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A.    Relevant Message Traffic

ALCGRSV 026/13 PY14 Information ALCGRSV 030/13 AY13 Final Report
ALCOAST 052/09 SERA ALCGRSV 047/13 Reserve CAPT & CDR AY14 Kickoff Message
ALCGRSV 048/13 Reserve LCDR to ENS AY14 Kickoff Message ALCGRSV 049/13 Reserve CWO & Senior Enlisted AY14 Kickoff Message
ALCGRSV 050/13 Reserve Junior Enlisted AY 14 Kickoff Message  

B.    Officer Assignment and Career Guides

        Reserve CAPT    Reserve CDR    Reserve ENS to LCDR    Reserve CWO

AY14 Additional Info:  CAPT & CDR     ENS to LCDR     CWO & Senior Enlisted      Junior Enlisted

Members with no access to Direct Access should complete form CG-2002 and email to your Assignment Officer.

CAPT and CDR E-Resumes due 03 Jan 2014

 Shopping Lists

Captain Chief Warrant Officers
Commander  Senior Enlisted 
Junior Officers  

C   Assignment Opportunities

        Look here to find high-priority assignment opportunities (some carrying a pay incentive).
Expect to see listings after the upcoming assignment cycle
. We'll update frequently to advertise opportunities to broaden your professional development.

D.    Special Reserve Assignments

1. CGRF-MC Application and Submission Requirements

    2. Reserve Gold and Silver Badge Assignments

E.  Assignment and Rotation Policy

        Assignment guidance is laid out in the Reserve Policy Manual, chapter 5-1. Generally, members are assigned to the unit closest to their permanent home address that has appropriate vacant positions.

  • Senior Officers (O-5 & O-6) should submit e-resumes indicating their career intentions and desires for consideration by assignment officers, per ALCGRSV 047/13. Normal tour length is three years. Off-season assignments are normally announced for unit CO and Senior Reserve Officer (SRO) positions located at major commands.
  • Junior Officers (O-1 - O-4) should submit e-resumes indication their career intentions and desires for consideration by assignment officers, per ALCGRSV 048/13. Normal tour length is five years.
  • CWOs, and senior enlisted members should submit e-resumes indication their career intentions and desires for consideration by assignment officers, per ALCGRSV 049/13. Normal tour length is five years.
  • Junior enlisted personnel (E-6 and below) normally a minimum of five years, but may require transfer sooner due to advancement, service needs, etc, per ALCGRSV 050/13. After five years, the AO may elect to assign a member to a new unit should service needs require.

F.    Transfer requests

    1.    The importance of your e-Resume
            AOs authorize assignments by issuing no-cost permanent change of station (PCS) transfer orders through Direct Access. The Direct Access assignment module - e-Resume - is the primary method for members to communicate their assignment preferences.
    e-Resume Quick Reference Guide
    Direct Access Self-service login
    Hard-copy Assignment Data Worksheet

    2.    How to...

  1. Request a PCS transfer using e-Resume

  2. Update your e-Resume when you don't have access to Direct Access complete form CG-2002. IRR member's do not need a command endorsement and should not fill out sections 11 and 12. Mail form to rpm-2.

  3. Find your unit's contact information from the Standard Distribution List (SDL). (CG Intranet only)

    3.    Don't see what you need? Write us



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