Scheduling IDT Drills (Self-Service)


This section provides the procedure for scheduling and editing IDT drills using PeopleSoft Self-Service.


Start Internet Explorer, sign into PeopleSoft (note, see the Signing In topic in the Using PeopleSoft section if you need help getting started) and follow these steps to complete this procedure.




Select the "Schedule Drills" link from the Tasks column in the Self Service group box on the home page (Click #more (where # is a number) if the link does not appear on the home page).


Or, select these links on the Enterprise Menu:

Main Menu > Self Service > Employee > Tasks >  Schedule Drills.

SS Drill Menu Pat






The Schedule Drills page will display. This page shows your drills and their status.

The Schedule Drills Page


Click the Add Schedule New Drill Button button to schedule a drill or click the Edit button to view information on a previously scheduled drill.

Note: You can view all drill information, but you can only edit drill information if the drill date has not passed. You can view completed drills after clicking "OK" to dismiss the warning message (shown below) which displays when you access a completed drill.

Edit warning message


Complete or update the Schedule Drills Detail page to schedule a drill.

Drill Detail Page
Note:  Only Supervisors who are authorized "Command Users" will appear in the Supervisor ID
lookup listing.

Complete the fields as described in this table.



Begin Date/Time

Defaults to today's date. To change the date, click in the field and make the change.  Tip:  Display a calendar by clicking on the calendar button. Enter the time using either military (0800) or civilian format (8:00AM). (Note: Time is for display purposes only).

End Date/Time

The end date will default to the same date as the begin date. Enter the time using either military (1600) or civilian format (4:00PM).

Single IDT -- 4 or more hours
Multiple IDT -- 8 or more hours
Readiness Management Period -- 3 -- 24 hours
Funeral Honor Guard Duty -- 2 or more hours.

Duty Type

Click the Dropdown menu button and select the duty type from the list.




Appropriate Duty/Readiness Management Period.
Note: When selecting this duty type you will receive a warning message, informing you of the requirements and limitations for appropriate duty/RMP drills. Click "OK" to dismiss the message after you have read it. Example Warning Message

Funeral Dt.

Funeral Honors Duty


Inactive Duty for Training


Drill Type

Click the Dropdown menu button and select the drill type from the list.
Note: Only selectable when the Duty Type (above) is set to IDT all other types are set to Single Drill type.




Represents the combination of an IDT Single Drill and a Funeral Honors Duty Drill performed on the same day.


A single drill


Two single drills performed on the same day.


Drills Status

Displays the current status

Pay Code

Click the Dropdown menu button and select the pay code from the list.




Pay is authorized for both periods of a multiple drill.


Pay is authorized for a single drill or, when the Drill Type is Multiple, pay is authorized for only one period (e.g. A non-pay and paid drill performed on the same day).


A single or multiple drill is performed for points only


Meal Elig

Click the Dropdown menu button and select the meal eligibility type from the list (only selectable when the Drill Type is Multiple.

  • Officers None

  • Unit has galley and members are not required to pay for meals Messing Available

  • Commuters arriving night before drill.
    1st Day All   w    2nd Day Breakfast and Lunch

  • Stay overnight between drills.
    1st Day Lunch and Supper  w  2nd Day Breakfast and Lunch

  • Worked past 1800 Supper

  • Local reservists and commuters not staying overnight Lunch

Note:  ALCOAST 337/03 provides the subsistence policy for IDT drills.




*All Meals

Authorized payment for all three meals


Authorized payment for breakfast only

*Brk & Lnch

Authorized payment for breakfast and lunch only

*Lnch & Sup

Authorized payment for lunch and supper only


Authorized payment for lunch only

*Mess Avail

Government messing is available for authorized meals during this drill period.


Note: (1) Do not use if members are required to pay for their meals at the dining facility. This code is only used when the meals are provided at no charge (e. g. On a vessel or other essential messing unit.).



Not authorized payment for meals


Authorized payment for supper only

(*) Enlisted personnel only.


Enter the department ID of the unit where the drill will be performed. Defaults to the member's currently assigned department. Use the Search button to look up other department IDs.


Note: Do not choose DeptID = 002037 (Unknown Unit).

Duty Purpose 1

Click the Dropdown menu button and select the duty purpose code from the list. Click here for a listing of valid codes.

Duty Purpose 2

Click the Dropdown menu button and select the duty purpose code from the list
Note: This field only needs to be completed if the drill type is Multiple.  Click here for a listing of valid codes.

Reserve Special Pay
(read only, cannot be modified by user)

A check mark will appear in this field if the member is assigned to a unit that has been designated by COMDT (CG-131) as eligible for Reserve Special Pay.


Special Duty Assignment Pay.  Effective 1 October 2003 SDAP may be paid to qualified reservists for IDT/RMP drills.  Enter the SDAP Earnings Type Code in the SDAP field to request payment.  Click the Search to locate valid codes.


Note: A member cannot be entitled to both SDAP and Foreign Language Proficiency Pay for the same drill.

Foreign Language Proficiency Pay

Per ALCOAST 585/05, a Reserve component member, drilling at an eligible FLP unit, who meets the FLP criteria and is designated as an interpreter by his or her command, is eligible for an FLP bonus (FLPB). The bonus will be equal to 1/30th of the active component FLPP monthly amount at the proficiency level of the language for which approved, multiplied by the number of regular inactive duty training (IDT) periods with pay for the SELRES member.

FLPB will be paid in equal installments for each authorized paid IDT period performed, not to exceed the number of authorized paid periods per fiscal year. Funeral Honors Duty periods are not eligible for FLPB payments. Non-pay duty of any kind is not eligible for FLPB payments.


To authorized FLPB:

  1. Enter the qualifying language code in the Language field. Click the Search to locate valid codes.  If no matching values are found, the member does not have an approved/eligible Language Skill entry. The member must obtain a passing score on a Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) and the unit ESO must update the member's Foreign Language Test Results for the member to be eligible for FLPB.

  2. Click the drop-down menu next to the Proficiency field and select Linguist or Interpret (for Interpreter)

FLP Panel


Note: A member cannot be entitled to both SDAP and Foreign Language Proficiency Pay for the same drill.

Supervisor ID

Enter the employee ID number of the person (must be and authorized "Reserve IDT or Command User") who will be approving the drill or click on the magnifying glass (Search) to invoke the ID lookup page.  See search tips for more information.

Email Address

If your Supervisor has an email address entered in Direct-Access, the email address should automatically display after you enter the ID in the Supervisor ID field and move to this field.  If no email address is displayed, enter your Supervisor's email address.  


Warning Warning: Do not use a non USCG.MIL/DHS.GOV address.  Directing system-generated emails to personal accounts hosted by internet service providers is prohibited.



You may enter comments in this section if desired.



Click the Save button to save your work. If any error messages display, make the required corrections and click the save button again.


You will receive the following confirmation message if no errors were found.

Saved OK Click OK to continue.

An email will be sent to the supervisor for drill authorization


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