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CWO David Schuster, Assignment Officer
Junior Account E4 & E5 ("A" School)
Phone: (703) 872-6608

CWO Frank Jennings, Assignment Officer
Senior Account E6-E9
Phone: (703) 872-6590


Updated : 11 FEB 2014

Detailer Changes
Starting in AY-14, the YN Detailers will divide their assignments by pay grade versus East Coast/West Coast as was the norm in the past.  CWO Frank Jennings will assign E-6 - E-9 and CWO Dave Schuster will assign E-5 & E-4 (this includes the 'A' School/Distant Learner Program).  We made this change in part because we feel it will be easier for the members to communicate with only one detailer if they are transferring East Coast to West Coast for example, rather than both.  More information will follow on this possible change!

I have received many inquiries on how to view the current shopping and submit an E-Resume in DA. If you are having difficulties or questions please follow the procedures below to view the shopping list and submit your E-Resume. 

Direct Access II PCS E-Resume Member Instructions:


Direct Access II PCS E-Resume Endorser Instructions: 

Realistic e-Resume's
Submitting a realistic e-Resume is always an important part of the transfer season.  We recommend that you carefully consider your e-Resume and make sure that you have clearly identified what your transfer goals are and give us enough billet choices to make the process smoother for you and us.  More information will be passed as we move into the AY-14 Assignment Year.  Starting AY-14, we will no longer email or call with the customary left-over list for those personnel who didn't earn a requested billet.  What we are requesting from you (E7 and below) is a resume with no fewer than 25 billets.  We also would like for you to list on your resume a geographical area that you would not like in case you do not receive one of your choices.  This will assist us in making your assignment in the off chance you do not receive one of your choices.  That doesn't necessarily mean you would not receive orders to a location that you do not desire.  Also, if you have ZERO RATED SEA DUTY, please note that we have several opportunities for you to apply.  We would recommend and encourage you to choose your afloat billet before we choose you.  As with years past, most of these will fall to the priority 5 personnel.  If you are tour complete in AY14 and you know you will be requesting an extension as your number one choice, it is imperative that you relay that information early to your assignment officer so that we can make note of that request.  We are pretty liberal with a first extension request.

Members Should:

Follow the procedures in COMDTINST M1000.8A  when applying for any of the positions below:

- Overseas Duty - Section 1.H.2
- Overseas Independent Duty - Section - 1.C.16 & 1.H.2
- Independent Duty - Section - 1.C.16
- Instructor Duty - Section - 1.E.6
- MFPU, LEDET, DSF - Section - 1.C.14
- Strike Force - Section - 1.C.10
- Assignment to Polar Icebreaker Duty Section - 1.C.11
- Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) Section - 1.E.15



Direct Access
Please make sure your Direct Access Contact Information is updated. On numerous occasions we attempted to reach out to members who were out of the office or after hours and the Contact Information in Direct Access was not accurate or missing.

s extremely important when it comes to your assignment.  So many times this year, we had members who were either planning on getting married or got married to other service members and failed to let us know.  That is very important especially if we are trying to identify potential areas that can accommodate the collocation request.  Also, if you are desiring to be collocated, make sure that you and your spouse indicate that on your resume and that your choices are aligned with one another.

A well-crafted E-Resume is the primary method of communication with an AO during the assignment process. Members should submit an E-Resume by November 30, 2012 if they will become tour complete in the next calendar year.

Members should only select "OPEN" positions on the shopping list and take the following into account:

         Assignment priority

         Personal desires

         Rating requirements

         Career aspirations

         Family concerns (including Special Needs).


Member’ E-Resumes shall provide comments that capture their





These elements should be reflected in their job choices and member comments.

Members are poorly served by submitting an E-Resume listing only:

         One type of unit

         One geographic area

         An extension

A reasonable and realistic E-Resume allows members to apply for a variety of assignment possibilities.  

An unrealistic E-Resume may restrict members from consideration for some jobs, and potentially reduce the AO's options in making the final assignment decision. 

If you are requesting an Overseas or Independent Duty assignment you “MUST” have a command endorsement. Command endorsements on

E-Resumes are critical to the efficient and effective reassignment. Individual qualities and traits should be addressed in command endorsements in order to enhance the enlisted assignment process. 

If you are applying for an Overseas Assignment, you “MUST”:

         Conduct a pre-screening to ensure you meet the requirements of 1.H in COMDTINST M1000.8.

         Include a statement in the comments block of your e-resume indicating that you have reviewed the requirements and are pre-qualified for an overseas assignment.

If you do not pre-screen, you run the risk of being denied entry approval and could be left with limited assignment choices at the end of the assignment season.

AO’s consider these factors when selecting members for transfer:

         Service need

         Assignment priority

         Commanding officer's recommendation

         Performance history

         Member's desires

         Time at present unit

         Time in present geographic area

         Previous assignment history

         Advancement or promotion status and leadership potential

         Service remaining in original enlistment

         Qualification codes

         Service remaining before approved retirement date

         Willingness to obligate Service for transfer

         Physical condition

If you are above the cut, you should be listing positions on your E-Resume for the new pay grade. Do not place pay grade mismatch positions on your E-Resume as one of your picks.

If you are in doubt about what pay grade positions to put on your E-Resume due to your high placement on SWE list but are not above the cut due to low cuts or even lack of cuts, then you can use this as an example:
“Picks 1-10 are listed for my current rank of E-6 and picks 11-20 are for E-7 positions should I become above the cut for advancement.”

