Unit Roster



The Unit Roster, delivered via a report in CSV (MS Excel spreadsheet format), provides a listing of all personnel (including civilians and PHS Officers) and positions at a department. The roster includes:





Employee ID Number





Member Name

Name (Last,First, MI)

Employee Class

Member Type (Regular/Reserve/Civilian/Public Health Service)


Department ID Number

Dept Name

Name of Department


Administrative Target Unit (District/Area)


Operational Facility Code

Exp Loss Dt

Date a member is expected to be discharged/retired (N/A for civilians & PHS)

Exp AD Term Dt

Expected Active Duty Termination date.

(N/A for civilians & PHS)

Rotate Dt

Rotation date. (N/A for civilians)


Date of birth (N/A for civilians)

AD Base Dt

Active Duty Base Date (N/A for civilians & PHS)

Date of Rank

Effective date of rank (N/A for civilians)

Report Date

Date reported to current department ID. (N/A for civilians)

Trning Rate

Reserve Training Rating  (Reserve Only)

Anniv Date

Reserve Anniversary Date  (Reserve Only)

Cost Center

Cost Center (for contingency operations)

Sea Pay Prem Dt

Date Career Sea Pay Premium started (N/A for civilians & PHS)


Basic Allowance for Housing entitlement (N/A for civilians & PHS)

RES Screen Dt

Date of last Reserve Annual Screening Questionnaire  (Reserve Only)

CUM Sea Time

Cumulative Sea Time (N/A for civilians & PHS)

Mar Stat

Marital Status (N/A for civilians)

Ethnic Group

Ethnic Group (N/A for civilians)

Last Good Con Dt

Date of last Good Conduct Award (N/A for civilians & PHS)

Position Nbr

Position number (BCN)

Posn Entry Dt

Date entered current position.




Position Sensitivity. Examples:  (N/A for civilians)

  • Moderate

  • Critical

  • Non-Critic

  • Moderate

  • Low Risk


Position Security Clearance Requirement. Examples: (N/A for civilians)

  • None

  • Secret


Member Security Clearance (N/A for civilians)


Member Citizenship (N/A for civilians)

Leave Balance

Leave Balance (as of the most recent JUMPS end-month compute, e. g. Doesn't reflect leave that has not yet processed through JUMPS). (N/A for civilians & PHS)


Shows reason for obligated service if member has extended or obligated for a reason other than their own request at normal end of enlistment.  Examples:

TA = Tuition Assistance

PG SCHOOL = Post Graduate School

CSRB = Critical Skills Retention Bonus



Date member incurred obligated service (blank if Obligation field is blank)


Number of months obligated service (0 if Obligation field is blank)


The Unit Roster can be requested in as a comma delimited (.csv) file.  CSV files can be imported into a spreadsheet or local database application.


Note: The CSV format is the only working file format. Recent changes to the report included the addition of several columns of occupational data. The PDF and HTM file formats cannot accommodate the additional data.


Start Internet Explorer, sign into PeopleSoft (note, see the Signing In topic in the Using PeopleSoft section if you need help getting started) and follow these steps to complete this procedure.




Select menu items in the following order (note, see the Basic Navigation topic for help on using menus):

Main Menu> Administer Workforce > Administer Workforce (GBL) > Report > Unit Roster


Finding or Creating the Run Control ID:  If you haven't run this report before, click the Add a New Value link (near the bottom of the page) and create a new Run Control ID. The ID can be any name you want to identify the report by (no spaces are permitted). Click the Addbutton.

Add a New Value

If you already have a Run Control ID, enter all or part of it and click the Search button.

Find an Existing Value

Select the Run Control ID from the search results.


Selecting the Department or Relationship criteria:
Selecting Unit

Select the ISC, SPO (SPO), Deptid, or ATU radio button and enter the department ID or ATU number (if that option was selected) number. You can use the Lookup icon to search for the department ID/ATU  if necessary.


  • ISC, will include rosters for all units associated with ISC department number you enter.

  • SPO, will include rosters for all units associated with SPO department number you enter.

  • Deptid, will produce a roster for each department number your enter. Use the Plus or Minus buttons to add/remove department IDs.

  • ATU will produce a roster for all units with that ATU prefix (Example: ATU 01 for First Coast Guard District)


Selecting the Employee Class:
Empl Class
You can select one or more employee classes for the roster
or leave this field blank for all classes. Use the Lookup icon to lookup available classes.
Employee Classes
IRR, IRR(ASP), ASL, ISL reservists will be listed under the ISC responsible for the area in which them members reside.

Use the Plus or Minus buttons to add/remove employee classes.


Note: Civilians and USPHS members will appear only if the user leaves the employee class option as blank.


Click the Run Button button and complete the Process  Scheduler Request page.





The Process Scheduler Request page will display


The Process Scheduler Request Page



Select Web from the Process Type drop down menu.

Process Scheduler Type Drop Down Menu

Warning Note: The ability to have reports delivered by email has been removed from the system effective 1 October 2010.



Select the file format.  Not all file formats are supported by all reports, CSV is the most reliable.


Note: The CSV format is the only working file format. Recent changes to the report included the addition of several columns of occupational data. The PDF and HTM file formats cannot accommodate the additional data.


File Format Options

CSV = Readable by MS Excel, text editors, other spreadsheet programs and database applications.

HTM = Web page

PDF = Adobe Acrobat


Click the OK button to launch the process and return to the Process Scheduler Request page.


Click the Process Monitor link in the upper right-hand corner of the Process Scheduler Request page.

CG-4107A Run Page



The Process Monitor page will display.  Click the Refresh button periodically until the Run Status shows "Success" and the Details link is active. It could take some time for the status to change if you are running a large report or the system is heavily loaded.  


Process Monitor Page



Click the Details link.  The Process Detail Page will display. Click the View Log/Trace link.


The Process Detail Page


The Report Log Viewer page will open in a new window.  Access your report by right-clicking the link with the report name and number in it (In the example below, cgasqrpt_615427.csv is the link to the report) and selecting "Save Target As...".

Right-Click and save


Note:  When you right mouse click and select "Save Target As" you will be asked to select a location on your system to save the file to:

Where to save



When the download is complete click the open button:

Download Complete


The report will open in MS Excel. You will need to adjust the column widths to view all of the information.

Here's how it looks in Excel



You can quickly filter the roster by selecting Data | Filter | Auto Filter from the Excel menu.

Menu for adding a filter

This will add a drop-down field chooser in the column heading row. Select the data element you want to filter by, this will hide any rows that do not meet the filter criteria.

Filter drop down menu



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