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Government Travel Charge Card Program

Traveler Information:

Required Travel Management Center (TMC) Use
How do I make travel Reservations?
TMC CWTSato Contract Terms
What are the TMC Contract Rates for CWTSato?
Scheduling Travel in Advance
PCS Travel Considerations
Traveling on DOD or OGA Orders?
Leisure Travel in Conjunction with Official Orders
City Pair Program (CPP) 48-Hour Auto Cancellation
AMTRAK Refund Policy Change
AMHS Reservation Policy Change ** NEW JAN 2016
Fly America Act and Open Skies Agreements
TSA Pre✓™ Program
Rental Vehicle FAQ

Required Travel Management Center (TMC) Use:  All official travel (e.g. airline, bus, ship, Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS), rental vehicle) must be arranged through a Government Contracted TMC in accordance with the JFTR/FTR, even if a non-contract fare is being purchased.  The contracted TMC for the Coast Guard is CWTSato. 

ALERT FOR ALL TRAVELERS TRYING TO BOOK RESERVATIONS ONLINE – The On-Line Booking Tool (GETTHERE) is down due to the CG standard image not being able to have TLS v1.2 enabled which is require as mandated by the Payment Card Industry and in support of industry best practices for secure web sites.  This is a CG issue and not a SATO problem.  UPDATE 21JAN16 - If GETTHERE is not working and the website fails to load, check to see if Internet Explorer 11 or later is installed on your CG workstation.  If Internet Explorer11 is not installed see the below:

The following is published on the IT CCB Home Page under Latest News: An Internet Explorer 11 SCCM package was advertised on 12JAN2016.  If your computer has not yet updated, please follow these steps, in order:

Step 1:  Open the Software Center (click Yes to the Microsoft Office Outlook Security Notice) to see if an advertisement for Internet Explorer 11 is on the Available Software page.  If not, go to Step 2.  Otherwise, highlight the advertisement and click the Install button that appears at the lower right of the page.  Download and/or installation should proceed and complete.  If it fails, try once more.  If it fails again, go to

Step 2:  Submit a CGFixIT ticket citing IE 11s failure to install.  Include your computer name and request confirmation of the integrity of your SCCM 2012 Client installation and configuration, and explain what your experience was with the Software Center. You can refer to ITOC Alert 001-16 as your justification instead of submitting an IT CCB request.

How do I make travel Reservations? 

Full Service:  Both TDY and PCS travel support can be reached 24x7 by calling the CWTSato San Antonio Service Center at 1-800-753-7286

a.  Personnel stationed in PATFORSWA/BAHRAIN may continue to use Alshamel Travel for OCONUS TDY travel requirements by calling 011-973-1785-6654.
b.  Personnel stationed in Europe may continue to use the CWTSato Schinnen, Netherlands office for OCONUS TDY travel requirements by calling 011-0031-46443-4373.
c.  Personnel stationed at the Coast Guard Academy may continue to use Rodgers Travel for their TDY travel requirements. 
d.  Personnel who are physically stationed within the geographic boundaries of CGD11 and CGD13 may use Century Travel 877-372-4640 for their TDY travel requirements. 

(1) Tickets Charged to TONO - For reservations being charged to the Travel Order, please ensure they
include authorization to use the Centrally Billed Account (CBA) within mode of travel or remarks section (i.e. Gov’t Procured Transportation Tickets (GTA), Gov’t Transportation Request (GTR), Government Air, Govt. Conveyance, Government Procured Transportation, or CBA use is authorized) and that you fax the orders to CWTSato at 866-914-7386 or e-mail them to USCG@CWTSATOTRAVEL.COM.

(2) Remote Alaska Travel -
CG Personnel who will be traveling to remote locations within AK or with complicated intra-AK travel requirements, may call SATO at 1-800-753-7286 and immediately ask the agent to connect them with the special services desk for assistance in obtaining full service support for lodging, rental and transportation assistance. 

Self-Service:  In addition to the full service options above,
TDY travel can be arranged using CWTSato’s on-line booking tool, GetThere, at a savings of over 50 percent of the transaction fee based on the new contract rates.  Access to and registration for credentials for the GetThere application can be found on our website at:  For navigational help with GetThere, please call the CWTSatoTravel Help Desk at 877-905-9647 or email them at govechelp(AT)

Group-Travel:  Groups of 10 or more passengers traveling together on the same day, on the same flight, and for the same mission requiring group integrity are defined as Group Travelers.  Groups require special handling by the TMC (i.e. SATO) in order to choose the carrier that best meets their travel needs.  Groups of 10 or more passengers will be booked through the carrier’s group booking procedures and follow that carrier's commercial group reservation, ticketing, and cancellation policies.  If you need to make airline travel arrangements for 10 or more members, SATO will need a Group Travel Worksheet prepared, password protected, and e-mailed to to start the process. 