This should be noted in your comments section of the E-Resume. The number of picks listed here is just an example, you can put as many billets on your E-Resume as you want. Obviously the more billets the more “realistic” your E-Resume will be.

Assignment Policy Upon Advancement
When a member advances and desires to remain in his or her current assignment, every effort will be made to retain the member until tour completion, unless Service needs dictate otherwise. If a member desires reassignment upon advancement, AOs will consider, on a case-by-case basis, the reassignment of the member based on the needs of the Service. Every effort will be made to minimize the number of transfers upon advancement, but personnel should not compete for advancement unless they are prepared to be transferred to fill any authorized vacant position in the next higher pay grade.

Assignment Extensions
I will consider granting extension requests if the command favorably endorses the members request. Extensions are assignment decisions. I must work through the assignment process to determine if an extension can be granted. For members requesting a second extension, the extension will be considered only if no other member desires that position. Of course, these are general guidelines and are subject to Service needs. Approved extensions, just like any other transfer orders, will be made available in DA.
Assignment policy offers married active duty members the opportunity to collocate or reside jointly whenever possible. Affected couples must realize the Service may not be able to collocate them throughout their military careers and should allow some separation for professional development while meeting Service needs. While the Coast Guard attempts to assign affected couples equitably, you must understand assignments ultimately must be made based on Service needs. However, the Service makes every reasonable effort to assign a couple to the same geographic area to permit them to maintain a joint residence. The fact that two enlisted members are married does not alter the assignment priority policy in Article 1.B.4. of the Military Assignments and Authorized Absences Manual, COMDTINST M1000.8.

Geographic Stability/Diversity
Career diversity also includes geographic diversity, and we’d like to point out that the COMDT’s policy on geographic stability has recently changed reference Article 1.B.3 of the Military Assignments and Authorized Absences Manual, COMDTINST M1000.8. To summarize the policy, geographic diversity can be achieved by:

(1) completing full tours of duty
(2) granting extensions liberally
(3) providing local stability for two tours
(4) providing regional stability through multiple tours of duty in a geographic region.

With that, members who have completed two or more tours in a local area without affecting a household goods move are considered to have achieved geographic stability. Such members may request additional assignments in the local area on their E-Resume, but must also have a realistic expectation of exercising a household goods move with their next assignment. For all members who desire an assignment in a specific locality, we continue to encourage you to apply for assignments using an expanding square, by applying for jobs that are not only in the city or locality that you desire, but expand throughout the region that you are looking for.

Please keep in mind that areas like Florida, Boston, Seattle, Alameda, Portsmouth/Hampton Roads, Alaska and the Carolinas continue to be places that have more assignment demand than we have assignment vacancies. Because they are competitive regions, it may be more challenging to achieve regional stability there

Special Needs Program:
The Special Needs program ensures that members having dependents with a verified special need are assigned to a geographic area in which their family special needs can be met. The specifics of the Special Needs Program are outlined in COMDTINST M1754.7A. I will communicate with the Work-Life Staff to ensure that members enrolled in the Special Needs Program are assigned to an area where their family special needs can be addressed. I must reemphasize, this program does not guarantee a specific unit or assignment; it only ensures the assignment is in an acceptable area. Furthermore, I do not discuss specific assignments with the Work-Life staff. If you are enrolled in the Special Needs Program, list only positions/units that are located in areas that can address your family needs. Your active collaboration with the local Work-Life staff is encouraged to ensure that only acceptable areas are listed on your E-Resume.

Retirement in Lieu of Orders (RILO)
If you are placing a retirement letter dated for anything outside of the normal retirement window of September through December, ensure you have the Commands endorsement acknowledging they may be accepting a potential gap. If this is not done, the process will be delayed considerably.

Retirement eligible members in receipt of orders may request RILO. The member must request the RILO within 5 working days of receiving Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. Members desiring to RILO shall simultaneously request a retirement date no later than 1 August of the year in which orders were received in accordance with Articles 1.C.11.a.(3)(a) of the Military Separations, COMDTINST M1000.4. Approval will be based on Service need.

Separation in Lieu of Orders (SILO)
Members on indefinite reenlistments and in receipt of orders may request SILO. The separation request must be submitted to EPM within 5 working days of receiving PCS orders.

Enlisted members desiring to SILO may be separated prior to the expiration of their enlistment by reason of convenience of the government in accordance with Article 1.B.12. of the Military Separations, COMDTINST M1000.4. If the separation request is approved, the member will be separated from the Service by 1 August of the current year. Approval will be based on Service need.

Refusal to Obligate Service
Members on first enlistments and in receipt of orders may request to not obligate Service. This request must be submitted to EPM via message traffic within 5 working days of receiving PCS orders. Members can expect to either have their obligated Service waived and report as ordered until they reach their end of enlistment, or may have their orders canceled and be processed for separation from active duty, possibly within 30 days. If the obligated Service has been waived you will not be allowed to extend/reenlist without EPM-1 approval.

Contact from your Assignment Officer
During the assignment season it is often difficult to reach each of you during normal business hours. I encourage you to update your personal information in Direct Access with your current home & cell phone numbers and e-mail address. I will sometimes make phone calls or send e-mails after hours or on weekends to reach you.


CWO4 Dave Schuster                                CWO3 Frank Jennings
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