New! -- How to use T-PAX, the Coast Guard Finance Center's and PPC's web sites to check the status of your travel claim or audit request and retrieve a copy of your Travel Voucher Summary (TVS). Select a file format (slide show or printout) from the links below:

Note:  Please see the Audit FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) topic for more information on T-PAX travel claim audit policies and procedures.


R 271442Z JUL 06 ZUI ASN-A13208000007


TO AIG 11939


UNCLAS //N05000//


Subj: TPAX TDY Travel Claim Audit Requests and Reports


1. To assist travelers and commands in tracking the status of audit requests, PPC and FINCEN have reports on the web (see below). PPC audits all travel claims exceeding $2500 and a random sample of claims below $2500. Recently, PPC sent out approximately 10,000 TPAX audit requests for claims with settlement dates of 16 Dec 05 to 30 Jun 06, so travelers may receive several requests for audit in a short period.


2. The most recent audit request reports can be accessed the first week of each month via the PPC Travel web page at (Unit Travel Claim Audit Reports).  Enter the unit 7 digit OPFAC in the search box to find the link to your unit page, which contains 5 reports: 1st requests; 2nd requests; 3rd requests; suspended requests; and requests being recouped. Another report listing audit requests that have been returned to the traveler for further information will be available soon and units will have the ability to print these reports and view historical reports.


3. Travelers can view claim status/travel voucher summaries by going to the FINCEN website


4. Travelers can also view audit request status by going to the FINCEN website This shows the following information on a requested audit: claim number, TONO, travel dates, dates of requests, date received at PPC, date suspended, suspension end date, date cancelled, date returned to the traveler for further documentation, and date when the audit was completed.


5. When submitting audit packages to PPC, travelers should attach a copy of the audit request sheet to the top of their audit package. If unable to attach a copy of the original audit request, travelers may attach a copy of the unit report with their request highlighted or a copy of the audit request status with the correct request highlighted.


6. Travelers must have a valid/current email address in TPAX and DA so they can receive timely notification of audit requests. The current transfer season as well as email migrations throughout the Coast Guard have resulted in many email address changes. All personnel are strongly encouraged to update/validate their email addresses.






To learn how to view and change your email address in DA go to:


To learn how to view and change your email address in T-PAX go to:


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