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Coast Guard Servicing Personnel Office (SPO)
Direct Access Global Payroll User Guides

Ref:  (a)  Coast Guard Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) Manual, PPCINST M5231.3 (series)

Reference (a) is obsolete due to the implementation of Direct Access Global Payroll for Active Duty and Reserve Competent Members on 05 January 2015.

Here is the link to the old manual for references purposes only.

The user guides linked on this web page establish procedures for Servicing Personnel Offices (SPOs):

Part I - Overview

The contents of this section are incorporated into the Personnel and Pay Procedures Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) Publication. See:

Part II - Pay Entitlements

SPO Global Pay Deductions

Topic Knowledge
Base Entry
Guide (PDF)
Allotments/Voluntary Deductions 12/16/2014 02/12/2015
Discount Meal Rate (DMR) 01/13/2015

Start 12/11/2014
Correct, Delete, or Stop 12/20/2014

Federal Tax Withholding 12/18/2014 12/12/2014
State Tax Withholding 02/24/2015 02/24/2015
Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (SGLI) 9/25/2014 9/25/2014
SGLI Family 9/25/2014 9/25/2014


SPO Global Pay Earnings

Topic Knowledge
Base Entry
Guide (PDF)
Advances ( Pay, BAH, or OHA) 12/172014 12/17/2014
Advances - Change Liquidation Schedule 12/172014 01/07/2015
Aviation Career Incentive Pay (ACIP) 8/13/2014 12/19/2014

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Overview
BAH Without Dependents
BAH With Dependents
BAH Member-Married-to-Member
BAH Members in PCS Transit (Updated 01/13/2015)
BAH for Reserve Members (Updated 01/08/2015)
BAH Differential
BAH Partial
BAH Inadequate Quarters Rental Charge
BAH Codes


Start BAH 01/29/2015
Stop BAH 01/22/2015
Approve BAH 10/16/2014
Delete BAH 10/22/2014

Enter BAH-TR for Recruit
training, OCS and Academy
Grads 01/13/2015

Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) (starts automatically) 01/13/2015 N/A

Career Sea Pay (CSP) (Now starts automatically upon PCS reporting. However a manual start guide is provided for retroactive starts).

SPO also enters stops/restarts for member TDY >30 days.


Stop CSP 11/25/2014

Restarting CSP after TDY 02/06/2015

Manual Start CSP 02/06/2015

Career Sea Pay for TDY (from ashore to CSP eligible unit) 12/20/2014 12/20/2014
Career Sea Pay Premium (CSPP) 8/23/2014

Start CSPP 8/23/2014
Stop CSPP 12/03/2014
Correct CSPP 12/20/2014

Clothing Allowance - Civilian (CCA) 10/01/2014 Processing CCA 01/05/2015
Clothing Allowance - Supplementary (SUPP CMA) 10/01/2014 Processing SUPP CMA 01/05/2015
Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) - Continental US (CONUS COLA) 10/30/2014 Start CONUS
COLA 10/22/2014
Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) - Overseas (OUTCONUS COLA) 10/30/2014

COLA 01/22/2015

COLA 11/25/2014

Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) - Unique Expenses 02/02/2015 N/A Input by PPC
Combat SGLI Allowance (Now started as an SGLI Election. Use Benefit Plan "SGLI9"). 01/08/2015 9/25/2014
Combat Tax Exclusion 01/08/2015

Start, Stop, Delete 01/08/2015
Correct 12/20/2014

Direct Deposit (Establish or Change) 02/12/2015 02/12/2015
Discount Meal Rate (DMR) Refund 12/19/2014 Enter DMRR 12/11/2014
Diving Duty Pay 01/14/2015

Start 01/12/2015
Correct, Delete, or Stop 12/20/2014

Family Separation Allowance (FSA):

Start FSA 01/05/2015
Correct, Delete, or Stop 12/20/2014

Family Separation Housing Allowance (FSH) 01/05/2015 Start 12/22/2014
Flight Deck Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay (FDHDIP) 01/08/2015

