINST M1001.28) https://ep.direct-access.us


Government Travel Card (GTCC): It is recommended that you obtain a Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) in anticipation of being recalled to prevent any financial burden that may be incurred during deployment. SELRES must complete GTCC training online at https://learning.uscg.mil prior to obtaining a card. The Certificate of completion must be submitted with your application to the GTCC coordinator.


Security Clearance: SELRES who are billeted in positions that require a security clearance are responsible for contacting their Command Security Officer to initiate the process in acquiring a clearance. Check CGBI for your current status. http://cgbi.osc.uscg.mil


Training Readiness


ALCOAST 578/09: SELRES shall adhere to an established training schedule and work towards qualifications specific to their billet. Unexcused absences will not be tolerated and may incur negative administrative action.


Inactive Duty Training Drills (IDT): All SELRES  are required to complete 90% of their drills in a fiscal year (1 OCT-30 SEPT), which totals 44 out of 48 drills or 54 out of 60 drills.  Unexcused absences cannot be made up.  If a member has 9 unexcused absences in one year they may be processed for discharge.  (reference Reserve Policy Manual COMDINST M1001.28)


Active Duty for Training (ADT): Shall be no less than 12 days and no more than 15 days in a fiscal year. You must submit your ADT request 45 days in advance and or no later than 01 July. (reference Reserve Policy Manual COMDINST M1001.28)


Other Training Opportunities:  Other training opportunities such as Active Duty for Training-Other Training Duty (ADT-OTD) and RMPs are also available for SELRES to assist in fulfilling necessary qualifications that can not be met within their standard allotted training days. (reference Reserve Policy Manual COMDINST M1001.28)


Mandated Training: Mandated Training is a collection of training requirements designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and awareness of personnel by promoting awareness and more effective support of Coast Guard programs and missions. Most of the training can be completed online and is accessible from any computer with an internet connection https://learning.uscg.mil.  Mandated Training that is not available online will be administered during All Hands evolutions.  Your completion status can be monitored in CGBI in your personal profile under the Skills tab.


ALL HANDS: All SELRES are required to attend the annual Reserve All Hands meetings at each unit as scheduled.  Consult your Reserve Program Administrator, RFRS staff, or SPO for dates.




Enlisted Employee Review (EER): Submission Schedule for Reservist:



E-1 January

E-2 January

E-3 February

E-4 March 

E-5 April 

E-6 May

E-7 September

E-8 November

E-9 June


Officer Evaluation Reports (OER): Submission Schedule for Reservist: OERs for Reserve Officers grade CAPT, LTJG, and ENS are Annual. All other Reserve Officers OERs are biennial (on even numbered years).



O-1 March

O-2 July

O-2 (in zone for O-3) June

O-3 May

O-4 April

O-5 March

O-6 April

CWO2 June

CWO3 July

CWO4 April

(reference PERSMAN)


Service Wide Exams (SWE): Reserve SWEs are administered annually during the month of October. All prerequisites (Practical factors, Evaluations, End Of Course test, etc) must be completed by 1 July in order to be eligible to take the SWE.  Members must verify their Personal Data Extract (PDE) in Direct Access. If corrections to your PDE are necessary they must be completed and visible on the online PDE by 01 SEP.  (reference PERSMAN)