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Direct Access Outage Scheduled

Direct Access will be unavailable from 18 December until 5 January due to technical upgrade and addition of military pay. You have until then to verify your HR record is current. Visit the Global Pay Awareness page for more details and step by step instructions.

User Tips

Run the Monitor Absence Request Report at least once a week:

There are thousands of absence requests in a pending status.  The pending status reflects requests that have been submitted but not yet acted upon.  Except in emergency situations, Absence Requests for leave must be approved prior to the member's departure on leave. Each pending request has the potential to present complications and impacts to pay if not resolved before the transition to Global Pay in January 2015. Commands must review the status of all pending leave requests within their command and take action to resolve outstanding requests.


The Monitor Absence Request Report provides the unit with a way monitor their members’ electronic absences. The report includes an option to view absence requests for all members in a SPO's area of responsibility. The report allows the unit or SPO to do the following:

  1. Review Absence Requests on a specified member.

  2. Review Absence Requests on all members assigned to the a sub-department.

  3. Review Absence Requests on all members assigned to the department and its sub-departments.

  4. Review Absence Requests on all members serviced by the SPO.

  5. Review Absence Requests that are in a specified status (e.g Pending, Approved, etc.).

  6. Review Absence Requests for a specified period.

Here's the link to the procedure for running the Monitor Absence Request Report.


I changed this


Run the report today, you may be surprised by the number of pending leave requests for members of your command.

Direct Access Technology Refresh -  Assignments, Accessions and PCS eResume

  1. As part of the Coast Guard's technology refresh effort to move HR functions from PeopleSoft version 8.0 (Direct Access I) to a supported version of PeopleSoft (version 9.1-Direct Access II), the eResume, Applicant Data and Accessions components and supporting business processes will shift to Direct Access II on 01 July 2013.

  2. This shift includes upgraded functionality for Coast Guard recruiters, CGRC, TRACEN Cape May, Academy and Servicing Personnel Offices (SPOs). The Recruiting Analysis Tracking System - RATS will be replaced by the Direct Access Recruiting System - DARS. DARS provides a fully integrated solution for managing recruiting activities from initial applicant contact (including live chat and gocoastguard.com inquiries) to boot camp shipping reservations and the SPO hire applicant process. New procedures for Accession processing are available at http://www.uscg.mil/ppc/da/accessions/.

  3. The self-service eResume and Command Endorsement processes will also shift to Direct Access II on 1 July. Detailed, step-by-step, procedures as well as video tutorials for submitting and endorsing eResumes are located on the PPC web site at http://www.uscg.mil/ppc/da/eResumeII/.

  4. Accessions: The Military Assignments Component gives Assignment Officers the ability to automatically match member resumes to available positions, assign orders, generate TONOs and setup required pipeline training. New procedures for Assignment processing are available at http://www.uscg.mil/ppc/da/assignments.

Direct Access Technology Refresh -  SGLI/FSGLI and Thrift Savings Plan

The DA Tech Refresh project continues with upgrades to the SGLI/FSGI component for SPO users and enhanced functionality in the TSP component for Self-Service Users.


An E-Mail ALSPO message provides new SGLI/FSGLI procedures  for SPOs. (PDF).


Military personnel, using DA Self Service, now have the ability to enroll in the Thrift Savings Plan and manage "Catch-Up" contributions. Prior to this update, TSP enrollments and Catch Up contribution elections required mailing or faxing a form to PPC. Effective 21 February, members can fully manage their TSP elections in DA Self Service as well as make changes to contribution amounts as they could in the old version.  Refer to the Thrift Savings Plan Overview topic for more information. A video, demonstrating the new features is also available.

Direct Access Technology Refresh - Dependent Information

As part of the Coast Guard’s technology refresh effort to move HR functions from PeopleSoft version 8.0 (Direct Access I) to a supported version of PeopleSoft (version 9.1-Direct Access II), dependent information and supporting business processes will move to Direct Access II on 20 December 2012. Servicing Personnel Offices (SPOs) will use the new DA II Dependent Information component to maintain BAH/dependency data for Coast Guard military personnel.

