Accomplishment Report


This section provides procedures for running an accomplishment report in PeopleSoft. Using this procedure you can obtain a listing of a member's awards, degrees, ASVAB scores, foreign language skills, professional memberships, licenses and certifications. Reports can be run for all personnel at a department, and for all departments associated with a SPO or ISC. The member classification (regular active duty, drilling SELRES, IRR, etc.) can also be defined when requesting the report.


Start Internet Explorer, sign into PeopleSoft (note, see the Signing In topic in the Using PeopleSoft section if you need help getting started) and follow these steps to complete this procedure.




Select menu items in the following order (note, see the Basic Navigation topic for help on using menus):
Main Menu
> Develop Workforce > Manage Competencies (GBL) > Report > Accomplishments


Finding the Run Control ID: If you know the Run Control ID (e. g. You have used this process before), enter it in the space provided and click the Search button.

Find a run control ID

Creating the Run Control ID:  If you haven't run this report before, click the Add a New Value link (near the bottom of the page) and create a new Run Control ID. The ID can be any name you want to identify the report by (no spaces are permitted). Click the Addbutton.

Or, click the Add a New Value link to create a new Run Control ID. Enter a Run Control ID and click the Add button.

Add a new value


Selecting the Department or Relationship criteria:
Selecting Unit


Select the ISC, SPO (SPO) or Deptid radio button and lookup and select a department ID number.

  You must use the Lookup icon to search for the department ID number (See "IMPORTANT": below for a discussion on this issue).


ISC, will include rosters for all units associated with ISC department number you enter.
, will include rosters for all units associated with SPO department number you enter.
, will produce a roster for each department number your enter. Use the Plus or Minus buttons to add/remove department IDs.


Important:  You must use the Lookup icon to search for the department ID number. Do not enter a department ID number directly in the DeptID field. The report will only run when a master Department ID number is selected. If you enter a Sub-Department ID number the report status will show as an error in the Process Monitor, you will not receive any results.


Error Message:
Error on line 393:
(SQR 3722) Could not set up cursor.


Here's an example:
  1. This is a list of department IDs for AIRSTA Kodiak.


  1. If you enter a sub-department ID, such as 002171, which is a sub-department of AIRSTA Kodiak, and press the tab key, the system will appear to recognize the ID and fill in the Description (as shown below)

Direct Entry of Sub Dept

However, when you run the report with this ID it will error out.

  1. To make sure an ID is valid, click the Lookup icon to search for the department ID number.
    Enter the ID number and click Search

Sub Dept search

  1. If the "No matching values were found" message appears, you have entered a sub-department ID number.

  2. Search again using the master department ID number (000614 in this case)

See it works

  1. The Search Results section will list the ID and Description. Click the Department ID number link to return to the report setup page.

See Search Tips in the Using PeopleSoft section of this online guide for more information about department ID numbers.


Choose the accomplishment type by clicking on the Down Arrow and selecting from the list.

Valid accomplishment types
*NVQ is not used




Educational accomplishment




Foreign language skill


Licenses & Certifications


Professional memberships


ASVAB test results


Complete the accomplishment description if desired. Click the Search Icon to lookup description codes.

  • You may leave this field blank to include all codes.

  • Use the Plus or Minus buttons to add/remove codes to report on.

Example multiple award code entry:
Example showing three accomplishment type codes to report on


Select an employee class if desired.

Empl Class
You can select one or more employee classes for the roster
or leave this field blank for all classes. Use the Lookup icon to lookup available classes.
Employee Classes

Use the Plus or Minus buttons to add/remove employee classes.


Click the Run Button button and complete the Process  Scheduler Request page.


ASQ Report Screen 3

  • Click the Server Name drop-down menu and select the PSUNX server.

  • Click the Type drop down menu and select Web.

  • Click the Format drop-down menu and select PDF (for Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format) or  CSV (for comma delimited format).

Click OK to continue. You will be returned to the report setup page. Note that a Process Instance Number has been added just below the Run button.
Process Instance
The Process Instance number is used in the Process Monitor to identify your request.


Click the Process Monitor link. The report will show a run status of "Queued" as it processes. You may wait for the page to update automatically or press the  Refresh  button. When the report is finished, the run status will change to "Success."  
The process monitor screen
Click the Details link to view to view the report after the status changes to "Success". The status changes to "Error", click the Details link for more information.


If you would like to save this report's criteria to use again, click the Save button.

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