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PCS Travel Advances

As of 1 April 2013 all military PCS travel advances are submitted through Web TPAX by the Advance Signature Proxy. The ASP permission is given to Yeomen assigned to the SPO that have the CGHRS or CGHRSUP Direct Access permission. The updated CG-7421A has been posted on the PPC website. PCS advances sent to PPC via fax will not be processed. Travelers who need TDY advances may submit through Web TPAX or by fax with an SF-1038 and a copy of the signed orders.

When processing PCS orders with advances, refer to Chapter 2.A.8 of the Personnel and Pay Procedures manual. A completed original PCS travel order signed by the Approving Official must be scanned and uploaded to Web TPAX. The image must be in the Portable Document Format (PDF). In the Image Description field, do not name it the same as the file name, this will cause an error in the application. Before you begin the PCS advance, ensure the PCS travel advances are correctly listed on the order. Each entitlement will be separated with the total amount and the advance amount shown. Per Coast Guard Supplement to the Joint Federal Travel Regulations (CGS-JFTR), COMDTINST M4600.17(series), PCS travel and transportation advances are limited to 80 percent of the estimated travel and transportation costs to include, MALT, per diem, DLA, and TLE. If the member is requesting an advance on an entitlement and is authorized other entitlements, 80 percent of the requested entitlement will be paid.


MEMBER PER DIEM             _______ @ 80% _________
MEMBER MALT                 _______ @ 80% _________
DEPENDENT(S) PER DIEM       _______ @ 80% _________
DEPENDENT(S) MALT           _______ @ 80% _________
DLA                         _______ @ 80% _________
TLE                         _______ @ 80% _________
TOTAL                       _______ @ 80% _________


Do not submit the PCS advance to PPC when it is greater than 35 days before the member detaches. The additional five days accounts for processing time and making payment to the member. Per the Coast Guard Supplement to the Joint Federal Travel Regulations (CGS-JFTR), COMDTINST M4600.17(series), paragraph 5020, payment of advances must not be made more than 30 days before the member detaches, except under extenuating circumstances. If you need to submit a PCS advance to PPC greater than 35 days due to extenuating circumstances, the SPO Approving Official may submit a PPC Customer Care Ticket with details.

Advances should be complete and accurate the first time they are processed. Additional advances will only be processed due to extreme extenuating circumstances. Secondary advances must be requested by submitting a PPC customer service ticket with attached orders and SF-1038 and will be approved by PPC Travel on a case by case basis.


Completing the Form SF-1038

Block by block instructions for completing this form are listed below. The Form SF-1038 is available the Adobe Forms program on CGSW-III and PPC's Forms & Worksheets web page (

Block 1:    Type or write "Direct Deposit" in this block.
Block 2:    Check type of travel being performed.
Block 3:    Member’s name.
Block 4:    Leave blank.
Block 5:    Daytime telephone number including area code.
Block 6:    Member’s social security number.
Block 7:    Unit name.
Block 8:    Division or staff symbol.
Block 9a:  Travel order number.
Block 9b:  Date advance is authorized.
Block 9c:  Date(s) of travel.
Block 9d:  Mailing address even though payment will be
                by Direct Deposit.
Block 9e:  Any previous advance issued on this travel order.
Block 9f:   Amount applied for.
Block 9g:  Total to be advanced.
                Have member sign and date the form or
                type " Member signature on file".
Block 10:  Signature of Approving Official including the date signed.
Block 11:  Accounting data.
Block 12:  Any additional remarks.

It is imperative that the information entered on Form SF-1038 be clear and correct. Since only Direct Deposit (EFT) payments are now authorized, members on PCS are to be counseled not to close their Direct Deposit account until payment due is received into their account, or a new account has been updated in Direct-Access.

Preparation Notes

Keep the following key points in mind when preparing requests for advances:

Recoupment of Unliquidated Advances

The Coast Guard Finance Center (FINCEN) will begin action to recoup outstanding travel advances within 30 days after the estimated date of completion of travel. Repayment of outstanding travel advances must be made in lump sums within 30 days of notification. Repayment can be made by check or allowing deduction from your pay.

Procedures If You Have Not Submitted Travel Claim:

If you have not submitted a travel claim and consequently are charged for unliquidated travel advances, submit a travel claim with a copy of your LES showing lump sum deduction. Do not list any advances on the travel claim.

What about Self Procured (DITY) Move Advances?

PPC Travel does not process DITY Move Advances!

Dity Move (self procured moves) transactions are processed by the Coast Guard Finance Center:

Commanding Officer (OPB-1B)
USCG Finance Center
DITY Move Advances
1430A Kristina Way
PO Box 4102
Chesapeake, VA.   23326

More Self Procured/DITY Move Information and Checklist

ADVANCE PAYMENT of an operating allowance for self-procured transportation of HHG is authorized depending on the type of move the member elects. All advances are based on the MBRís estimated or maximum HHG weight allowance as established in JFTR.

Dity move advances and claims are normally processed within a 5-day turnaround. 

Note:  To ensure proper posting of the advance, the SF 1038 - (Advance of Funds Application and Account) - Voucher for advance operating allowance forms must be completed with Document Type 17 (NOT 12) and the remarks block must indicate the advance is for an SPM move.

FINCEN customer service number is (757) 523-6940. You may also visit their web site at for more information.

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