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Types of Inactive Duty Training (IDT)

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All information contained in this brochure has been sourced from the following directives:


· Reserve Policy Manual (RPM), M1001.28 (series)

· Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual (PPPM), M1000 (series)

· Coast Guard Pay Manual, M7220.29B (series)


For additional information or guidance, review the manual and/or General Message Board for the latest ALCOAST.


Types of Inactive Duty Training (IDT)


Inactive Duty Training is authorized training or other duty performed by reservists not on active duty. The primary purpose of inactive duty is to provide individual and/or unit readiness training. SELRES are authorized 48 paid IDT drills, and deployable units are authorized up to 60 paid IDT drills per fiscal year. Types of inactive duty are:


· Single IDT drill:

             - Must be four or more hours.

             - Completed in one calendar day.

             - Will earn one retirement point.


· Multiple IDT drill:

             - Must be eight or more hours.

             - Completed in one calendar day.

             - Will earn two retirement points.


· Readiness Management Period (RMP)

             - See RPM for details.


· Funeral Honors Duty (FHD)

             - Includes preparation for and the actual      performance of funeral honors at the funeral of a veteran.


Reservists who are unable to perform scheduled IDT must inform their supervisors immediately.  Failure to do so could result in an unexcused absence.


Meal Entitlements


Meal Eligibility:


Reserve Officers are not authorized payment for meals. See table below for enlisted reservist meal entitlements while on a typical weekend.



















· At unit discretion berthing is authorized for SELRES who must travel more than 50 miles from their residence to perform IDT.


· SELRES are not entitled to per diem while on IDT.


· SELRES are not entitled to Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) while on IDT.


Note: Check local policy for your unit’s berthing process.


Scheduling Drills (PeopleSoft)


When scheduling drills, remember:


· Consult with your supervisor about your prospective drill dates.


· Combining different types of drills is not authorized.


· Funeral Honors Duty (FHD) may not be performed as part of scheduled IDT.


· You must attend 90% of the 48-60 scheduled, authorized paid IDT drills per fiscal year.


To Schedule Drills in Direct Access, follow these 5 steps:


Step 1

Start Internet Explorer, sign into Direct Access (DA): https://ep.direct-access.us

Step 2

Select the Schedule Drills link from the tasks column in the Self Service group box. See below.




























TIP: For more step-by-step instructions go to: http://www.uscg.mil/ppc/ps/


Step 3.  The ‘Schedule Drills’ will display.  This page shows your drills and their status.


















Step 4.  Complete or update the Schedule Drills Detail page to schedule a drill.





















Step 5.  Once a drill is entered, you may edit the drill by clicking on the Edit button to the right of the scheduled drill.


· When SELRES schedules a drill the status will be ‘Mbr Requested.


· The SELRES, a Command User, or SPO may schedule or edit a drill up to the drill day.


· If a SELRES edits a drill after it’s “authorized” (Pending), the status returns to “Mbr Requested.


Coast Guard Business Intelligence (CGBI)






























Under the ‘Personal’ section in CGBI the skills tab shows your percentage of completed IDT. You can check your status by visiting: http://cgbi.osc.uscg.mil/2.0/personal.cfm




· Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI)

Members assigned to a unit or position in which IDT and active duty may be required may elect to enroll in SGLI. This coverage remains in effect at all times, regardless of duty status.


· Space Available Travel (Space-A)

A member of a Reserve component who performs inactive duty training (IDT) at a location outside the continental United States (OCONUS) is authorized to travel in a space-required status on aircraft of the Armed Forces between the member’s home and the location of the training.


· Commissary/Exchange privileges

Unlimited shopping privileges are authorized for members of the Ready Reserve and members of the Retired Reserve who possess the appropriate Department of Defense Military ID card.





Information compiled by:

Force Readiness Command

Reserve Readiness Divison—5/2011


When an Enlisted Reservist

Meal Entitlements are 

Commutes, arriving night before drill

1st day all meals

2nd day breakfast and lunch

Stays overnight between drills

1st day lunch and supper

2nd day breakfast and lunch

Works past 1800


Lives local or commutes but does not stay overnight