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TSGLI - Traumatic Injury Protection Program


Every service member with SGLI coverage also has TSGLI protection. SGLI and TSGLI are available to all regular members, all reservist (24/7, not just on duty) and all cadets.

TSGLI coverage costs $1 per month and is automatically added to the SGLI premium deduction shown on the LES. If you completely declined SGLI then you do not have TSGLI.

Depending on the traumatic injury, TSGLI may pay $25K, $50K, $75K or $100K. The program is fully described in the TSGLI Procedural Guide.

TSGLI began 1 Dec 2005. There is a retroactive feature that reaches back to 7 Oct 2001.

TSGLI applies to "traumatic events" that cause injury. It does not cover illness. For example, there is no coverage for ordinary appendicitis (illness), but if a member was riding a bicycle, crashed, and suffered a puncture wound that led to the removal of the appendix, it would qualify as a "traumatic event." The amount of the benefit payment depends on the consequences of the injury. See details in the TSGLI Schedule of Losses.

To make a TSGLI claim, Guardians or their designated representative complete form SGLV-8600, Application for TSGLI benefits, available on line. The form has two parts, A and B. The member completes part A and gives it to a doctor to complete part B. Part B is the medical certification of the traumatic injury and its consequences.


For questions, please contact:       TSGLI Case Manager                (202)795-6638

                                                       TSGLI Program Manager           (202)795-6647


Email completed forms to:             ARL-PF-CGPSC-PSDFS-COMPENSATION


Or, Fax completed forms to:          (202)372-8488/8323     ATTN: TSGLI


Or, mail to:                                     COMMANDER CG PERSONNEL SERVICE CENTER PSC
                                                       ATTN: TSGLI
                                                       US COAST GUARD STOP 7200
                                                       2703 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR AVE SE
                                                       WASHINGTON, DC 20593-7200


Due to security delays with physical mail, it is best to scan and email the claim form, or fax it.

For additional information about TSGLI visit the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Navy Safe Harbor program also provides assistance in completing TSGLI claims.


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