Start 01/08/2015
Correct, Delete, or Stop 12/20/2014

Foreign Language Proficiency Pay (FLPP) 01/21/2015

Start 02/03/2015
Correct, Delete, or Stop 12/20/2014

Hardship Duty Location Pay for Designated Areas (HDP-L(DA)) 01/16/2015

Start 01/16/2015
Correct, Delete, or Stop 12/20/2014

Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay (Crew and Non Crew Flight Pay) 01/08/2015

Start 01/08/2015
Correct, Delete, or Stop 12/20/2014

Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay for Visit, Board, Search and Seizure Boarding Teams (HDIP-VBSS) 01/08/2015

Start 01/08/2015
Correct, Delete, or Stop 12/20/2014

Hostile Fire / Imminent Danger Pay 01/15/2015

Start 01/15/2015
Correct, Delete, or Stop 12/20/2014

Move In Housing Allowance 12/23/2014 Start 12/22/2014
Officer Uniform Allowance 01/15/2015 01/15/2015
Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) 12/22/2014 Start 12/22/2014
Personal Money Allowance (PMA) (Now starts automatically upon PCS reporting) 01/15/2015 01/15/2015
Responsibility Pay (Now starts automatically upon PCS reporting)


Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) 10/24/2014

Start 12/20/2014
Correct, Delete, or Stop 12/20/2014

Viewing Pay Processing Shortcuts 01/28/2015 01/28/2015


Also see:


Part III - General Transactions

SPO Person Profile

Note: Except for the addition of Member Weigh-In data, the Person Profile is not changing in connection with the Global Payroll implementation.

Topic Knowledge Base Entry Procedure Guide (PDF)
Competencies 12/05/2014 09/19/2013
Awards 12/05/2014 06/09/2011
Education 12/05/2014 09/19/2013
Languages 01/21/2015 09/19/2013
Licenses and Certifications 12/05/2014 09/19/2013
Memberships 12/05/2014 09/19/2013
Test Results 12/05/2014 Included in KB Entry
Training 12/05/2014 Included in KB Entry
Training Multiple 12/05/2014 Included in KB Entry
Member Weigh-In Data 12/16/2014 12/16/2014

SPO Personal Data and Dependency Data

Topic Knowledge Base Entry Procedure Guide (PDF)
Address (Home, Mailing & Home or Record) 02/19/2015 02/19/2015
Change of Name 01/13/2015 01/06/2015
Correction of SSN or Date of Birth 01/13/2015 01/06/2015
Citizenship / Passport Data 01/13/2015 01/06/2015
Diversity Data 01/13/2015 01/06/2015
E-Mail Address 12/17/2014 01/06/2015
Marital Status 01/13/2015 01/06/2015
Dependent Information 01/21/2015 01/21/2015
Divorce, Annulment or Death of a Dependent
01/21/2015 01/21/2015
Questionable Dependent / PPC Legal Approval 01/21/2015 01/21/2015
BAH/Dependency Data Form Print Procedure* 01/25/2015 01/25/2015
Urinalysis Report 01/15/2015 01/15/2015

(*) BAH Dependency Data Form - Delayed Processing - Changes you make in Personal Information/Dependent Information WILL NOT IMMEDIATELY APPEAR ON THE BAH DEPENDENCY DATA FORM. The form relies on an update process that runs daily at 0500 (EST) to pull data from for the form. Wait until after 0500 (EST) or until the next day before attempting to print the form.

SPO Enlisted Employee Review (EERS)
Note: EERS procedures are not changing in connection with the Global Payroll implementation.

Topic Knowledge Base Entry Procedure Guide (PDF)
Enlisted Employee Review 12/05/2014 Included in KB Entry
Printing the Member Counseling Report 12/05/2014 Included in KB Entry
Changing the Advancement Recommendation 12/05/2014 Included in KB Entry
Employee Review Summary 12/05/2014 Included in KB Entry

SPO Advancements

Topic Knowledge Base Entry Procedure Guide (PDF)
Advancement 01/07/2015 01/05/2014
Adding a Designator 01/07/2015 01/05/2014

SPO Disciplinary Actions

Note: Legacy Direct Access 8.0 Application. No procedural change for SPOs at this time.

