First Time Log On


This section provides instructions for signing on to the system.


Follow these steps to sign into MyPortalDirect




Start Internet Explorer by clicking the IE Icon icon on your desktop or by choosing Internet Explorer from the programs section of the start menu.


Note:  Other web browsers may work but are not supported.


Enter the system's address (e. g. in the Address block and press enter or click the "Go" button on the tool bar.


Enter your User ID (User IDs are case sensitive).


Note: Your User ID will be your Employee ID number unless you have been assigned a different ID by Customer Care.


Enter your Password. Note: Your First Password will be: CG + last 4 of SSN + @ + birth year (for example, if the last 4 digits of your SSN are 1234 and you were born in 1956, your password is CG1234@1956).


Click the Sign in button button (Clicking the button with the mouse pointer seems to work better than pressing the enter key).


Your password will be set to expire on the first logon. Follow the How to Change Your Password procedure to setup your account.

Terminating Privileges

Access automatically terminates upon transfer or separation. There is no need to notify PPC Customer Care when a member is transferred or is separated:

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