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U.S. Coast Guard
Personnel Service Center

Enlisted Personnel Management Division

WASHINGTON DC 20593-7200

Updated: 24 DEC 2015


Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard,
Assignments Website.




Direct Access 9.1 User and Command Guide - HERE

Please see Below links pertaining to changes to tour lengths effective AY15.

Approved Changes To Officer and Enlisted Tour Lengths ALCOAST 489/14

AY2016 Travel to/from Alaska - AMHS MILITARY TRAVEL POLICY EXCEPTION (Click on PDF links below)

AMHS Military Travel Policy Letter

ALCOM Military Travel Letter

D17 Military Travel Letter

AY16 Assignment Information Links:

ALCGENL 084/15 EPM-2 AY16 Kickoff Message
Assignment Priority Table

AY 16 Decommissioning Frequently Asked Questions

AY16 Guidance

Assignment Officers will pass critical information via ALCGENL Bulletins in CGMS. Also, refer to rating specific websites and EPM's CG Portal page for information and updates.

 WEBINARS: ALCGENL 089/15 Announced our use of WEBINARS for AY16.  Our Assignment Officers have paired up with the Rating Force Master Chiefs to provide the most up to date rating and assignment information. Commands/members interested in attending a webinar should access the CG Portal webinar calendar located at to view available dates and POC information for registration.


Why is this important to our CG members? The ESS is ONE of the tools used by EPM to make screening and assignment decisions. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone verifies their ESS in CGBI. To view your ESS, click on the following link:


Additionally; for instructions on how to correct any discrepancies found in your Employee Summary Sheet:


1. <<CLICK>>


2. <<CLICK>> "CGBI Data Correction/FAQs" on the left of the screen


3. Use the information and links on the screen to find the correct POC for fixing your particular discrepancy.


4. If further assistance is required, contact Customer Support using the link or by calling 1-877-USCG-SYS.



PSC-epm Portal Link: HERE

If you are tour complete, in a billet to pay-grade mismatch or above the cut for advancement, take the time to submit a well rounded e-resume that provides an accurate picture of your assignment priorities with regard to geographic stability, co-location, professional development opportunities and career aspirations. Ask your shipmates, mentors, or Command Cadre to review your e-resume and get their opinion on whether or not your assignment choices will help you achieve those goals.  As we begin the slating process, our goal is to ensure you receive the best possible assignment which allows you to avoid approaching your PGPs, gain professional competencies, and attain greater leadership responsibilities.  

Special Needs: Help us help you and your family.  This is a mandatory program if you have a family member with a special need.  In order to ensure that your family has access to the necessary medical facilities, conduct an enrollment update to coincide with your transfer.  Not being enrolled or having outdated information at the time of your assignment can narrow your assignment options. 

Lastly, routinely check the shopping list for updates to make sure your assignment choices remain valid.  The shopping list changes throughout the assignment season and it is always best if we can provide you an assignment that you have applied for instead of providing you a list of assignments to choose from. 

We look forward to working with you during AY16.


CDR Stephen V. Burdian



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