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Personnel Service Center
Human Resource and Administration


Number Title Effective Date PSC
PSCINST 1000.1 Personnel Services and Support Unit (PSSU) Temporary Duty and Administrative Guidance 16 Mar 10 BOPS
PSCINST 5532 Personnel Service Center Active Shooter Guidance 16 Jun 14 HR&A
PSCINST 1020.1B Personnel Service Center Uniform and Civilian Clothing Guidance 26 Jan 15 HR&A
PSCINST 1301.1 Establishment of Commanding Officer, Staff Enlisted Personnel 6 Nov 09 HR&A
PSCINST 1427.1B Register of Officers 1 Apr 2011 OPM
PSCINST 1500.2A Command Master Chief's Coin 26 Jan 15 PSC-c
PSCINST 1600.1 Coast Guard Personnel Service Center Collateral Duties 4 Sep 2014 HR&A
PSCINST 1611.1 Procedures for Completing Officer Evaluation Reports (OER) 15 Feb 10 HR&A


Enclosures to 1611.1  24  Oct 13 HR&A
PSCINST 1650.1 Military/ Civilian Awards Recommendations and Award Board Membership 2 Jul 09 HR&A
PSCINST 1650.1C Personnel Service Center Civilian Employee of the Quarter (CEOQ) and Civilian Employee of the Year (CEOY) 01 Nov 13 HR&A
PSCINST 1650.2C Personnel Service Center Enlisted Person of the Quarter/Year (EPOQ/EPOY) Program 02 Oct 12 HR&A
PSCINST 1800.1 Retirement Ceremony Procedures 14 Feb 11 HR&A
PSCINST 1910.1 Enlisted Personnel Administrative Boards Manual 14 Jul 2014 HR&A
PSCINST 5200.1 Policy on Protection of Sensitive and Personally Identifiable Information 07 Mar 2014 HR&A
PSCINST 5330.4 Personnel Service Center Telework Program 26 Jan 15 HR&A
PSCINST 5330.2A Work Schedules for Coast Guard Civilian and Military Members 23 Jan 15 HR&A
PSC INST 5350.9 Leadership and Diversity Advisory Council 23 Jan 15 HR&A
PSCINST M5401.1 U.S. Coast Guard Personnel Service Center Organization Manual 24 Aug 10 BOPS
PSCINST 5402.1A Delegation of Authority 30 Apr 13 PSC-c
PSCINST 5530.1 Coast Guard Personnel Service Center Physical security plan (FOUO) Contact PSC CSO 08 Jul 2014 HR&A
PSCINST 5730.1 Electronically-Routed Correspondence Preparation and Tracking 4 Sep 09 HR&A
PSCINST 6200.1A Coast Guard Personnel Service Center Fitness Program 24 Oct 14 HR&A
  Enclosure to 6200.1    
PSCINST 7220.1B Guideline and Procedures for DoD BAH Data Collection 27 May 14 HR&A
PSCINST 11101.1A Coast Guard Housing Program Effectiveness Review & Site Visits 6 Oct 14 PSD-FS
PSCNOTE 11101 FY15 Housing Program Effectiveness Review & Site Visits 6 Oct 14 PSD-FS
PSCINST 11101.2A Assignment and Release from Government Owned Quarters 23 Jan 15 PSD-FS
PSCINST 12298.1A CG Non Appropriated Fund Human Resource Information System (HRIS)  24 Oct 14 HR&A
PSCINST 12451.1A Civilian Awards Policy 1 Sep 10 HR&A
PSCINST 12900.1C CG Non Appropriated Fund Tuition Assistance Program 26 Feb 13 PSC CSC
NPFCINST 6200.1A Designated Areas for Use of Tobacco 17 Jun 09 NPFC
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