Procedures - Direct Access II Dependent Information SPO User Guide File is in PDF format

Updated, New & Revised Topics

  1. Added Absence Request Automated Workflow Engine (AWE) Administration topic (draft). This new function will allow SPO Supervisors/Auditors to reassign, approve, or deny Absence Requests submitted to other users who are not able to take action on the request.

  2. Updated Allotment Cutoff dates and the  Change Direct Deposit topic with 2014 payroll processing schedule.

  3. Added instructions to the Change E-Mail Address topic for personal email address. All users are encouraged to add a "Home" email address to the system.

  4. Added Scheduling a Query (PS V9.1/DA II) instructions.

  5. New procedures for Self Service Thrift Savings Plan elections (effective 21 February)

  6. Added the 2013 payroll processing schedule to the  Allotments Overview topic in the cutoff dates section.

MyPortalDirect Navigation Demos and Guides

Visit the MyPortalDirect launch page for portal navigation demos and guides.

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Termination of DA User Access Upon Separation (Discharge, RELAD/DEMOB or Retirement) or PCS/Fleet-Up

With Permanent Change of Station season (PCS) upon us, PPC Customer Care Branch would like to remind our customers that their Direct Access Roles are terminated upon separation (this includes reserve release from active duty (RELAD) from Title 10 or other long-term active duty orders), retirement, reassignment of duties (Fleet-Ups), change of organization or when determined by the Information Systems Security Officer to be in the best interest of the Government. Please note that users who have been reassigned (PCS, Change of Department IDs) will retain Self Service. This reminder is important from the perspective that our branch has been receiving calls from the field stating something to the effect, "Yesterday I had all my access roles and today I have nothing. What changed from yesterday to today?"  Any one of the scenarios mentioned above can result in termination of access. The member's first step should be to engage their unit and let them know that they no longer have access. The member's unit can then research the situation and submit a new Direct Access User Authorization form (CG-7421B) if appropriate.


Note: Mass unit changes (change of unit name, department ID/OPFAC etc.), such those which are occurring due to modernization, do not involve orders, therefore the automatic termination of user roles does not apply.

Honors & Awards - Use the Correct Code

The table for award codes in Direct Access has been updated with codes meant only PHS officers. The U.S. Public Health Service, Commissioned Corps Force recently adopted Coast Guard Direct Access as their HR management information system. The PeopleSoft program does a good job of handling the segregation between the two components; Coast Guard DA users do not have access to records for PHS officers, other than what existed for PHS officers detailed to the Coast Guard and PHS users do not have access to Coast Guard member/employee data. However, there are some common areas of the system where non-personal data has not been masked or hidden; the Honor/Award code table is one such area.


The PHS codes can be identified because they include numbers (CG175 - Commendation Medal, CG195 - Achievement Medal, etc.), while all codes meant for assignment to Coast Guard personnel are made up only of letters (CGFC - Coast Guard Commendation Medal, CGHC - CG Achievement Medal, etc.). Many of the PHS codes do not have enough information in the description field to distinguish them from codes, with similar descriptions, meant for CG personnel. This has lead to many members being assigned an incorrect code. For example, searching for "Good Conduct" will return code "CG3525 - Good Conduct Medal" but the correct code/description for a Coast Guard member is "CGSD - CG Good Conduct Medal".


The appropriate offices in PPC and CG-634 have been made aware of the problem with the Honor/Award code table and work is underway to identify records for correction. A listing of "bad codes" is available at: http://www.uscg.mil/ppc/adv/badcodes.pdf. These codes, which are all alphanumeric and meant only for assignment to PHS officers, must not be assigned to Coast Guard personnel.



Do not use

Do use

CG175 - Commendation Medal,

CGFC - Coast Guard Commendation Medal

CG195 - Achievement Medal

CGHC - CG Achievement Medal

CG3525 - Good Conduct

CGSD - CG Good Conduct

Manage Competencies:

The Competency Dictionary, a complete listing of Coast Guard competency codes is available for download.  The link below  will open a MS Excel spreadsheet, which you can save to your local directory. If you do choose to save the file, remember to check back here periodically for updates. The revision date is listed in the spreadsheet. There's also a link in the file to COMDT (CG-1B1) for questions.


Competency DictionaryMS Excel file type.


