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All information contained in this brochure has been sourced from the following manuals:


· Reserve Policy Manual, M1001.28 (series)

· Personnel Manual, M1000.6 (series)

· Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2 (series)


For additional info/guidance, review the manual and/or General Message Board for the latest ALCOAST.


Active Duty for Training - Annual Training(ADT–AT)


ADT-AT is the minimum period of active duty a reservist must perform each fiscal year to satisfy the training/participation requirements designed with their assignments.  ADT-AT is to provide individual and/or unit readiness training.  ADT-AT shall be 12-15 days.


The AT requirement can be met through the performance of:


· Initial Active Duty Training (IADT).


· Active Duty for Training-Annual Training (ADT-AT).


· Active Duty Other than for Training (ADOT) as long as the duty is rating, specialty or position related.


· Long term AD if nine months or less remain in fiscal year.


The determination concerning whether the duty will meet the AT requirement must be documented on the active duty orders.


Consecutive & Non-consecutive Active Duty


ADT-AT is typically performed on consecutive calendar days.  Duty may be performed non-consecutively when a SELRES lives close to the duty location.  At the  convenience of the unit and SELRES.


Non-consecutive ADT-AT:


· Must be completed with in 90 days.


· Leave is not authorized.


· SELRES will normally be paid only for a single round trip per set of orders for non-consecutive ADT-AT if travel allowances are authorized.


· Documentation to support the completion of non-consecutive active duty must be  submitted after each period of duty.


· All pay must be submitted with in 48 hours to avoid delayed payment to SELRES.



· Orders must state multiple travel is authorized for SELRES to be paid for multiple trips.


· Non-consecutive ADT is authorized, However, non-consecutive orders are no longer supported in DA.  A new request for orders must be submitted for each non-consecutive duty period.


Requesting Active Duty Orders


Direct Access (DA) provides SELRES and the unit the ability to request Reserve orders.  ADT-AT request shall be submitted 45 days prior to the duty date.  Utilize the Reserve orders module:



Order Request Procedure:


Step 1

Log into DA and use the following path: Self Service > Tasks > Reserve Orders.


Step 2

Select the View Drill/Duty link and review your completed/pending drills and active duty periods to ensure the new request will not conflict with duty you have already scheduled.


Step 3

Select the View/Complete Order information link to start a new request .


Step 4

Complete the new Order Request and Route for approval.


 Note: Select the save icon after routing for approval. Otherwise the request will not be submitted to the approving official.


Best Practice:


· Know your approving official’s Employee ID (EMPLID) before your start.


· Select the save icon after completing each tab.


· Send a confirmation email to the approving official to ensure they received the order request.


Visit the DA Online Guide for step-by-step instructions on requesting reserve orders:



Section 2.C.1 of the PPPM provides an elaborate breakdown of the ADT process.  Be sure and familiarize yourself with the process by visiting:  http://www.uscg.mil/ppc/3pm.asp


Travel while on Active Duty Orders


Travel and per diem allowance are authorized in accordance with the JFTR for any reservist who must travel from outside the local commuting area to the assigned duty station, if government quarters and messing are not available.


There is no travel allowance entitlement for travel between the home and duty station when:


· Both are in the corporate limits of the same city or town.


· The member chooses to commute daily between home and the place of active duty even though they would otherwise be entitled to travel and per diem allowances.


· The order-issuing official determines that both are within a reasonable commuting distance of each other and the nature of duty involved permits commuting.




· Under no circumstances can an order be amended after the fact to deny a travel entitlement contained it the order.


· See JFTR for specific  instructions regarding travel entitlements.


Waiver of Annual Training (AT) Requirement


Request for waiver of the AT requirement shall be submitted in writing from the member to the commanding officer.


Unit commanding officers are authorized to waive the AT requirement for assigned reservists when:


· SELRES are within one year of retirement.


· SELRES whose rating or specialty skills are substantially maintained through their civilian employment.


· SELRES have documented temporary physical disability validated by a physician, or temporary family or personal hardship.  These reasons must be thoroughly documented.


· Civilian employment conflict is not considered sufficient cause for waiver of the AT requirement.




· Will not be eligible for a good year toward retirement.


· Postponement of Good Conduct.


Note: A waiver for an individual shall not be granted two years in a row without the approval of your servicing RFFRS staff.






Information compiled by:

Force Readiness Command

Reserve Readiness Division—4/2011