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Port Security Unit (PSU) 311 is an Expeditionary Warfare Unit serving as part of the Coast Guard’s Pacific Area Command, Deployable Specialized Forces. Recognizing the need for a dedicated unit specializing in maritime anti-terrorism/force protection, the Coast Guard established PSU 311 in June, 1995.

PSU 311 is designed for rapid deployment and sustained operations to provide OCONUS port security in support of regional combatant commands. The unit is capable of immediate recall and can be anywhere in the world, mission ready, within 96 hours. With the exception of fuel and water, we are fully self sufficient for up to 30 days. We provide waterside and shoreside protection to key assets, such as pier areas, high value vessels, and harbor entrances. We typically operate in foreign waters as part of a Naval Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron supporting the Naval Coastal Warfare mission; however, we also stand ready to support operations in U.S. territorial waters.


Since 9-11, the unit has made numerous deployments in support of Global Contingency Operations to include: Bahrain, Kuwait, Cuba, Umm Qasr and Khawr Al Amaya Oil Terminal, Iraq.

PSUs have deployed to Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1990-91, Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti in 1994, Bahrain in 2000, following the attack on the USS Cole, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, as well as to Kuwait and Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Though the mission is primarily expeditionary, PSU’s also responded to domestic emergencies in New York following the 9/11 terrorist attacks and to the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.




Neptune holds a trident while astride a seahorse, symbolizing the mobility of the PSUs and the projection of US warfighting power worldwide.


A banner streams astern, symbolizing missions completed and the lessons learned from each one of them.

Shield & Perimeter

Neptune and his mount are set upon a shield, representing the Coast Guard, with a perimeter representing the PSU’s defensive mission.

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