Quick Reference Guide

Individual Medical Readiness (IMR)

for Selected Reserve (SELRES)




Annual Influenza

Medical Readiness Labs

Periodic Health Assessments

Individual Medical Equipment


Brochure available at:




All information contained in this brochure has been sourced from the following directives:


· Medical Manual, M6000.1 (series)

· Reserve Policy Manual, M1001.28 (series)

· Seasonal Influenza (FLU) Immunization Program, ALCOAST 400/10


For additional info/guidance, review the manual and/or General Message Board for latest ALCOAST.


SELRES must meet all medical criteria listed in this handout to be considered medically ready and deployable.


The CG Portal and CG Business Intelligence (CGBI) is an easy way to monitor readiness.  The ‘Personal View’ tab in CGBI displays colored icons and due dates for each requirement.  You can view your readiness at: http://cgbi.osc.uscg.mil/2.0/portal/









































Failure to meet medical readiness standards may result in administrative action.



Periodic Health Assessment (PHA)


PHAs are required annually during the member’s birth month or up to 2 months prior to birth month.  The PHA will consist of:


· Fleet Health Risk Assessment (HRA)


· Clinical Preventive  Services (CPS)


· IMR review and update


· OMSEP review and update


· Problem based examination





1. Use the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) web page at:

2. Select the Health Risk Assessment tab and follow instructions on the USC Guidance link.
Note: The unit OPFAC is found on LES or by contacting the SPO.

3. Answer all the questions.

4. Print the report (for appointment).

5. Make a PHA appointment after completing the HRA.  If you are assigned to a CG clinic, you must contact clinic for PHA services.


Members not enrolled at a CG Clinic (TRICARE Prime Remote or DoD MTF enrollees) may schedule a PHA appointment by calling the PHA Call Center at 1-888-697-4299.  The Fleet HRA self assessment and Dental DD-2813 (located in health record) is required at the appointment.


Request and submit a Reserve Management Period (RMP) for the date of the PHA IAW M1001.28 (series), if applicable.





Dental screenings are required annually.  To meet dental IMR standards, you must be rated as either Class I or II.  SELRES who are categorized as Class III or IV will typically not be deployable.


· Class I - All current within 12 months.


· Class II - An oral condition if not treated has a potential to result in dental urgency within 12 months.


· Class III - An oral condition if not treated, is expected to result in dental urgency within 12 months. Class III patients are not considered FFFD.


· Class IV - Patients who require periodic dental examinations or patients with unknown dental classification.  Class IV patients are not considered to be FFFD.


Annual screenings are a fully covered benefit under the TRICARE dental program and most civilian dental plans.  CG dental treatment facilities may perform the annual dental screening.  Members without dental coverage and who are remote (50 plus miles) from a CG dental facility may participate in the Reserve Health Readiness Program (RHRP) dental screening. 
Call: 1-888-697-4299.


Members who fail to maintain required
physical and dental examinations may be
subject to disciplinary action.





All SELRES shall be current on the following readiness immunizations:


· Hepatitis A

· Hepatitis B

· Influenza

· Measles, Mumps and Rubella

· Inactivated Poliovirus

· Tetanus Diphtheria


Additional immunizations may be required prior to a specific deployment, or as required by reserve assignments.



Annual Influenza (Flu) Immunization


Flu immunizations are required annually between the months of October and December.


If you choose to obtain the flu vaccine through a civilian source, you must obtain documentation at the time of the immunization and forward it to your respective CG medical representative immediately.  No cost vaccines are available at a CG clinic or by TRICARE authorized providers through a network pharmacy who participate in the vaccination program.  To locate a participating pharmacy, call 1-877-363-1303, or visit: http://www.express-scripts.com/TRICARE/


Medical Readiness Labs


The following tests are required to have on file:




· Blood Type


· Sickle Cell




· G-6-PD


· Tuberculin Skin Test (TST)



Individual Medical Equipment (IME)


Members in the process of being deployed on an expeditionary deployment (e.g., CENTCOM AOR) and Deployable Operational Group (DOG) units shall have the following IME:


· Ballistic Protection Optical Inserts.


· Protective (Gas) Mask Inserts.


· Medical Warning Tags.


· Members requiring eye-wear must possess two pair of eyeglasses.



Deployment Limiting Conditions (DLC)


SELRES who are in the process of deploying (on an expeditionary deployment) must not have any deployment limiting conditions (DLC).  DLC includes:


· Pregnancy and 6 weeks post-partum.


· Injuries or illnesses that require a 6 month or greater Temporary Limited Duty (TLD) assignment.


· Dental Class III or IV.


· Keeping command informed of any medical or dental duty limiting conditions.





Information compiled by:

Force Readiness Command

Reserve Readiness Division—4/2011