Change State Tax Information


This section provides information needed to change state tax information using PeopleSoft self-service.

State of Legal Residence

You cannot change your State of Legal Residence using this procedure. Complete
DD Form 2058 (CG)
and forward it to your SPO to change your State of Legal Residence.

State Income Tax Withholding

Every member, who is a resident of a state authorized to have state income tax withheld from military pay, is required to file the appropriate state tax withholding document when a pay account is initially opened. Once the tax withholding is started there are times when it may need to be changed.

The State Tax Listing lists states authorized to have state income tax withheld from military pay.

Exemption from State Income Tax Withholding:

If you are a resident of a state which exempts active duty pay from taxation and you meet the criteria for exemption (See State Tax Listing) then notify your SPO. Exemptions from SITW may only be entered by SPOs, members cannot enter an exemption using self-service.

Special Rules for Residents of Puerto Rico

See Federal and State Income Tax Withholding for Residents of Puerto Rico on Active Duty for special rules if you are a resident of Puerto Rico (PR)


Start PeopleSoft, sign in and follow these steps to change your state tax withholding.




Select the State Tax Information link in the Tasks column of the Self Service group box on the MyPortalDirect home page.


Or, select menu items in the following order: Main Menu> Self-Service > Employee > Tasks > State Tax Information


The State Tax Information page will display.

State Tax Information Page
Note:  Residents of Mississippi should first complete form 89-350-98-1, Mississippi Employee's Exemption Certificate available from:
to determine exemption amounts before completing their online tax withholding change.


Complete the State Tax Information section.

  • Enter the total number of allowances you are claiming. Enter 0 (zero) for none.

  • Enter the additional amount of state taxes you want withheld each month. The amount entered here will be in addition to the normal amount of taxes withheld based on your filing status. If none, leave blank.

  • Choose the marital status you want to claim for state tax withholding purposes. Your actual marital status is maintained on a separate record in the system.


Carefully review the data you have entered before submitting this transaction.  Be absolutely sure all that all the data is correct and that you have not made any typographical errors.  If you have any questions or concerns, cancel the transaction and ask for help.

Click the Submit button. The Verify Identity page will display.

Verify Identity Page



Click the Continue button. The Save Confirmation page will display. Click Yellow OK. You may now sign out of the system or choose another action from the menu.

Effective Date:

Your tax change will normally be effective the first day of the month following the month it is submitted. If your tax change is submitted on the first day of the month, it will be effective the same month. Examples:

Tax changes cannot be submitted retroactively. Tax withheld cannot be refunded by the Coast Guard. You will have to file an income tax return (State or Federal) in order to receive a refund of any taxes withheld in excess of taxes due.

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