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U.S. Coast Guard
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Advancements and Separations Branch

 4200 WILSON BLVD STE 1100
 ARLINGTON VA 20598-7200


Section Team Leader:  Mr. Mike Tollefson @ 703-872-6566

    Ms. Eula Whitehead    

YN3 Star Ryan

Please send all documents and inquiries to:



Administrative Separations for members under 8 years or other than OTH

***IMPORTANT: The templates listed on this webpage are currently being reviewed by the EPM-1 Separations Department.  If a template is needed, please send a request via email to the above Separations inquiry portal address. 

The website links for the below templates regarding separations for members over 8 years or possible OTH Discharge are still active.

***NEW:  Guidance for Early Release Up to 30-Days, Art. 1.B.8, COMDTINST M1000.4


Administrative Separations for members over 8 years or possible OTH Discharge (Misconduct & Unsuitability)

Consultation with SJA and CG PSC-EPM-1
The advice and support provided by the SJA and PSC-epm-1 are technical and procedural, addressing matters such as adequacy of documentation and Service-wide application of military personnel policy. The responsibility for weighing the performance and conduct of individual Coast Guard enlisted members and determining whether Coast Guard policy permits or requires that an administrative board be convened rests solely with the convening authorities in that member’s chain of command.

***For questions and concerns regarding processing members for separation that meet the criteria for over 8 years or pending a possible OTH discharge, please contact Mr. Michael Tollefson at the above contact information.

Use the following documents when preparing the separation documents:
1)  Notice to Respondent
2)  Exercise of Rights

For any questions regarding the Administrative Separation Board (ASB) process, please contact CWO Shawna Ward @ (703) 872-6648


Additional Separation Functions


FY 2014 Separation Discharge Statistics

Separations by Reason - Click Here
Top Three Discharges - Weight, Alcohol, Drugs -
Click Here

FY 2013 Top Three Discharges - Click Here
FY 2012 Top Three Discharges - Click Here




Please send all documents and inquiries to:

Separation Docs/Tools
 - Discharge Guide
 - Discharge Checklist
 - CG 3307 Framework Guidance
 - Sample Probation CG-3307
 - ALCOAST 276/11 - Prohibition on Extremist and Criminal Gang Activity
 - ALCOAST 575/11 - General Orders of Service Wide Application Information


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