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U.S. Coast Guard
Personnel Service Center

Advancements and Separations Branch

 4200 WILSON BLVD STE 1100
 ARLINGTON VA 20598-7200

                                      Career Retentions                                        

Section Team Leader:  Mr. Sid Eagerton @ (703) 872-6558

Team Member:  YN1 Arnold Uhrina @ (703) 872-6560 


NEWS UDPATE:  CG PSC is currently in the process of moving from Arlington, VA to CGHQ in Washington, DC.  Beginning Thursday, December 3rd, our office will not have access to the Coast Guard network until we arrive at CGHQ on Tuesday, December 8th.  Please contact us in advance if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your patience in this matter.


Please send all documents or inquiries to:



  • Change in Rating (CIR) (Process Summary) (Member Template)
  • Dental Waiver (Final personnel action on dental waivers that have been endorsed by CG HSWL SERVCEN (om-de))
  • Erroneous Advancement
  • Extended Active Duty (EAD) (Reserves only) (Process Summary)(FAQs)
  • Extension & Re-Extension Contract (Corrections & Cancellations ONLY)
  • Integration (Reserves on EAD and Long Term Title 10 ONLY) (Process Summary)
  • Lateral Change in Rating in connection with the lost of a security clearance
  • Leave (Appellate, Advance, & Sick Leave ONLY)
  • Medical Board for Active Duty Personnel  - Final personnel action when "Approved"  (ONLY for findings of "Fit For Full Duty" and "Fit For Full Duty with conditions")
  • Medical Waiver (Temporary and Permanent)
  • Officer Reverting to Enlisted Status (CWO & Temp ENS & LTJG)
  • Organ Donation
  • Reduction in Rate (E-7 & above ONLY)
  • Reenlistment Appeals for ALCOAST 093/14. Memo Template - Click *HERE*
    *ALCOAST 274/15:  Amendment to ALCOAST 093/14
    NOTE:  If a member is BOTH not eligible and not recommended for reenlistment, the request must be sent to the Separations section for processing.  Click *HERE* for further instruction.
    Reenlistment Criteria FAQs - Click HERE
  • Reenlistment Contract (Corrections & Cancellations ONLY)
  • Removal of Designator
  • Removal of Document from EI-PDR
  • EER (Appeal Review Period Extensions & Approving Authority Clarification)
  • Restoration in Rating (RIR) (Process Summary)
  • Retroactive Advancement (Process Summary)
  • Return from Care of Newborn Child(ren) Separation Program (CNC)
  • Return from Separation for Non-compliance with CG Weight and Body Fat Standards
  • Return from Temporary Separation
  • Special Advancement (Prior CG personnel)
  • Time in Rate Determination

Please send all documents or inquiries to:


Career Retentions Docs/Tools
 - EPM-1 Process Guide

Helpful Links
 - Disability Evaluations Branch (PSC-psd-de)
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
 - MGIB/Post 911 Education Benefits

 - CG Institute
submissions & corrections

- Force Readiness Command (FORCECOM)
 - CG PPC Customer Service


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