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Chief Warrant Officer Appointment Process

Welcome to CG PSC (OPM-1)'s CWO Appointment Process information page.

Chief Warrant Officer's are officer technical specialists, qualified by performance and experience, who have the expertise and authority to direct the most difficult and exacting technical operations in a given occupational area. If you and your command feel you have the maturity, leadership, and technical expertise required to become part of this elite group, then go for it! The following are some highlights from Officer Accessions, Evaluations, Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3(series) to help you with the process.

Also please review the following for guidance:


All eligibility requirements, listed in 1.D.3. of Officer Accessions, Evaluations, Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3(series), must be submitted by 1 January of the year in which the Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Appointment Board convenes. This year the Board convenes on 1 April 2014. E-Resumes and E-Interviews must be submitted NLT 2 January 2014.


Enlisted members serving in pay grade E-6 (with the exception of DIV, which must be E-7) must have displayed their technical ability by placing in the top 50 percent on the eligibility list for advancement to E-7 as a result of the Servicewide Examination (SWE) administered in May prior to the 11 December deadline. See 1.D.2.a of Officer Accessions, Evaluations, Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3(series).



You cannot have any court-martial or civil convictions, non-judicial punishment or unsatisfactory marks in conduct for the three years immediately prior to the 11 December, deadline and for the entire period from 11 December to appointment.



Applicants for the boatswain or naval engineering specialties must have completed at least one year of sea duty as defined by Article 3.A.15. of the Enlisted Accessions, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2 in pay grade E-6 or above by the 11 December deadline. Surfmen (SJ, SK, SM, SU or NLBS) who have completed 12 months as a certified surfman in a designated surfman billet, E-6 or above, are considered to have permanently met the sea duty requirement for appointment to warrant. The sea duty requirement will not be waived except for members who are presently serving at sea or who are under orders to sea duty and will have met the sea duty requirement by 30 June of the year of the Board. Commanding Officers have authority to grant waivers only for these cases. In computing sea duty time, 30 days equals one full month. After totaling all creditable sea duty periods, a remainder of fewer than 30 days shall be dropped.



Each applicant for appointment to AVI, BOSN, ELC, ENG, INV, ISM, MED, MLES, OSS, or WEPS warrant specialties must possess normal color perception. INV must also have normal hearing.


The final eligibility step in the warrant officer appointment process is obtaining the commanding officer's recommendation. After meeting all of the eligibility requirements, members must submit a request to their commanding officer to obtain a recommendation for appointment to warrant grade. Members will follow their commanding officer's policy for requesting this recommendation, providing documentation attesting to the completion of the minimum eligibility requirements. Members must submit their request in time to obtain the Commanding Officer's recommendation by the 11 December deadline.



The Commanding Officers process assists the Service in affirming the candidate's mental, moral, physical and professional qualifications for appointment to commissioned status. Commanding Officers shall review the applicant's Unit Personnel Data Record prior to making their recommendation. In addition to affirming that the candidate meets all minimum eligibility requirements as well as the particular requirements for the Chief Warrant Officer specialties and the above ALCOASTs, the following suitability issues shall be carefully evaluated prior to making a recommendation to allow the member to compete:

-Demonstrations of character inconsistent with Coast Guard Core Values;

-Substance and/or alcohol abuse;

-Misconduct (civil and military);

-Domestic violence;

-Financial irresponsibility;

-and Sexual harassment or discrimination.

Make sure you bring these issues to your commanding officer's attention. The presence of one of these behaviors is not a showstopper, but is something to discuss. Your commanding officer needs to have confidence that you have overcome passed problems and moved on. Remember, your command may not have seen every Page 7 in your record, but the Board will. Disqualification by the Board is embarrassing to both the CO and the member.


For Specific guidance, refer to Paragraph 4 of the CWO Guide.

*** Note, do not use the “PCS eResumes” *****


The Commanding Officer shall only comment that the applicant is eligible and recommended. If the applicant is not eligible the commanding officer should state the reason why in the endorsement. In the "Job Endorsement" page under the "Recommendation" drop-down menu, Commanding Officers should choose "Make Offer" to positively endorse a candidate's application. The deadline for completing the E-interview is 2 January 2014.


The PDE is now also viewed on Direct Access. To view your PDE within Direct Access select from the home menu bar: Self-service > Employee > View > and then select PDE. If the PDE is not available it could mean the E-resume was not submitted in time or correctly. Applicants who can't view their PDE should notify their admin support staff, command or CG PSC (OPM-1) immediately so corrective action can be taken. PDE's will not be available for viewing until 7 January 2015. The deadline for corrections to the PDE is 23 January 2015.



Profile letters are available for viewing on 30 January 2015 in Direct Access. To view your Profile letter select from the home menu bar: Self-service > Employee > View > and then select Profile letter. The initial preboard score seen on your PDE is a "LIVE" number that changes as candidate information is corrected. On 4 February 2015 the preboard scores will be finalized allowing the preboard eligibility list to be set.



On 12 February 2014 CG PSC (OPM-1) will publish the preboard eligibility list by ALCGPSC. This list consists of those who on 5 February 2014 preboard scores qualify them as primary or alternate candidates.


All primary candidates go before the board unless they are removed from the preboard eligibility list. Reasons for being removed are; ineligible, CO removal, member requests to be removed, retirements, etc. Alternate candidates do not go before the board unless a primary candidate is removed. The next alternate in line would then move up to the primary position.


Use format for Coast Guard Memorandum style letter IAW Chapter 2 of the Coast Guard Correspondence Manual COMDTINST M5216.4C and para 14 of the Active Duty CWO Appointment Guide. Your resume is used to sell yourself to the Board. The Board will be looking at hundreds of resumes, so follow the format precisely. Remember, you are limited to only two pages maximum to write, so following the format precisely is crucial. The only place to be creative is the "Why I want to be a Chief Warrant Officer" paragraph. Here's some advice on the resume: Keep it short - tell the Board what you can do for the Coast Guard, and why you are the best selection. Don't rehash things that are already in the package, and don't try to blow smoke. Tell them why you feel you are their only choice! Be sure to share a bit of yourself and what makes you special - let's face it, records can appear strikingly similar, even with the high-performers with whom you are competing. The resume is a big deal!



It is the member's responsibility to ensure their IPDR is up to date. Applicants should request a copy of their IPDR at least 6 months prior to the convening date of the Board. Instructions for requesting a copy of your record is contained on HTTP://WWW.USCG.MIL/PSD/MR/


CG PSC-OPM-1 is your main point of contact. Don't feel that you are bothering us with your questions. Although, try to go through your supervisors or admin staff first, they have a wealth of knowledge. We have tried to include info and advice in the message traffic, and so make sure you access and follow the instructions. Ultimately, you are the one with the desire to be a CWO, and so you have to keep on top of the process!