There is a Known Issue with the Competency/Qualifications Report and the Accomplishment (Awards, Educations, ASVAB, etc.) Report.

View Paycheck Now Includes the Previous 13 Months of Remarks/Comments

The View Paycheck/eLes page now includes access to the remarks/comments for the current month and the previous 12 months.

Reenlistment Contracts

A new version of DD Form 4/3 (October 2007) has been released by the DoD. The October 2002 version, which is generated by Direct-Access, remains valid for Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve reenlistments. The October 2007 version of the form will be added to Direct-Access in a future software update.

Career Summary:

When viewing the Career Summary on the CG Member Info page, please be aware of the following issues:

    1. Members' assignment history for assignments prior to 1996 show "unknown" or invalid position descriptions.  This information was not in the Personnel Decision System (PDS) database from which PeopleSoft was populated from.

    2. The "Perm Job Code (Permanent Job Code)" , Description, and "Perm Grade (Permanent Grade)" fields, which are shown on the "PHS" tab, may not display the member's current rate/rank. Disregard these fields as the logic used to populate them does not apply to Coast Guard career management.

Airport Terminal and Unit Relationship; Make sure you're seeing all orders

Orders are being issued for Assignment Year 09 that include assignments to new departments/OPFACs created for Modernization Billet Reprogramming. You may have to do some searching to locate orders for incoming personnel because the SPO-Unit or ISC-Unit relationships for some of these new units have not been fully established. Orders for outgoing personnel are not a problem; relationships for existing units have not changed.


The Human Resource Site/SPO relationships for the new units have initially been setup by assigning the closest (geographically) SPO. If you can't locate orders under your SPO's department ID you can run the PCS Orders Query to get a list of all orders (CG-Wide).  If you identify any setup issues please report them to PPC Customer Care for correction.


Follow these steps when using the Airport Terminal or Personnel at a Dept. (CG_Dept_Run) to switch to views:


Select a Relationship Type option from the list:

Drop Down Menu Options

Enter a Department ID number. The department ID number must be valid for the type of relationship selected in the previous step (e. g. If ISC relationship is selected then only a valid ISC department ID number will return any search results).  Click the Search Icon next to the department number to search for the correct department number. See Search Tips for more information on using the search page.


Note: If a Human Resource Site or Integrated Support Command relationship does not return the expected results (e. g. Orders for a unit serviced by the SPO or ISC are not present), contact PPC Customer Care to have the unit relationship table updated/corrected. Please include the department ID or OPFAC numbers of the units and relationship type in your communications with Customer Care. A listing of HRS/ISC to Unit relationships can be obtained by running the Department Relationship Queries.

Subsistence Entitlements for Reservists Performing Inactive Duty Training (IDT)

Per paragraph 2.B.7.a.(1), Coast Guard Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28(series), enlisted reservists performing IDT with pay on  career sea pay-eligible vessels with an Appropriated Fund (APF) dining facility aboard shall receive subsistence-in-kind (SIK). When completing the "Meal Elig" field on the Schedule Drills Detail page for these members, always select the "Mess Avail" option.

Need Help?

Note:   If you are having trouble accessing the system to use the Self-Service applications, just complete an Online Trouble-Ticket or e-mail PPC Customer Care (PPC-CustomerCare in the Global Address Book). No access form is required for access to Self-Service.


See Also


Appropriate Use and Access:

Subject to the limitations that follow, the user is authorized access to this computer system. This authorization contains no implied authorization to access any computer system of the United States Government not specifically identified herein. Authorization will be revoked upon separation, retirement, reassignment of duties, change of organization or when determined by the Information Systems Security Officer to be in the best interest of the Government.

: Only Authorized Users May Use This System. To protect this system from unauthorized use and to ensure that the system is functioning properly, system administrators monitor the system. Individuals using this system without authority, or in excess of their authority, are subject to having all of their activities on this system monitored and recorded by system personnel. In the course of monitoring individuals improperly using this system, or in the course of system maintenance, the activities of authorized users may also be monitored. Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, management may authorize system personnel to provide the evidence of such monitoring to law enforcement officials.  

Procedures for obtaining user IDs and passwords, as well as links to the User Access form (CG 7421B), are located in the instructions for each module. Click on the "Getting Access to..." topics for more information.