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Reserve Component Category (RCC)

& Participation Standards


Ready Reserve:

Selective Reserve (SELRES)

Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)


Standby Reserve:

Active Status List (ASL)

Inactive Status List (ISL)


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All information contained in this brochure has been sourced from the following manuals:


· Reserve Policy Manual, M1001.28 (series)

· Personnel Manual, M1000.6 (series)

· Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2 (series)


For additional info/guidance, review the manual and/or General Message Board for the latest ALCOAST.

































Note: Officers in the IRR should review the Reserve Policy Manual.



Failure to Participate


Unsatisfactory participation is:


· Failure to comply with any contractual obligations.


· Failure to comply with performance standards during any type of duty.


· Failure to comply with participation requirements.


· Accumulating more than nine unexcused absences from scheduled drills within a 12-month period.



Compliance Measures:


SELRES who haven’t fulfilled their statutory Military Service Obligation (MSO) under 10 U.S.C. 651, and whose participation has been unsatisfactory, may be processed as follows:


· Ordered to involuntarily active duty (AD) if member has not accumulated more than 24 months of service.  SELRES may be ordered to ADT-AT regardless of length of prior combined AD for a period of not more than 45 days.


· Transferred to or retained in the IRR for the balance of their statutory MSO.


· If member has no remaining MSO, member will be processed for discharge for Convenience of the Government.


· Recoupment of Montgomery GI Bill – Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) if member hasn’t met their minimum obligated requirements.


· Recoupment of SELRES bonus if member doesn't meet satisfactory participation requirements.



Component Category Options


Many options are available to SELRES who wish to change their Reserve Component Category.  Contact your Senior Enlisted Reserve Advisor (SERA) or Reserve Forces Readiness System (RFRS) staff to further discuss career options.


Should extenuating circumstances keep a SELRES from performing the minimum satisfactory participation, transfer to the ASL, ISL, or IRR are options.




· Explore options by communicating with immediate supervisor/command.


· Initiate requests to change Reserve  components.  The change in Reserve Component Category (RCC) form can be found at the following web site: http://www.uscg.mil/rpm/rpm1/rcc.asp


Requests to transfer back to an active

SELRES assignment can be submitted



If the reason for transfer is due to temporary physical disability or hardship, the member shall be transferred to the Standby Reserve.


SELRES members transferred to the IRR or Standby Reserve are required to maintain their initial uniform issue for a period of four years.


All components of the Reserve are required to maintain weight standards.



Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)


IRR principally consists of members who have had training and have previously served on Active Duty or in the SELRES.  The IRR consists of  members who must fulfill their MSO.


IRR members are not required to meet the same IDT and ADT training requirements as SELRES.  However, they may:


· Voluntarily participate in Reserve training programs (IDT or ADT) for retirement points only, without pay.


· Perform Active Duty for Operational     Support (ADOS) or Readiness Management Periods (RMP) for pay.  Members can volunteer for ADOS by visiting the Volunteer Bulletin Board:





· SELRES who transfer to the IRR will have their MGIB-SR suspended on the date of transfer.  Members who fail to return to SELRES status within one year of transfer to the IRR will have their benefits terminated permanently.


· You must contact the MGIB-SR Program Manager at reserveVAeducation@uscg.mi  for approval before reinstating/restoring  eligibility.


· IRR members may purchase the TRICARE Dental Program, but do not qualify for any other TRICARE benefits when not on active duty orders or immediately following a period of activation.



Standby Reserve


The ASL and ISL generally consist of reservists who may be ordered to active duty in a time of war, if it is determined not enough qualified Ready Reservists are available.


ASL members:


· Are temporarily assigned due to hardship, disability, or other cogent reasons, and who intend on returning to the Ready Reserve at the earliest possible date.

· May drill for retirement points without pay and are eligible for promotion.  This category is strictly temporary, and generally NTE 2 years.

· Are subject to involuntary recall.


ISL Members:


· May not train for pay or retirement points and are not eligible for promotion.

· Are a case by case basis commonly due to weight or other temporary situations.


All Standby Reserve:


· Shall be transferred back to the Ready Reserve as soon as the reason for transfer no longer exists.

· Are required to satisfy their original contractual obligation after returning to the SELRES.

· Are permitted only one hardship transfer during period of obligated service.

· Montgomery GI Bill benefits will terminate for those who fail to return to SELRES within one year of transfer to the IRR.





Information compiled by:

Force Readiness Command

Reserve Readiness Division—4/2011


Participation Requirements



Report IAW orders.



Complete Initial Active Duty for Training (IADT).



Complete annual Active Duty for Training (ADT); 12-15 days.



Complete a minimum of 90% IDT drills per fiscal year.



Complete resident or correspondence courses required by the enlistment contract or commissioning program.



Respond to official correspondence.



Annual Screening Questionnaires (ASQ). 01 August - 31 October



Notify chain of command of any change in status that would affect military service (e.g., marital status, employment etc.).



Maintain physical fitness and weight standards.



Complete annual medical and dental readiness standards.



Accrue a minimum of 50 retirement points per anniversary year.


See Note