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Proceedings Magazine
Vol 72 No 2 Cover
Digital Edition

Proceedings Fall 2015

Volume 72, Number 3

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Table of Contents

New Energy and Its Maritime Impacts

The Energy Renaissance:
New U.S. energy reserves create a new oil and gas paradigm
by Mr. Rick Elliott
The Global Gas Revolution:
America's Energy Renaissance is a game-changer.
by LCDR Anthony Hillenbrand
The New Crudes:
From Bakken to bitumen.
by Ms. Deniese Palmer-Huggins and Dr. Michelle Michot Foss
Energy Renaissance Waterway Impact:
Managing the nation's waterways as demand increases.
by LCDR Jamie Bigbe
Mitigating Risk:
America's Energy Renaissance and maritime security.
by LCDR John Egan and Mr. Alan Peek

Liquefied Gas Production, Transportation, and Use

Liquefied Natural Gas Terminals:
Review and approval process.
by Mr. Terry L Turpin, P.E.
U.S. Coast Guard and MARAD Efforts:.
by Mr. Curtis Borland
Liquefying Natural Gas:
Liquefaction uses and advantages.
by Ms. Jennifer Seitter and Mr. Javid Talib
Accessing Landlocked Natural Gas Reserves:
Floating LNG solutions.
by Capt. Stanley Wendelewski
Liquefied Gas Carriers:
Trends, routes, and inspections.
by Mr. Micahel Davison and LT Dallas Smith
Containment Systems:
LNG cargo containment systems are designed for safety..
by Mr. Aziz Bamik
The Subchapter O Endorsement:
For foreign liquefied gas carriers.
by LT Rachel Beckmann
Shifting the Rudder?:
Charting LNG export on U.S.-flagged LNG carriers.
by LCDR Corydon F. Heard IV
Liquefied Gas Barges:
Bunker and cargo considerations.
by LT Christina Nelson and Mr. Roy Bleiberg
Safe Transport:
LNG shipping history.
by Mr. Andrew Clifton
LNG as Fuel:
Projects and new design/operating standards.
by Mr. Timothy E. Meyers, P.E., and Mr. Scott V. LaBurn
A Sea Change:
A bright future for gas-fueled shipping.
by Mr. Mark Bell

Adapting to New Crude

Environmental Response in a New Crude Landscape:
Responding to oil sand product spills.
by Mr. Kurt Hansen and LT Sara Booth
New Crude Tests Regulatory Flexibility:
Bakken crude oil transport challenges.
by LT Andrew Murphy
Arctic Resources:
The lure of energy resources in the frontier.
by LT Stephen P. Fainer
Crude Transport:
Coast Guard connectivity to the oil and gas supply chain.
by LT Brandon Aten

Planning for the Renaissance

Prevention, Preparedness, Response:
The U.S. Coast Guard readies for America's Energy Renaissance.
by LCDR Mike Struthers
Training the USCG for the Energy Renaissance:
Marine inspector qualification and training.
by CDR Jim Rocco, Mr. Rob Hanley, and Mr. Mark J. Gandolfo
Mariner Training:
Alternative fuel competency.
by Mr. Davis J. Breyer and Ms. Margaret Doyle

On Deck

Assistant Commandant's Perspective
by Rear Admiral Paul F. Thomas
Champion’s Point of View
by CDR Jason Smith
Upcoming in Proceedings
Chemical of the Quarter:
Understanding Unslaked Lime
by Mr. Tom Gleave
Nautical Queries
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