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Leave and Liberty Program


Leave is the authorized absence of an individual from a place of duty, chargeable against such individual in accordance with applicable law.  Please refer to Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8, Chapter 2.A.1 for specific definitions and categories of the leave program.

Liberty is defined as any authorized absence granted for short periods to provide respite from the working environment or for other specific reasons. Liberty includes regular and special liberty periods. It is not chargeable as leave.

Funded Environmental and Morale Leave (FEML) is to provide Government-funded transportation for a service member and his/her command-sponsored dependents from an OUTCONUS Funded Environmental and Morale Leave (FEML) duty location to a designated FEML designation.  The member must be stationed at an authorized FEML PDS outside the United States for 24 or more consecutive months, to include a 12 month tour extended for an additional consecutive 12 months that includes extraordinarily difficult living conditions or adverse environmental conditions that would offset the full benefits of annual leave program.  The member’s command-sponsored dependents must reside with the member at the FEML Permanent Duty Station (PDS) to be eligible.

Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT) leave is to provide is Government-funded travel and transportation allowances for an eligible member and eligible dependents who are stationed OCONUS and is ordered to a consecutive tour at the same PDS or makes a PCS between OCONUS PDSs to serve the prescribed tour at the new PDS and is either unaccompanied or both tours are accompanied and the total time to be served at the PDSs at least equals the sum of the unaccompanied tour lengths for the PDSs.


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