BAH/Dependency Data Form Print Procedures


This section provides the procedure to print a BAH/Dependency/ form. Forms can be generated for individuals. A report, listing all the members at a unit and their BAH eligible family members is also available. See the Print Dependency Data By Unit topic for more information.


The BAH/Dependency data form lists a member's BAH eligible dependents and provides an area for the member to certify the accuracy of the information.


Sample page from report (click to view)

Before You Begin:

You need to have the employee ID number of the person you want to generate the BAH/Dependency Data Report form for available before you attempt to run this report. The employee ID number is a required field for this report. You cannot search for an employee ID number from within the report setup application.

Generate Individual BAH/Dependency Data Form Procedure:

Start PeopleSoft, sign in and follow these steps print a BAH/Dependency Data form>.




Select menu items in the following order:

Home > Administer Workforce > Administer Workforce (GBL) >Report > Generate CG4170A


Note:  You can also access this report from the Dependency and Emergency Data Activity Guide


The Run Control ID Entry Page will appear. Enter a run control ID or create a new one.

If you have used this process before, enter your initials in the Run Control ID block and click the Search button.

Cg Run Cg4170 Find Run Control ID Page











  • If this is the first time you have used this process, click the Add a New Value link.

Add a new value for run control ID

  1. Enter your initials in the Run Control ID block.

  2. Click the Add button.


The CG-4170 Run page will display.

CG-4170 Run Page

1. Enter the Employee ID of the member you want to generate a CG-4170A for in the EmplID field.


2. Click the Run button to begin processing.


The Process Scheduler Request page will display.

Just set the server name to PSUINIX and clik OK.

Change the *Type field to "Web Set the *Format field to "PDF".


Click OK to continue. You will be returned to the Process Scheduler Request page.

Click OK on the Process Scheduler Request page.


The Run CG-4170 page will display again. A "Process Instance" number will appear under the Process Monitor link and the Employee ID number will show in the EmplID field.

CG-4107A Run Page


Click the Process Monitor link. See Using Process Scheduler Web Option  for details on viewing, printing or saving the report.

Generate BAH Dependency Forms Department ID Procedure (click to view topic).

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