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Early Return of Dependents (ERD) applies to a member stationed OCONUS (Outside Continental United States) who experiences a situation that in some instances requires his/her command-sponsored dependent(s) to return to the CONUS (Continental United States).  The member submits a request up their Chain of Command using Coast Guard Form CG-2026, OCONUS Early Return of Dependents (ERD) Request for TONO/LOA.  The member’s Command or designated Approving Official (AO) will review the request to ensure it meets the specific JTR reference, endorse it and forward the request via scan/e-mail to for final review and/or approval.  The member must review the JTR and cite the appropriate article when submitting their request.

Reasons for making a request as listed in JTR paragraph U5096-5106 are as follows:

  1. Embarrassing to the United States

  2. Prejudicial to the Command's order, morale and discipline

  3. Dependent's safety no longer can be ensured

  4. Disciplinary action taken against the member

  5. Essential medical treatment is neither available at the member's PDS nor readily available in the area

  6. Reasons such as financial difficulties, martial difficulties, unforeseen family problems

  7. Death or serious illness of performance of duty

  8. Situations which have an adverse effect on the member's performance of duty

  9. Lack of acceptable employment opportunities

  10. Order for induction into the U.S. Armed Forces

  11. Divorce or Annulment

  12. Inadequate educational and/or housing facilities.

Additional information on the Early Return of Dependents program is located here.

Dependent Student Transportation Travel applies to dependent(s) of a member permanently stationed OCONUS who reside at or in the PDS vicinity or the home port of an OCONUS ship, and who attends either a dormitory school operated by the DOD or selected for the student by the cognizant DODEA Regional Director, or a school in the U.S. to obtain a formal education that is accredited by a State, regional or nationally recognized accrediting agency or association recognized by SECDEF.  The eligible minor dependent(s) is authorized transportation between such school and the place of residence. No per diem is payable unless otherwise indicated.  Transportation, when possible, is by GOV’T-owned or GOV’T-procured transportation on a space-required basis.

Additional information on Dependent Student Travel is located here.

Secondary DLA Payment - The purpose of DLA is to partially reimburse a member, with or without a dependent(s), for the expenses incurred in relocating the member's household on a PCS, housing moves ordered for the GOV’T’s convenience, or incident to an evacuation. This allowance is in addition to all other allowances authorized in JTR and may be paid in advance.  Member(s) may receive a second DLA payment in the same fiscal year if:

As per JTR paragraph U5450.B.2.a, PSC-PSD-FS is the final approving official for request(s) for a second Dislocation Allowance (DLA) payment for CG member(s) who have previously received a DLA payment in conjunction with a PCS move in the same fiscal year.

Additional information on Secondary DLA payment is located here.


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