(1) The Travel Card Program can provide assistance by populating this form.  Units requesting assistance should have their Travel Manager forward a list of the traveler's EMPLID, last name, and gender to  Once we receive this information, we will provide the Travel Manager with a pre-populated template and full instructions for completing this process.

(2) Group Bus Services - Group travel via contracted bus service is required to be procured through the SATO contract and not using other procurement methods.  The requestor needs to complete a Procurement Request and once received the contracting office should relay the requirements (dates, times, number of passengers, etc. to the Special Service Desk (SSD) via e-mail to  The SSD will provide the competitive quote to the contracting office for completion of a Purchase Order or Purchase Card transaction, depending on the vendors requirements. 

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TMC CWTSato Contract Terms - The complete Statement of Work for the current contract with CWTSato is available at:  CWTSato-Statement of WorkNote - The current SATO contract has been extended through 1 Feb 2016.  All current rates and terms remain the same. 

What are the TMC Contract Rates for CWTSato?  The complete list of contract rates that apply to all CWTSato and their subcontractors are available at:  CWTSato Contract RatesNote - The current SATO contract has been extended through 1 Feb 2016.  All current rates and terms remain the same. 

Scheduling Travel in Advance: Do you know that depending on the type of ticket purchased, ticketing and therefore payment may be required immediately upon making the reservation?  This is not the case with city-pair contract fares (-YCA and –CA fares) which is one of the advantages of these fares.  But, if the cardholder is required to book a non-city pair fare which requires advance ticketing, we recommend the traveler seek a travel advance through the routine processes if the travel and reimbursement will not be completed within the same billing cycle as the airfare charge.  This advance, applied to the GTCC account, will prevent any late payments which could result in disciplinary action.    

PCS Travel Considerations

a.  Both the JFTR (U2515) and the TMC/SATO contract prohibit a CBA or GTR/GTA ticket from being issued for leisure travel in conjunction with official travel.  This is true even for PCS moves.  A GTR for dependents can only be issued from PDS to PDS.  The only exception would be if the travel including pickup and driving of a shipped vehicle for OCONUS transfers. 

b.  Reminder that the traveler cannot use the Government Travel Card for the purchase of tickets if the PCS duration exceeds 15 days per COMDTINST 4600.14B. 

The travel card shall not be used for the family's tickets since it is not authorized for use for anyone other than the cardholder per COMDTINST 4600.14B.

Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) and Personally Procured Moves:  Movement of a trailer (boat, camper, u-haul) is not a reimbursable travel expense.  In addition, CG-1222 has made the determination that an RV/motor home would not be an authorized vehicle for ferry travel.  An RV is a motorized wheeled vehicle used for camping or other recreational activities, and is not used primarily for personal transportation.  This same logic applies to large U-haul type moving trucks since they are primarily used for transporting property and not personal transportation.  Therefore, transportation costs of these items on the AMHS are not authorized to be charged to the Centrally Billed Account (CBA) or the member’s Individually Billed Account (IBA).  These would be considered part of a Do It Yourself (DITY) move and reimbursable under a separate process.  Travelers should ticket these items separate from their authorized POV, pay for them using personal funds and then seek reimbursement. 

Traveling on DOD or OGA Orders?  If a CG member is issued a set of temporary duty DOD orders with a DOD TONO and line of accounting there are several specific issues that the AO and the traveler need to be aware of to avoid problems.  Click here for more information.   

Leisure Travel in Conjunction with Official Orders.  Planning to combine some leisure travel with your official trip, please review our Leisure In Conjunction With Official (LICWO) Travel – FAQ Sheet prior to making any reservations.   

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City Pair Program (CPP) 48-Hour Auto Cancellation.  As part of the FY13 GSA City Pair contract airlines may cancel any reservation not ticketed within 48-hours of the scheduled departure.  Click here for the GSA FAQ Sheet on the 48-Hour Auto Cancellation.  A GSA developed 48-Hour Auto Cancellation Briefing is also available to further explain this change.  Lastly, travelers can also review the current Airline Cancellation Matrix provided by GSA. 

To mitigate issues for Coast Guard Travelers, the current contract with CWT SATO has been modified to change the required ticketing from three (3) to five (5) business days in advance of the scheduled departure. 

