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Long-Term, Non-Contingency Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS) Management Process

In accordance with COMDTINST 1330.1D, Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS), PSC-RPM is responsible for central management of long-term, non-contingency ADOS.  This encompasses ADOS assignments that are greater than 180 days in length, which are not supporting a Coast Guard contingency (e.g., Overseas Contingency Orders supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom, Operation Deepwater Horizon, etc.).  ADOS assignments in support of contingency operations are managed by PSC’s Personnel Services Division, Surge Staffing Branch (PSC-psd-ssb).

PSC-rpm announced the centralization of long-term, non-contingency ADOS management via ALCGPSC 096-12.

To the extent possible, the long-term, non-contingency ADOS assignment process will mirror the established SELRES PCS assignment process with all long-term, non-contingency ADOS assignments being managed within Direct Access.  Effective FY13, the Mobilization Readiness Tracking Tool (MRTT) will no longer be used to solicit requests for long-term, non-contingency ADOS support.  

Click here to see a flowchart of the Long-Term, Non-Contingency ADOS process.

As outlined in the flowchart, the basic process for long-term, non-contingency ADOS management is as follows:

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