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Communicating with the Selection Board



    PERSMAN 5.A.4.e. Communicating with the Selection Board

1. Each officer eligible for consideration by a selection board may communicate with the board through the officer’s chain of command by letter arriving by the date the board convenes, inviting attention to any matter in his or her Coast Guard record that will be before the selection board. A letter sent under this paragraph may not criticize any officer or reflect on any officer’s character, conduct, or motive (14 U.S.C. 253(b)).

2. Chain of command endorsements are optional. Enclosures or attachments are limited to copies of official records and materials allowed to be submitted with Officer Evaluation Reports under Article 10.A.4.c.3. Letters from other officers shall not be solicited or submitted as enclosures. To receive an acknowledgment, submit a completed, self-addressed Acknowledgment/Referral Card, CG-4217, with the letter.

3. Endorsements to letters submitted to selection boards shall not include opinions whether an officer should be selected for promotion or opinions on selection boards and their methods.

  *Please see the Promotion Board Candidate Messages for additional information and requirements on our Promotion Page or CG Messages ALCGRSV


CG Standard Memo format should be used for your communication to the board.


Address memo to the Board President:

Example: To: President, PY11Commander Selection Board


Last Modified 1/12/2016