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U.S. Coast Guard Personnel Service Center

Aviation Maintenance Technician /

Aviation Survival Technician / Avionics

Electrical Technician


CWO William Ernestburg, Assignment Officer, AST3-ASTCM & AMT3
Phone: (703)872-6591

CWO Tom Sinner, Assignment Officer, AET3-AETCM
Phone: (703)872-6603

CWO Doug Witham, Assignment Officer, AMT2-AMTCM
Phone: (703)872-6574


Assignment Officer's Hot Word
Updated 24 June 2015



Enlisted Aviation Assignment Officers:

CWO William Ernestburg, Assignment Officer, AST3-ASTCM & AMT3
Phone: (703)872-6591

CWO Tom Sinner, Assignment Officer, AET3-AETCM
Phone: (703)872-6603

CWO Doug Witham, Assignment Officer, AMT2-AMTCM
Phone: (703)872-6574






*** Members who do NOT have an e-Résumé on file by the stated deadline will lose their assignment priority ***




      15 May - 28 Aug: Members contact AOs for career counseling and mentoring and attend one of the Aviation AO Webinar’s see ALCGEN 089-15.

      15 May - 15 Aug: Commands/Assignment Officers (AOs) conduct Personnel Allowance List (PAL) validation.

      14 Aug: - Command concerns (COMCONs) due.

      15 Sep - 29 Sep: Unofficial shopping lists published/commands validate shopping list.

      01 Oct: - Official Priority 3 shopping lists published.

      11 Oct: - e-Résumés due from priority 3 and **AIRSTA Washington Candidates**

      24 Oct: - Priority 4 & 5 shopping list updated

      6  Nov: - All e-Résumés are due (slating begins)

      10 Nov - 31 Mar: - Orders issued





** ANY member requesting a tour at Air Station Washington DC, an e-Résumé must be submitted by October 11, 2015. List the DC position #1 and insure you have a strong command endorsement, preferably from the CO. Members applying for these positions will be prescreened early and possibly interviewed. Screenings are done early to allow members who have not been selected to compete for other desired billets. These positions are available to any aviation AET/AMT from any airframe.

For members looking to enhance their career diversity, we encourage them to apply for unique and challenging positions, such as Instructor Duty at ATTC, STAN Team Member, ALC, or OCONUS assignments. Some of these positions are hard to fill and require members to have a certain amount of experience and leadership qualities. For those interested in applying for ATTC or STAN Team please refer to M1000.8A Military Assignments and Authorized Absences Manual Chapter 1.E.6 and 1.E.18 respectively. Due to the often limited qualified candidate pool, we will be looking to fill these positions first, prior to filling other positions.

We are expecting another high turnover rate for the OCONUS units and encourage everyone to apply. All members are expected to be "worldwide assignable"; if unable to fill based off e-Résumé applications, consideration will given to qualified members who have not yet had an OCONUS tour.

If interested in OCONUS duty, ensure you review the overseas screening process IAW M1000.8A 1.H.2 and include the following statement in the Comments Section of the e-Résumé:

“My family (if applicable) and I meet the criteria for OCONUS assignment as outlined in Article 1.H. of Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8 (series). My spouse (if applicable) and I have reviewed the Command Checklist for OCONUS Screening, the Financial Assessment Checklist, and the OCONUS Screening for Active Duty Dependents (if applicable) shown in enclosure 1.H.1. and 1.H.2. of Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8 (series).”

As a reminder, OCONUS tours require an obliserve for the full tour length. Members must extend/re-enlist prior to departing for the OCONUS assignment.


Air Station Sacramento is going to be standing up the C-27J’s so anyone that’s interested in that airframe should choose the Air Station Sacramento jobs on their e-Résumés.



Submitting e-Résumés:


Guidance for submitting e-Résumés on DA version 9.1 can be found at


Please create a realistic e-Résumé; put down positions you are qualified to fill. It is ok to put other positions down (airframes you are not qualified in), however; it is a competitive process and all qualifications, training, skills, and assignment factors are considered when making assignments. Also, put down more than three or four assignment choices; this will reduce the chance of becoming a "free agent" and assigned based off of Service Need.


We understand transferring is life changing event for the members and their families, and personal situations often influence assignment choices. However; we cannot assign members based off family desires. When filling out the Comments Section of the e-Résumé, please include desires, qualifications, and additional info that enhance competitiveness. Additionally, if there is a position/unit that is not currently on the shopping list, but is desired, please include in the Comments Section of the e-Résumé. Often times a position will come open throughout the assignment year which was not initially on the Shopping list. For Example: "AIRSTA Savannah is not currently shopped for my rate; if a position comes available please consider that to be my number one choice".


Assignment Decisions:


The assignment officers will continue to ensure members receive the career enhancement and diversity necessary for future advancement. Geographic stability does not exempt a member from completing an assignment, but only that these assignments may be located within the same geographic region when possible. Geographic stability also does not mean a member may fill the same billet for two consecutive tours. Career enhancement, diversity and advancement potential of each member are paramount in the assignment decision.


Assignments are competitive based on the below factors ONLY. Your aircrew qualifications and airframe experience/competencies are the greatest factor when it comes to determining your next assignment. Insure Direct Access is up to date with your current qualifications.


Home ownership, continuing education, employment opportunities for your spouse, aging parents, and other personal issues are not factored.


Assignment Factors:


Commander (CG PSC-EPM-2) considers these factors when selecting members for transfer:


(1) Service need                                 (8) Previous assignment history

(2) Assignment priority ***                (9) Advancement status/leadership potential

(3) CO/LCPO recommendation          (10) Service remaining in original enlistment

(4) Performance history                     (11) Qualifications     

(5) Member's desires                         (12) Approved retirement date

(6) Time at present unit                      (13) Willingness to obligate service

(7) Time in present geographic area (14) Physical condition.


***Members who have completed full tours normally receive preference in their next assignment based on their assignment priority*** Refer to COMDTINST M1000.8A chapter 1.B.4 for more information on assignment priority.


AIRSTA Atlantic City & HITRON are Priority 3 for E6 and below deployment crews.


AIRSTA Kodiak is Priority 3


All Aviation STAN Teams and other OCONUS units are a Priority 4.



Special Needs:


Enrollment into the Special Needs Program is mandatory and could have an impact on your assignment. If you think there is a condition that would qualify for Special Needs, please talk with your command representative or Worklife Office to get more information


*IMPORTANT*: If enrollment into Special Needs occurs after orders have been issued, you may be required to report to your next duty assignment unaccompanied.

Please continue to monitor our web and/or portal pages for update information throughout the assignment year.




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