Topic Knowledge Base Entry Procedure Guide (PDF)
Disciplinary Actions 02/10/2015 06/13/2013

SPO Absences

Topic Knowledge Base Entry Procedure Guide (PDF)
Leave and Other Approved Absences 01/08/2015

Absence Request User Guide

How Correct or Delete Approved Absence Requests

General Absences

Note: Legacy Direct Access 8.0 Application. No procedural change for SPOs at this time

02/10/2015 General Absences 02/10/2015


Part IV - PCS Transfer

SPO Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

Topic Knowledge
Base Entry
Guide (PDF)
Airport Terminal 10/26/2014 01/26/2015
PCS Orders 01/06/2015 02/12/2015
Approving PCS Orders TBD 08/08/2014
PCS Entitlements Auto Start-Stop TBD 01/20/2015
PCS Orders-Depart TBD 08/08/2014
PCS Orders-Report TBD 01/06/2015
PCS Orders with Unplanned TDY
(Procedures are in the PCS reporting guide)
TBD 12/04/2014

Part V - Reenlistments and Extensions

SPO Reenlistments and Extensions

Topic Knowledge
Base Entry
Guide (PDF)
Contract Data - Reenlistments 01/12/2015 02/20/2014
Contract Data - Extensions 12/10/2014 01/13/2014
Contract Data - Re-Extensions 12/10/2014 01/13/2014
Begin Extension/Re-Extension Reports 12/10/2014 12/10/2014
Begin Extension of Enlistment 12/10/2014 12/10/2014
Begin Re-Extension of Enlistment 12/10/2014 12/10/2014
Retained Beyond Normal Expiration of Enlistment 12/11/2014 12/10/2014
Active Duty 6th or 10th Anniversary Query 12/11/2014 12/10/2014
Cancel Extension/Re-Extension 12/11/2014 12/10/2014

Part VI - Separations

SPO Separations Transactions

Topic Knowledge
Base Entry
Guide (PDF)
Airport Terminal & Viewing Separation Orders 10/26/2014 01/26/2015
Amending a Separation Order 12/12/2014 08/08/2014
Approving Separation Orders 12/12/2014 09/19/2014
Cancelling a Separation Order 12/12/2014 08/08/2014
Death of a Member 12/12/2014 09/19/2014
Discharge - End of Enlistment 01/14/2015 11/24/2014
Discharge Guiding Principles and Process 12/12/2014 09/19/2014
Discharge with Separation Request 01/14/2015 11/24/2014
RELAD - AD to SELRES or IRR 01/14/2015 02/25/2015
RELAD Guiding Principles and Process 12/12/2014 09/19/2014
RELAD with Sep Request - AD Officers and Members on EAD 01/14/2015 11/24/2014
Resuming Retirement for a Recalled Retired (Ret-1) Member N/A 09/19/2014
Retirement Orders 01/14/2015 11/24//2014
Separation Reports 12/12/2014 08/28/2014
Separations Flow to the DD214 12/12/2014 11/06/2014

Part VII- Reserve Unique Transactions

SPO Reserve Specific Transactions

Topic Knowledge
Base Entry
Guide (PDF)
Annual Screening Questionnaire 02/10/2015 08/08/2014
MGIB-SR 12/17/2014 08/08/2014
Reserve Member Balances 02/10/2015 08/08/2014
Reserve Orders 02/10/2015 01/07/2015
Reserve Orders SPO Approval 02/10/2015 01/07/2015
Reserve Status Change 02/10/2015 08/08/2014
Inactive Duty for Training (IDT) Subsistence Allowance 02/26/2015 02/26/2015
Schedule Drills* 02/10/2015 02/26/2015
Schedule Multiple Drills* 02/10/2015 02/26/2015

SPO - Amend Reserve Active Duty Orders

02/10/2015 02/06/2015

(*) IDT drills changed to use SPO tree for pay approval.

