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CWO William Ernestburg, Assignment Officer, AST3-ASTCS & AMT3
Phone: (703)872-6591

CWO Tom Sinner, Assignment Officer, AET3-AETCS
Phone: (703)872-6603

CWO Ronald Blair, Assignment Officer, AMT2-AMTCM/All Aviation E9's
Phone: (703)872-6574


Assignment Officer's Hot Word
Updated 11 FEB 2014

Assignment year timelines:




September 16, 2013 – Unofficial shopping list published


October 1, 2013 – Official Priority 3 & 4 shopping list published


October 11, 2013 – E-résumés due from priority 3 & 4 units


October 21, 2013 – Priority 5 shopping list published


November 8, 2013 – All E-résumés are due (slating begins)


November 8, 2013 – March 31, 2014 slating and issue orders


**ANY member requesting a tour at Air Station Washington DC your E-résumé must be submitted by October 11, 2013. List the DC #1 and insure you have a strong command endorsement preferably from the CO. Members applying for these positions will be prescreened early and possibly interviewed. Screenings are done early to allow members that have not been selected to compete for other desired billets. These positions are available to any member from any airframe. 

Recommended E-resumes Do's and Don'ts:

Do's :

1. Only list OPEN billets from the shopping list!

2. Only list billets for your current pay grade unless otherwise instructed by the AO's.

3. If you desire a unit that is currently not being shopped, address this within the comments section of the e-résumé. We WILL make note of it. Example for the comments section of the résumé: “Air Station Sitka is not currently being shopped but I highly desire a tour at that unit. If the opportunity presents itself, I would desire that to be my #1 pick.”

4. Those in special needs, please conduct a SELF EVALUATION of all possible units your needs can be addressed at. Please work with your FRS to ensure your family's needs can be met. We do not need to know what your situation is, only that your needs can be met at the unit. Use the comments section of the e-resume to relay this information to us.

5. Those requesting Co-location with their spouse need to indicate this in the comments section of the e-résumé. Ensure both you and your spouse's e-résumés offer multiple billets choices and geographical locations.

6. List any career intentions you may have. If you plan to RELAD or retire soon, put that in the comments section of your E-résumé. If you are getting out of the CG in 2014, we normally will not transfer you. However, if you change your mind after we have slated everyone you will likely transfer at the needs of the service.

7. Members applying for any instructor job at ATTC or Mobile must successfully screen for the position IAW COMDTINST M1000.8 chapter 1E.


1. DO NOT list two or three billets and then get upset because you got assigned due to service need.

2. DO NOT list multiple billets for the same airframe at the same unit. (We know where you want to go with listing it once – this is for Aviators only).

The Special Needs program is MANDATORY. If you wait to after you receive orders to enroll, you may be transferred based on service need. 

*The above RECOMMENDATIONS are merely that, recommendations. The ultimate responsibility for completing a realistic resume falls upon the member.

Assignment factors: 

Member desires

Assignment policies

Assignment priority

Command concerns

Assignment History

Time at current unit

CO’s recommendation

Advancement status


Willingness to obligate service


Physical condition

Security clearance

Service Need 

Assignments are competitive based on the above factors ONLY. Your aircrew qualifications and airframe experience/competencies are the greatest factor when it comes to determining your next assignment. Insure Direct Access is up to date with your current qualifications. Home ownership, continuing education, employment opportunities for your spouse, aging parents, and other personal issues are not factored. 

IAW COMDTINST M100.8, it is manifestly unfair to implement the Commandant's unrestricted duty assignment policy differently among Service members. If for any reason a member is not available for unrestricted assignment for an appreciable period, the usual solution is separation from the Service.  

Communicating with your detailer: 

If you are requesting guidance from your detailer or would like to take advantage of some career counseling, you may contact us. Please do so through your LCPO. Normally we speak to members in the LCPO’s office so that the member, unit, and EPM are all on the same page. Senior Enlisted members and members serving in Special Assignments may contact us directly.


Best of luck with your future assignment!

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