The Coast Guard Journal of Safety & Security at Sea: Proceedings of the Marine Safety & Security Council

Digital Edition

Proceedings Spring 2014

Volume 71, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Legal Issues

Understanding Maritime Borders
Sovereign rights at international borders
by LCDR Aaron Casavant
Not in My Port
U.S. District Court upholds captain of the port authority
by LCDR Mimi Moon and Mr. Benjamin Driscoll

Plans, Partnerships, Policies

With a Little Help From Our Friends
How social capital enabled security amid recovery
by Tiffany C. Smythe, Ph.D.
Border Security Tools
Managing risk at our maritime borders
by LT Michelle Keating, Mr. Philip Howard and Mr. Cameron Arimoto
Plying Dangerous Waters
Maritime security in a changed world
by Mr. Lou Orsini
Fishing Enforcement
Not so sexy, but necessary
by CAPT Robert Hendrickson
In the Spirit of Cooperation
The North Pacific Coast Guard Forum
by Mr. Michael Argüelles
Border Security Versus Shore Leave
Mariner, industry, and government viewpoints
by CDR Rob Smith, Mr. Joseph Keefe and Father Sinclair Oubre
The National Cargo Bureau
Partnering to achieve maritime domain awareness
by Mr. Ian Lennard

Boarder Security and the Environment

Transboundary Pollution Response
Managing threats that respect no boundaries
by CAPT John Slaughter and LCDR Callie DeWeese

Border Operations

Securing the Port
Managing port security on the Mexican border
by LCDR Erich Stein
An innovative solution to a bi-national problem
by CAPT Bill Travis
Just Add Water
A recipe for border security
by Major John C. Fetterman and Mr. Mark DuPont
A Rishing Tide Lifts All Boats
The international approach to U.S. border security
by Mr. L. Stephen Cox
Shared Awareness, Seamless Operations, Synchronized Priorities
Managing a maritime border with Canada
by LCDR Matt White, CDR Dave Beck and Mr. Lorne Thomas

The Future of Border Security

Cyber Security
The boundary without borders
by CDR Ulysses Mullins
A World Without Borders
Is it obtainable?
by Mr. Michael P. Smith

Lessons Learned

Collision on the Mississippi
Improperly licensed master steers towing vessel into tank ship's path
by Sarah K. Webster

On Deck

Assistant Commandant's Perspective
By Rear Admiral Joseph A. Servidio and Rear Admiral Peter J. Brown
Champion’s Point of View
By CAPT Andrew Tucci
Chemical of the Quarter: Titanium Dioxide
by Ms. Roshanak Aryan-Nejad
Nautical Queries
Upcoming Events
Upcoming in Proceedings
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