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Individual Training Plan (ITP)


Brochure available at:




All information contained in this brochure has been sourced from the following directives:


· Performance, Training and Education Manual, M1500.10C

· Reserve Policy Manual, M1001.28 (series)

· ALCOAST 110/10


For additional info/guidance, review the manual and/or General Message Board for the latest ALCOAST.


Mandated Training


The following schedule is provided to help with the management of mandated training. Mandated training can be completed at anytime on the Coast Guard e-Learning Portal:



Annual training completion date is reset annually on December 31st.














































































My Readiness -> Skills Tab


CG Portal and Coast Guard Business Intelligence (CGBI) are used to display training readiness. View your readiness at:



For a summary of useful links on the CGBI -> Personal view -> Skills tab, correlate the numbers in the image above to the following items:


1. Summary Sheet:

Displays employee and position information, including: Career History, Education, Training, Tests, Competencies, Specialties, Boards & Memberships, Medals & Awards, and Certifications & Licenses.


2. Tasks:

Shows training tasks that are due by frequency and are assigned to people.  Task requirements per person are determined at the unit level and entered into the Training Management Tool “TMT” or Aviation Logistics and Management and Information System “ALMIS.”


3. Training:

Displays individual training required for the position assigned along with the status, training date, and length of training.


4. Competencies:

Competencies are assigned to units.  People are assigned competencies which details tasks required for a particular competency.


5. Enroll online now:

Link to CG e-Learning Portal (https://elearning.uscg.mil/).



e-Learning Portal


New training courses are available online as the Coast Guard's e-Learning opportunities increase. Mandated Training courses are available online at: https://elearning.uscg.mil/


Users can access e-Learning courseware on a standard workstation through CG Portal in the training and education section.


For remote (home) access, personnel will need to logon to CG Portal to utilize the e-Learning Courseware by following these steps:


1. Insert the CAC card into the card reader.


2. Open the web browser. Go to: https://cgportal.uscg.mil/delivery/Satellite/uscg


3. A “Choose a digital certificate” window should appear.  Select the certificate with the word, “EMAIL,” and select OK.


4. Enter your PIN, and select OK.


5. After your certificate is validated you will be logged onto the CG network.  To access the CG e-Learning Portal select the ‘Training & Education’ tab on the top menu bar.  Then, select the ‘Learning Management System’ on the left menu.


For any CAC RAS issues or questions, call the OSC Customer Service line:1-800-821-7081.


TIP: To access CG Webmail from home, follow the same steps above, but in step 2, go to:




Reserve Mobilization/Demobilization


The Reserve Mobilization/Demobilization course is an annual requirement for Selected Reserve (SELRES), and can be completed on the e-Learning Portal.  It is listed under the ‘Human Resources’ link in the e-Learning Catalog.  The course objectives include:


· Mobilization Basics

· Personal Readiness

· Mobilization Process

· Demobilization

· Resources



Individual Training Plan (ITP)


The ITP is designed to aid members and their supervisors in developing a three-year training plan towards competency attainment and continued professional development.  The ITP captures current and future reserve training and funding needs, including school quotas, berthing needs, and other reserve training opportunities.  ITP data is one of the factors that helps Headquarters allocate funds in future years.  Training guidance may be issued by Area or District with specific training outcomes.


Additional information on the ITP Reporting Tool can be found in ALCOAST 026/11and on the CG Portal at:






Information compiled by:

Force Readiness Command

Reserve Readiness Division—4/2011