Part VIII - Accessions

SPO Accessions

Topic Knowledge
Base Entry
Guide (PDF)
HIRE - CADET 12/18/2014 08/06/2014
HIRE - MARGRAD 12/18/2014 08/06/2014
HIRE - OCS-IRR 12/18/2014 08/06/2014
HIRE - ROCI 12/18/2014 08/06/2014
HIRE CM RECRUIT 12/18/2014 08/06/2014
HIRE SELRES DEPOT 12/18/2014 08/06/2014
HIRE-REHIRE - DCO 12/18/2014 08/06/2014
REHIRE - CADET 12/18/2014 08/06/2014
REHIRE PRIOR SERVICE 01/15/2015 02/20/2015
REHIRE-RESERVE 12/18/2014 02/19/2015

Part IX - Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS) Archive

Part X - Reports and Queries

Use the Correct Links to Access Your Worklist

With the implementation of the portal we are running two versions of PeopleSoft (8.0 & 9.1). Version 8.0 is no longer supported and we are in the process of migrating Coast Guard applications and data to version 9.1. The portal ties both of these versions together. However, there has been some confusion. Many users have contacted us about their worklist. They receive system generated e-mails informing them of a new entry on their worklist, but when they access the system the worklist is blank. This is because the application that generated the worklist entry is a version 8.0 application (Employee Review is an example of a version 8.0 application) but the user has accessed the version 9.1 worklist. Please be sure you are accessing the version 8.0 worklist by using the "Direct Access Worklist" link in the "Common Links" box, which appears just above the Enterprise Menu on the portal home page.

Best Practices, Issues, and Solutions

The following are tips, tricks, and general knowledge items for SPOs.


Do not use special characters (e.g.  ã, á, ñ, ú, Ñ, Ú, etc.). Direct Access is the data source for other information systems which cannot use special characters.

BAH-Transit Rate for Single Members Reporting From Accession Points and OHA Payable Areas

The Coast Guard Pay Manual, Figure 3-19 & Section 3.G.5, provides that BAH-Transit shall be paid to members without dependents in an enroute status when:

(a) the member's old permanent duty station is an OHA (versus BAH) eligible locale; or
(b) the member is a non-prior service member in the accession pipeline.

The Entering BAH-TR User Guide, contains the procedures for crediting BAH-Transit. The inclusive period of BAH-Transit eligibility is the date of departure PCS through the day prior to reporting PCS. For single members, it is the responsibility of the SPO for the member's new PDS (the Reporting SPO) to enter the transaction to record BAH-Transit.

BAH Transit Rate codes are:

  • U - Mbr in Transit - With deps or paying child support; Mbr & deps not assigned govt qtrs
  • V - Mbr in Transit - W/O deps or spouse in svc; no other deps and mbr not in govt qtrs

Do not use code "T" (With Deps; Based on child support; Mbr not assigned govt qtrs) or code "G" ( W/O dependents; Mbr not in govt qtrs) on transactions for BAH-Transit Rate.

BAH Dependency Data Form - Delayed Processing

Changes you make in Personal Information/Dependent Information WILL NOT IMMEDIATELY APPEAR ON THE BAH DEPENDENCY DATA FORM. The form relies on an update process that runs daily at 0500 (EST) to pull data from for the form. Wait until after 0500 (EST) or until the next day before attempting to print the form.

Contracts (Enlistment, Reenlistment, Extension, Re extension)

  • Edits while approval is pending: Once you submit a transaction for approval, you must not make changes to that transaction unless you first "withdraw" the approval request, or the auditor has "denied" the request.

  • This issue came up with contracts, where the approver receives an error when trying to approve a transaction that has been modified after routing ("Action Request is being Approved but corresponding contract record not found for update (30010,29). Please contact your system administrator."). However, it probably applies to everything else that is routed for approval. On contracts, you can check to see if a change has been made, after the initial submission date, by viewing the "Audit" tab. If you discover there has been a change, have the SPO Tech (who submitted the request) go into the contract and return anything that he or she changed back to the original value (the changes are listed on the audit tab), and save the page. This will unlock the action request and allow the SPO Auditor to deny it so it can be resubmitted with the corrections.

