Entering an Employee Review for an Enlisted Member

Detailed Directions:

Cool! I can save and not have to do this all at one time.You can save your work at anytime during this process. The review does not have to be completed before you can save it.  Frequent saves prevent the loss of data in the event of computer problems.  After the review is saved,  you can exit the system and return to it later to finish up.

Step 1

Select from the Enterprise or main menu: Develop Workforce, Plan Careers, Use, and Employee Review.


Enter an employee ID number and press the Enter button.  Or perform a search and select from the available list.  Since an employee may have multiple records, reflecting various stages in their career (e.g., military, civilian, and reservist), it is important to select the correct record.


Employee Review Search Page. Warning -- Do not search by name.


When choosing a member from the search results, please be sure you are choosing the person you actually want to change data on. Verify the employee ID or national ID before making any changes. Also, since one member can have multiple records if they're both a Regular or Reserve Member and an Auxiliary Member or Civilian Employee, please be sure you are selecting the correct Employee Classification.


Step 2

On the employee review page, enter the evaluation period end date in the effective date field.  Choose the effective date carefully, as it can not be updated easily later on (If you change the dates you start the review process over and you will lose any data you have entered).  Leave the from date field blank.  Enter the evaluation period end date in the to date field.  (The effective date and to date fields must be the same.)  Leave the next review date field blank.  Select a review type from the drop-down menu.  Enter the rating scale.  This is the set of dimensions to be evaluated for the member's pay grade.  Select a review rating of E1 through E9 or ASCH for Class "A" School students.  Do not use CPO, PO, NR, unless the effective date and to dates are 7/31/02 or prior.  

Proper completion of the Employee Review Tab. Complete on those fields shown, many are left blank.

To be sure that you have entered the correct effective and to dates for a regular (annual or semi-annual) employee review, click the Exceptions tab after entering the dates, review type and rating scale.  Click the  Validate Employee Review button.  If you get a warning message like this “The month of the effective date must match the date in Review Scale Periods Table (CG_REVW_PRD_TBL) for RATING_SCALE=E5, and Empl Class=B, and Grade=E5 Month must be=04 or 10”, you should go back to the employee review tab and check your dates and the rating scale selection before proceeding.




Here is the drop-down menu for review type:

Here is a sample lookup of a rating scale:

Note:  The following Review Types are not used with Enlisted Employee Reviews.

  • Concurrent

  • Detach RO

  • Memo

  • Special


See the Changing the Advancement Recommendation for use of the CHANGE OF CO RECOMMENDATION option.

Step 3

Click the Reviewers tab.  Select from the drop-down menu either supervisor, mark/rpt (marking official), or approved (final approval authority) for the evaluation type.  Enter the employee ID of the reviewer (in most cases this is your employee ID. However, if you are entering the data on behalf of someone else, i. e. "by proxy", then enter that person's employee ID).  The competencies listed on this page are based on the rating scale entered on the employee review page.  The factor weight should be left blank.

In the rating box, enter the mark that you want to assign to each competency (e.g., 6) or click the lookup key to review the available choices.  Use the numeric values to rate all competencies on the list, except for the conduct and advancement recommendation.  For the conduct competency, use satisfactory or unsatisfactory (S or U).  For the advancement recommendation competency, use recommended or not recommended (R or N).  A message will display indicating the alpha characters will not compute for the rating average, click OK.  (If you enter an unsatisfactory or not recommended mark (U or N), enter reviewer comments.) 


Warning: Do not click the add [Plus Sign]/remove [Minus Sign] rows icons on the reviews tab. They are not used in this procedure.

The Reviewers tab

(entire list of competencies NOT shown)

To review a competency description or enter reviewer comments:

Press the yellow note icon along the right margin.  Review the full description of the competency.  To enter competency-specific comments for this member, type them into the comment box.  The comment box takes the place of Administrative Remarks (CG-3307).  Review the screenshot below for examples of other comments that are entered on this page.  Press OK when you complete each comment. 




Step 4

Click the Comments tab.  In the comment box, enter comments for others in the rating chain.  These comments will be deleted once the evaluation is saved as "final".

The Comments Tab

Step 5

Click the Exceptions tab.  Press the Validate Employee Review button.  This will generate a list of exceptions, including errors found on the employee review.  Read each exception, find the error (if applicable), and correct it.  (For our screenshot, we created an exception message indicating a mismatch selecting the rating scale.  To correct this type of error, you must go back to the employee review page, correct the scale, then re-enter the employee review.)  After corrections are made, click the Validate Employee Review button again.  Review the list of exceptions again.  If an exception is corrected, it will not reappear on the list.


Note: If you are entering an employee review with an effective date of 7/31/02 or earlier you may ignore the exception message pertaining to a mismatch between the member's pay grade and rating scale.


Once you are satisfied with the exceptions, enter the employee ID for the next person in the rating chain (the next person to review the employee review).  If you are not the approving official, press the Submit button to route the employee review to the next person. 


The Exceptions tab


When the review has been completed by the entire rating chain, the approving official or his/her representative must:


1) create the member counseling report, then

2) click the final checkbox, and

3) press the Submit button. 


Note:  Leave the Endorser Emplid box blank when using the Final checkbox.  The Endorser Emplid box is only used to route the employee review to the next person's worklist (and notify them via email).  If you enter an ID and submit the review as final, the person will get an email but won't be able to access the review because it has already been submitted to PPC.  If you are finalizing and submitting an employee review on behalf of someone else (e. g. By proxy), then enter the approving official's ID on the Reviewers tab in the Reviewer ID box (see step 3 above).


The review will undergo quality assurance processing at PPC (ADV).  Once PPC(ADV) completes its processing, usually within 30 days,  the review will become available to the member through the PeopleSoft self-service menu and to the command through the Command self-service menu.



Note:  The employee review is routed to the endorser's work list.  To access your work list, select from the home menu bar People Tools, Worklist, Use, and Worklist.  For additional information on using the worklist, see the Using Your Worklist topic.

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