To avoid ticketing problems and potential cancellation of the reservation, travelers must ensure that their travel card is not expired, has been activated and has the credit limit set high enough to cover the ticket cost.  Your local Travel Manager can assist you with adjusting your credit limit. 

Travelers who will be using the centrally billed account (i.e. GTR or charged to TONO travel) need to ensure the orders specifically state that "Use of the Centrally Billed Account is authorized" prior to faxing them to CWT SATO.  In addition, the orders must be faxed to CWT SATO immediately after making a reservation to ensure timely ticketing. 

AMTRAK Refund Policy Change.  Effective 12 Aug 12, AMTRAK changed their refund policy.  Click here for complete details.   

AMHS Reservation Policy Change.  Effective 1 Oct 2015, the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) ferry system changed their reservation policy and added non-refundable cancelation fees. 

Per the AMHS letter to the CGD17 Commander on 21 Dec 2015  an exception for military members seeking to make reservations for official Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders was provided. 

Reservations without signed PCS Orders (more than 60 days ahead of travel) - Member's who are PCSing into or out of AK and desire to use the AMHS should call the AMHS Juneau Reservations Central Office at 1-800-642-0066 in order to complete the reservation. AMHS will hold the desired reservation until 60 days prior to the sailing date without payment. At 60 days before the sailing date, unless other arrangements are made by the military member, unpaid reservations will be automatically canceled to allow AMHS to sell that space in an effort to improve our capacity utilization.  Travelers should fax the travel orders to SATO with the AMHS Itinerary number noted as soon as they are available and then wait 30 to 60 minutes before calling SATO to finalize their AMHS reservations/booking. It is critical that this be done more than 60 days prior to the sailing date to avoid cancelation of the reservation.  If there is anything on the  itinerary that is not authorized on the travel orders  (pet, trailer, etc.), the member must call AMH after completing the transaction with SATO on the same day  to make the rest of the payment on a personal credit card.

Reservations with signed PCS Orders  - If travel is within 60 days or if you have not made reservations prior to receiving your signed PCS orders, the following process should be used.  AMHS advised that payment needs to be made the same day the reservation is made. Therefore, USCG travelers should not contact AMHS directly for reservations.  Travelers should fax the travel orders to SATO and then wait 30 to 60 minutes before calling SATO to make their AMHS reservations/booking.   Travel orders will no longer require the AMHS itinerary numbers be listed. 

Cancellation Penalties.  Cancellation penalties now apply to all reservations (USCG is no longer excluded):  
     *     Within 24 hours of booking – No penalty
     *     Greater than 30 days from sailing – 5% penalty
     *     15 – 30 days from sailing – 10% penalty
     *     7 – 14 days from sailing – 20% penalty
     *     1 – 6 days from sailing – 30% penalty
     *     Within 24 hours of sailing or a no show – 40% penalty  

Change Fees.  Reservation Change fees are applicable only if the itinerary decreases in value. Fees are applicable as follows:  
     *     Within 24 hours of booking – No fee
     *     Greater than 30 days from sailing – 5% fee on decrease in value
     *     15 – 30 days from sailing – 10% fee on decrease in value
     *     7 – 14 days from sailing – 20% fee on decrease in value
     *     1 – 6 days from sailing – 30% fee on decrease in value
     *     Within 24 hours from sailing – 40% fee on decrease in value

Fly America Act and Open Skies Agreements.  Active duty members of the USCG traveling OCONUS will follow the (JFTR) Fly America Act provisions only.  As such, SATO should book these travelers on US Flag carriers using any routings that allows SATO to get the traveler to their destination.  If a US Flag carrier is not available or does not meet the member’s mission requirements, the traveler is required to obtain approval of an exemption on their orders per U3525 of the JFTR and the orders authorizing the exemption must be supplied to SATO before that ticket could be issued.

For civilian members of the USCG following the FTR, Open Skies apply.  SATO can route these members on the most logical routings to get their OCONUS destination, using American carriers where they can.  However if there is not an American carrier in the market or the routing is not logical and does not meet mission requirements, Open Skies apply and no waiver is necessary to book the foreign flag provided they are covered by an existing Open Skies Agreement.  

TSA Pre-Check ™ Program.  TSA Pre is a voluntary, expedited security screening process that allows participants to keep on their shoes, belt, and light jacket, and leave laptops and 3-1-1 compliant liquids in their carry-on bags.  Please click here for complete details on the program, availability, and actions required for participation.  You can also check out the TSA FAQ on the program at

Rental Vehicle FAQ.  Want to know how to rent a vehicle for official travel, why you should use SATO and your Government Travel Charge Card, and what to do if you are in an accident.  Check out the Rental Vehicle FAQ sheet. 

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