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New eResume procedures: All candidates must apply in DA using the new eResume link by following Main Menu - Self Service - Employee - Tasks - PCS eResumes. Once there, enter your desired search criteria to obtain a list of open billets. Search criteria can include State, Job Code, Position Number, etc. If unsure of the specific criteria, click on the magnifying glass to the right of the search box to determine eligible values. Fields such as Job Code and Job Family will narrow the search results based on rank and component (enlisted, officer, etc). The old eResume link is still available under the Tasks menu, but should not be used. All AY14 assignments will be opened and shopped using the new PCS eResumes link. A PCS eResume user guide with step-by-step guidance for eResume submission and command endorsement procedures can be found at http://www.uscg.mil/ppc/da/eResumeII/.


The e-Resume, Job Basket and e-Interview functions are terms used to describe the functionality that replaced the Electronic Assignment Data Card (e-ADC), Shopping List and the e-ADC endorsement process. The applications are accessed via the Coast Guard intranet (CGWEB) and the Internet, and consist of multiple web pages, which users complete, or review.

e-Resume Training

A tutorial for using the e-Resume has been developed. You can take the online tutorial at:

e-Resume Tips

In addition to making assignment selections, you can review and update contact information. All personnel should complete the contact information with their work (business) email address. Instructions for entering and updating your email address are in the Self-Service section.



Date Icon You can only SAVE or SUBMIT the e-resume once per day. It may be viewed anytime


Submitting a realistic e-resume.  

  • There are certain skill sets/experience you are required to obtain for continued advancement.  If you don’t know what they are, review the PBQ’s and sit down with your Chief to discuss what your next assignment will or will not do for your career or call your AO during the posted time lines. There is no limit of positions you can apply for, AOs recommend listing as many as possible.

  • Put ALL jobs that interest you AND benefit your career, do not limit yourself to one geographical area, one specific cutter length, or one specific field.  A well crafted e-resume will have as many positions on it that will greater your chances of earning a tour in whatever platform your seeking or need.

  • List all positions at a department.  If you want a unit that has several vacancies with different position numbers list them all (an example would be MSST’s, large stations, and cutters ie: 110’s have two BM1’s).  AOs fill jobs by position number.  After the deadline, they will pull a list of each position that is vacant for the upcoming assignment year, this list will show everyone who put in for it, what their assignment priority is, what number pick it was, and their rotation date.  That being said it is not realistic to put one position at a unit with multiple openings within one paygrade, and expect that the AO would be able to articulate your intentions.

  • Comments.  Things to include are: Co-location issues, special needs, what your intentions and desires are, if your intentions are to retire if you don’t receive orders in the geographical area (this is not taken as a threat, but a fact of life.  If you need afloat opportunities for career enhancement or units ashore to obtain the qualifications and experience.  Basically tell the AO what is  important to you and your career.

  • What NOT to put in your comments: your qualifications (if they are not listed in the competency section of Direct Access, they do NOT exist, see next section).  Your awards, your previous units, and anything else that the AO can and DO verify in DA.  This is not a section to paste a civilian style resume.

  • Direct Access – Ensure your information is correct and up to date.  AO work off of Direct Access NOT TMT, CGCentral, etc.  For example, if you have a DWO qualification and it is not in your COMPETENCY section of DA it DOES NOT EXIST.  This can determine whether or not you earn an assignment that your looking for.

Career Review

You will also have the opportunity to review career summary information, member competencies/position competency comparison, current education information, licenses and certificate information, language skills, honors and awards, training information, and professional memberships.

The e-Resume Process

e-Resume Process

This table provides an overview of the e-Resume process.


Who Does It

What Happens


Assignment Officer

Develops Slate for upcoming assignment season.


PeopleSoft System

Positions are made available on PeopleSoft Job Postings.



Reviews Job Postings. Saves jobs he or she wishes to be considered for to the Job Basket.


Creates a new e-Resume.

  • Provides contact information

  • Reviews competencies, awards, assignment and training history

  • Adds comments if desired

  • Adds jobs from the Job Basket to Job Preferences in order of preference

  • Enters Supervisor's or Approving Official's employee ID number to specify who will be reviewing and approving the resume (endorsement).


PeopleSoft System

Adds the e-Resume to the Supervisor's or Approving Official's worklist and sends them an email notification.



Reviews member's e-Resume.

  • Makes recommendation for approval or disapproval

  • Adds comments if desired or necessary


If the supervisor is




not the approving official

Enters Approving Official's PeopleSoft Operator ID to transfer the e-Resume to their worklist for final endorsement.



the approving official

Marks endorsement as final and Stage 7 (below) is skipped.



Approving Official

Reviews member's e-Resume.

  • Makes recommendation for approval or disapproval

  • Adds comments if desired or necessary

  • Marks endorsement as final.


Assignment Officer

Using tools within the PeopleSoft system matches member to appropriate position and issues orders.


PeopleSoft System

Sends member an email message notifying them of assignment decision and adds orders to the arrivals and departures pages for the appropriate commands.

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