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                                               High Year Tenure (HYT)                                            

2016 HYT Waiver Process

The 2016 HYT waiver process has concluded.  All members who submitted waiver requests have been notified.  Members who did not receive a waiver will have their separation authorizations completed completed by PSC-epm-1.  Communication regarding the 2017 HYT process will be released via message traffic and posted on this website.  Members and commands should refer to the FAQs, and use the HYT calculator to determine when someone may become a candidate.  If you have any questions please contact us via email at


2016 HYT Panel E3-E5

- E3-E5 Panel Precept:  Click HERE

- E3-E5 Waiver Process - ALCGENL 204/15

- E3-E5 Panel Results - ALCGPSC 143/15


2016 HYT Panel E6-E8

- E6-E8 Panel Precept:  Click HERE

- E6 to E8 Waiver Process - ALCGENL 022/16

- E6 to E8 Panel Results - ALCGPSC 055/16


***2016 HYT E3-E8 Waiver Statistics Powerpoint - Click HERE***



Please send all HYT documents and inquiries to: 

2016 HYT Resources:

- HYT Calculator
*Note: The above HYT Calculator is for planning purposes only.  If you feel that there is a discrepancy with the data that is being calculated that is different than current Coast Guard policy, please confirm with your command and then contact EPM-1 at the below portal email address immediately.

- HYT Command Checklist
*Note:  This checklist is to provide guidance to commands with screening members that have been identified as HYT candidates.  This checklist was established to assist locally.  Please do not send the checklist to us UNLESS one of the questions was answered with a 'Yes' or other known issues exist.  Questions marked as 'Yes' DO NOT disqualify members from HYT unless confirmation is received from CG PSC-epm-1.

- 2016 HYT Frequently Asked Questions - Click HERE

- 2016 HYT Waiver Template - Click HERE

- All HYT Retirement Requests:  Template

- HYT Update - Flag Voice #451

- Military Separations, COMDTINST M1000.4  - Click HERE

- COMDTNOTE 1000, HYT CG-1 to Military Separations - ALCOAST 114/15

 Please send all HYT documents and inquiries to: 


High Year Tenure (HYT) Program - Previous Years
Note: New naming convention for HYT 2016 is the year members will separate or retire, not the year they are identified (as previous years).

2014  (Separate no later than 01 September 2015) 

Adjustment to Professional Growth Points for the Active Duty Enlisted Workforce ALCOAST 039/14

Waiver Process for the Active Duty Enlisted Workforce  ALCGENL 024/14

High Year Tenure Changes (2014 and Beyond)  FLAG Voice #410

Workforce Shaping SITREP  Flag Voice #403

High Year Tenure (HYT) Professional Growth Point (PGP) Waiver Panel Results  ALCGPSC 065/14

HYT Waiver Precept

2013  (Separate no later than 01 September 2014) 

2013 HYT Waiver Process for the Active Duty Enlisted Workforce  ALCGENL 057/13

Reactivation of Enlisted High Year Tenure (HYT) Professional Growth Points (PGP) ALCOAST 171/13

Enlisted Workforce Management Initiatives  Flag Voice 372

Action to Address Delayed Opportunities for Enlisted Advancement and “A” Schools SHIPMATES 25



Please send all HYT documents or inquiries to:



Helpful Links

 - Disability Evaluations Branch PSC-psd-de
Department of  Veterans Affairs (VA)
 - MGIG/Post 911 Education Benefits

 - CG Institute
 - EI-PDR submissions & corrections

- Force Readiness Command FORCECOM
 - CG PPC Customer Service



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