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All information contained in this brochure has been sourced from the following:


· Reserve Policy Manual, M1001.28 (series)

· Medical Manual, M6000.1 (series)


For additional information or guidance, review the manual and/or General Message Board for the latest ALCOAST

































Mobilization is the process of bringing the Coast Guard Reserve to a state of readiness for operational missions, contingency operations, national emergencies, or war.


Take active steps towards preparing yourself to deploy in support of contingency operations, which will include voluntary and involuntary recall.


Personal Readiness


Personal readiness is one aspect of your Coast Guard career that should not wait.


Financial Preparedness


Financial planning:


· Review budget.


· Determine a method for paying bills when mobilized.


· Save for emergencies and contingencies.


· Verify current direct deposit.


Employer Relations


Discuss your Coast Guard obligations with your employer prior to being recalled.  Develop a plan in advance on how your responsibilities could be covered during your absence.


Check the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) website to get familiar with your rights: www.esgr.org/site/userra.aspx


Legal Planning


Two legal issues you can take care of ahead of time are:


· A Power of Attorney gives another person legal authority to act on your behalf without the need of your signature or, consent.


· Having a Will in place is a good idea regardless of mobilization. If you already have a will, be sure you review it routinely and make changes as needed.


Visit the Coast Guard Legal Assistance website:



Individual Medical Readiness (IMR)


SELRES must meet all six medical criteria listed below  to be considered medically ready and deployable.


· Dental


· Immunizations


· Medical Readiness Labs


· Annual Influenza Vaccination



· Individual Medical Equipment


· Periodic Health Assessments


The CG Portal and CG Business Intelligence (CGBI) is an easy way to monitor readiness.  The ‘Personal View’ tab in CGBI displays colored icons and due dates for each requirement.


You can view your IMR at: http://cgbi.osc.uscg.mil/2.0/personal.cfm


Family Plan


Topics may include:


· Child Care


· Financial Budget


· Emergency Contacts


· Housing


· Vehicle Maintenance


· Pets


· Dependant ID Cards


Mobilization Requirements


Physical Requirements


Keeping up with physical requirements ensures that you are fit for mobilization.


Requirements include:


· Meet weigh-in standards and pass fitness tests (if required) every April and October.


· Annually complete Periodic Health Assessment (PHA).


· Annually complete a dental exam and maintain a dental class I or II.


· Take an HIV test every two years.


· Keep all immunizations current.


· Have no Deployment Limiting Medical Conditions (for example, pregnancy or any injury or illness that limits your ability to deploy worldwide).


· Maintain uniforms.


Administrative Requirements


Administrative requirements are equally important as physical requirements.  Your Servicing Personnel Office will assist you.  Administrative Requirements include:


· Complete the Annual Screening Questionnaire (ASQ) between August 1st and October 31st, and as required.


· Verify and update dependency, SGLI and emergency forms (CG-4170A, CG-2020D,
SGLV- 8286, and SGLV-8286A) every October.


· Verify your readiness each month in Coast Guard Business Intelligence (CGBI).


· Verify valid Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) expiration date in DA. Contact GTCC Coordinator to make corrections.


· Maintain your security clearance, as required.


· Review and revise family care plan (child care or elder care) at a minimum annually or as changes occur.


Mobilization Resources Links


· http://www.cga.edu/uploadedFiles/LDC/PCOXO-Course_Materials/ChaplinsMinistry04/DEPLOYMENT%20HANDBOOK.pdf

· http://www.uscg.mil/reserve/member_resources.asp

· http://www.uscg.mil/reserve/member_links.asp

· http://www.uscg.mil/ppc/title14.asp





Information compiled by:

Force Readiness Command

Reserve Readiness Division—5/2011




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Legal Planning




Family Plan


Physical Requirements


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