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Coast Guard Personnel Service Center

Officer Personnel Management Division

Officer Boards, Promotions, and Separations Branch CG PSC (opm-1)

Chief Warrant Officer Appointment - Advice on OERs and Resumes

CG PSC (opm-1) receives over 500 resume and OER packages each year.  Several common errors have been noticed.

#1: Resume - Incorrect Format

Please refer to Chapter 2 of The Coast Guard Correspondence Manual COMDTINST M5216.4C for correct guidance on submitting a Coast Guard Memorandum.  OPM-1 also sends out an ALCGPERSCOM with guidance on submitting the resume.  The following are a few examples of incorrect format:

#2: Resume - Grammatical

Most of these mistakes are easily corrected by having someone proofread your resume.  Give your resume to several people you trust (YN, mentor, friend, etc) and get their opinions and advice.  Ask them to check for spelling and grammatical errors.  The resume is a reflection of you and should be absolutely perfect.

#3: Resume - Not Following Directions

Below are a few examples of packages submitted where the candidates did not follow directions. 

#4 Resume - Content

Content of the Resume is extremely important and helps to demonstrate an applicant's dedication, desire and professional excellence.  The following are content problems:

#5 OER Mistakes

OERs generally are good as the command prepares the majority of these documents.  The applicant is responsible for making sure the rules are followed when submitting an OER.  The following are common mistakes with the CWO Appointment OERs:

Last Modified 1/12/2016