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A.    Relevant Message Traffic

ALCGRSV 026/13 PY14 Information ALCGRSV 030/13 AY13 Final Report
ALCOAST 052/09 SERA ALCGRSV 079/14 Reserve CWO & Senior Enlisted AY15 Kickoff Message
ALCGRSV 077/14 Reserve CAPT & CDR AY15 Kickoff Message ALCGRSV 080/14 Reserve Junior Enlisted AY 15 Kickoff Message
ALCGRSV 083/14 Reserve LCDR to ENS AY15 Kickoff Message

B.    Officer Assignment and Career Guides

        Reserve CAPT    Reserve CDR    Reserve ENS to LCDR    Reserve CWO

AY15 Additional Info:  CAPT & CDR     ENS to LCDR     CWO & Senior Enlisted      Junior Enlisted

Members with no access to Direct Access should complete form CG-2002 and email to your Assignment Officer.

CAPT and CDR E-Resumes due 16 DEC 2014

 Shopping Lists

Captain Chief Warrant Officers
Commander  Senior Enlisted 
Junior Officers  

C   Assignment Opportunities

        Look here to find high-priority assignment opportunities (some carrying a pay incentive).
Expect to see listings after the upcoming assignment cycle
. We'll update frequently to advertise opportunities to broaden your professional development.

D.    Special Reserve Assignments

    1. Reserve Gold and Silver Badge Assignments

E.  Assignment and Rotation Policy

        Assignment guidance is laid out in the Reserve Policy Manual, chapter 5-1. Generally, members are assigned to the unit closest to their permanent home address that has appropriate vacant positions.

  • Senior Officers (O-5 & O-6) should submit e-resumes indicating their career intentions and desires for consideration by assignment officers, per ALCGRSV 077/14. Normal tour length is three years. Off-season assignments are normally announced for unit CO and Senior Reserve Officer (SRO) positions located at major commands.
  • Junior Officers (O-1 - O-4) should submit e-resumes indication their career intentions and desires for consideration by assignment officers, per ALCGRSV 083/14. Normal tour length is three years.
  • CWOs, and senior enlisted members should submit e-resumes indication their career intentions and desires for consideration by assignment officers, per ALCGRSV 079/14. Normal tour length is five years.
  • Junior enlisted personnel (E-6 and below) normally a minimum of five years, but may require transfer sooner due to advancement, service needs, etc, per ALCGRSV 080/14. The AO may elect to assign a member to a new unit should service needs require.

F.    Transfer requests

    1.    The importance of your e-Resume
            AOs authorize assignments by issuing no-cost permanent change of station (PCS) transfer orders through Direct Access. The Direct Access assignment module - e-Resume - is the primary method for members to communicate their assignment preferences.
    e-Resume Quick Reference Guide
    Direct Access Self-service login
    Hard-copy Assignment Data Worksheet

    2.    How to...

  1. Request a PCS transfer using e-Resume

  2. Update your e-Resume when you don't have access to Direct Access complete form CG-2002. IRR member's do not need a command endorsement and should not fill out sections 11 and 12. Mail form to RPM-2.

  3. Find your unit's contact information from the Standard Distribution List (SDL). (CG Intranet only)

    3.    Don't see what you need? Write us



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