  • Commissioning Contracts: It has been reported that contracts for commissioned officers only accept whole years, not days, months, and years. This creates an issue for the SPO when completing a contract for an officer who will not be able to complete 30 years of commissioned service prior to their 60th birthday. Current procedures call for the contract termination date to be entered as "Date of 30 years commissioned service or the date of first day of the month following officer's 60th birthday whichever is first". To get around this limitation, enter the termination date as 30 years from the date of appointment AND notify PPC (ADV), via Customer Care Trouble Ticket, that the officer's Expected Active Duty Termination date and Expected Loss date need to be manually adjusted to reflect "the date of first day of the month following officer's 60th birthday".


  • Do not provide members with copies of their PCS orders for household shipment purposes until the orders have been approved and signed by an SPO Auditor, with PAO authorization. There have been reports of members attempting to schedule moves, even before important steps, like requesting overseas entry approval, have been completed.
  • When using the Airport Terminal to view orders you must use the "Own Unit" relationship type to see orders for personnel attached to the SPO department ID. Use "HRS" to see all units serviced by the SPO. "HRS" will not show orders for the SPO ID entered because of the way the relationships were implemented in DA Ver. 9.1.


  • Do not put leave to sell in the carry forward block. Direct Access will sell all available leave upon separation processing. There is no "leave to sell" block.
  • Approve separations as soon as complete and not later than two days prior to the SPO Data Entry / Approval cutoff for the pay period of the separation. You can approve separations right up to the SPO Data Entry / Approval cutoff, but two days prior is preferred. Do not approve separations during the "blackout" period between the SPO Data Entry / Approval cutoff and "Payroll finalized Date" unless requested to do so by PPC.


  • Block 27: The "Reentry Code" (RE code) is not applicable to officers or cadets. Leave this field blank for officers and cadets, it will show as "N/A" on the PDF output of the form.

  • Block 29: The Direct Access generated DD Form 214 leaves block 29, Dates of Time Lost During This Period" blank if nothing is entered. This is contrary to the guidance in COMDTINST M1900.4 (series), which states the word "NONE" should be entered in this block if the member doesn't have any lost time.

    This issue was communicated to Commandant (CG-1331), Military Policy and Standards Division. They have approved (via email between YNCM Seay (CG-1331) and Mr. Jim Ventucci (CG-631) dated Wednesday, January 21, 2015 10:28 AM ) a variance to the guidance to allow block 29 of the DD-214 to be left blank if the member doesn't have any lost time during the period covered by the form.


  • Transaction to Start Discount Meal Rate Deduction Being Overlooked

    When an enlisted member reports TDY or PCS to an Essential Unit Messing (EUM) or Essential Station Messing (ESM) unit, the SPO must start the Discount Meal Rate Deduction effective the day after reporting.

  • An issue has been reported with the Career Sea Pay Premium Payroll Action Request.

    Here is an update to the information we passed on 26 January about an issue with the Career Sea Pay Premium Payroll Action Request. Users are receiving an error that the member has ZERO sea time even though the sea time page reflected the proper time. The issue is limited to transactions with a start date prior to 1 December 2014. It is not a "defect". It is a result of the cutover to the new system. Direct Access was only populated with payroll data from 1 December 2014 forward. Many other transactions are able to accept effective dates prior to 1 December 2014. The CSPP Payroll Action Request is not one of them. Here is the workaround for this issue: `

    When starting Career Sea Pay Premium (CSPP) with an effective date prior to 1 December 2014, the SPO must enter 1 December 2014 as the effective date, save, and approve the transaction. Then, notify PPC (MAS), via Customer Care Trouble Ticket that the member is due CSPP from the actual effective date to 30 November 2014. PPC (MAS) will review the case and issue a payment via One Time Positive Input (OTPI) to credit the member with back pay.

    The Career Sea Pay Premium Start Date Calculator is available on our web site ( to help you determine the correct date to start CSPP.

