Security Levels

Personnel Service Division (de)

Contact Information

Commander Personnel Service Center

Personnel Service Center
U.S. Coast Guard Stop 7200
4200 Wilson Blvd., Ste 1100
Arlington, VA   20598-7200


(703) 872-6623


Please be advised that PSC PSD (de) will be moving to the

new CG HQ facility in the near future.

Unfortunately we do not have a exact timeline

at this time so please check back to this page for

updated contact information if you have

trouble reaching the Disability Staff.


Thank you for your patience during this move.


Branch Chief:
CDR Derrick Masters
(703) 872-6624

Assistant Branch Chief:
LCDR Harold Price
(703) 872-6628

 Medical Admin Officer:
CWO Mike Ford
(703) 872-6625

Admin Officer:
CWO Mary Gandy
(703) 872-6645

TDRL Coordinator:
Ms Melissa Baker
(703) 872-6641

PDES and CRSC Coordinator:
HS1 Vinkel Valentin
(703) 872-6631

IPEB Coordinator:
YN3 Edonoski Whitlock II
(703) 872-6633

FPEB Coordinator:
YN3 Kyle Jankay
(703) 872-6626

This position in temporarily vacant
Please contact YN2 Tais Dominguez for any inquiries
(703) 872-6626

INFOVIEW (Previously Law Manager)
Technical support
HS1 Vinkel Valentin

Last Modified 1/12/2016