  • Foreign Language Proficiency Pay (FLPP). FLPP is a payable entitlement that requires annual recertification and a new entitlement action request for each year.

    As of 30JAN2015, any FLPP entitlement that began 1FEB2014 or greater for which the member is entitled to receive the payment would need to be entered into DA/GP to ensure proper payment to the member. Follow the procedure in the Starting FLPP user guide. For a member who remains continuously eligible for FLPP, the begin date would be the day following the end date of the FLPP entitlement as shown in the Element Assignment by Payee page for the member.

    Please do not enter any back dated FLPP action requests in DA/GP for which the member already received payment as these transactions will produce an erroneous request for retroactive payments. This causes unnecessary work for PPC and delays processing of other active pay cases.

Reminder - JUMPS is the source of all payments for 2014 and prior. The December 2014 Pay Calendars in 9.1 do not reflect what members received in their December 2014 mid-month and end-month payments.

PPC runs updates each morning at 0415 CST. It is strongly recommended that you check the Pay Calculations Results (Pay Processing Pagelet) each day to ensure the transactions you completed the day prior processed correctly. Pay Calculations Results information is in the (Viewing Payroll Processing Shortcuts User Guide).

DO NOT DELETE ANY ROWS! DA 9.1 relies heavily on job data rows. MANY transactions create job data rows (advancements, promotions, transfers, pay changes, reserve orders, etc.). A transaction cannot be completed that would create a job data row prior to the most recent job data row in the system. Example - Everyone should have a Pay Rate Change Job Data Row which was created by a BAH transaction dated 1/1/15 (BAH Change: COLA/LPC). If you had someone report in on 12/30/14, it will not process correctly because the system will try to create a job data row prior to the job data row created on 1/1/15 by the BAH transaction. Do not delete the BAH data row dated on 1/1/15. This transaction was entered due to Legislative Pay Changes. If this transaction was deleted, you may have effected that member's BAH for 2015. If you have deleted any rows, submit a trouble ticket.

PDF Output

DO NOT edit DD-214's, contracts, or other forms outside of DA. Some forms, DD-214's being one of them, are sent to outside agencies. DA must reflect the one and only version of those forms.


READ THE GUIDES! We are getting numerous calls from folks that are not even opening the guides when trying to do transactions. Follow them step-by-step. Don't click, add, or delete anything unless the guides tell you to. You may inadvertently do more damage than good. Our procedure guides are continually being updated and created for those topics not already done. Be sure to use the most up-to-date guide by visiting the P&D web page (Guides are located on the "E - Learning" tab.



Flag Voice 447

February Pay in the Event of a Lapse in Appropriations.

February End-Month Payroll Processing Complete

"Payslips" for 27 February pay day posted. Report any discrepancies through the P&A Office (Admin) to the SPO. If SPOs cannot address or need assistance, the SPO will submit trouble ticket. Payslips can be accessed via the Self-Service "View" menu. Refer to this guide for an overview of the new payslip.

The End-Month February pay date is 27 February 2015. Paydays are the 1st (end of month (EOM)) and the 15th (End-Month) of each month, or the business day preceding the 1st or the 15th if either should fall on a federal holiday, Saturday or Sunday. Members should not set up automated payments or assume funds will be available prior to published paydays. Members should verify with their financial institutions as to the actual time funds are available to their account.

Direct Access Global Payroll Implementation


Procedural Updates

Basic Information for All Users

The Direct Access Global Pay Portal Navigation Guides and Demos launch page provides an overview of the Direct Access Portal interface and instructions for navigating the system.

The Change Email Address page provides the procedure for entering or updating your system e-mail address.

The Pay & Personnel Center Direct-Access and T-PAX Password Assistance page provides step-by-step procedures for setting up the forgotten password reset feature in Direct Access.

Tech Refresh User Guides

The Tech Refresh is series of technology refresh projects designed to facilitate the transition to the newer version of PeopleSoft software (Migrating from version 8.0-"Direct Access I" to version 9.1- "Direct Access II"). This transition will culminate with the implementation of PeopleSoft Global Payroll replacing the Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS).

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