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eLES -- View My Paycheck


The paper Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) was discontinued in January 2010. All personnel have 24/7 access to LES information via the MyPortalDirect "View My Paycheck" page.

This page provides easy access to guides created to help you understand the information that is presented on the MyPortalDirect View Paycheck page. For additional training or questions, see your administrative support personnel.

Reviewing Your Pay Information

Why is it Your Responsibility?

As a member of the U. S. Coast Guard or U. S. Coast Guard Reserve, you should be aware of the entitlements you are authorized to receive and are required to immediately bring any discrepancies to the attention of your unit administrative personnel. You are responsible for reviewing your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) or the "View Paycheck" page in MyPortalDirect monthly. Not reviewing your LES or the View Paycheck page is not a reason for submitting a waiver or remission in the event of an overpayment.

Members can set Outlook calendar reminders to prompt them to review their LES data or they may elect to receive email notifications when LES data is updated in MyPortalDirect. Members desiring to receive email notifications may subscribe to the PPC email list by entering their email address at Subscribers to the PPC email list will also receive notices and information on Coast Guard military pay and travel policy and procedures. However, there are topic filters on the mailing list options page which allow subscribers to limit the emails to just the monthly LES data posting update.

MyPortalDirect "View My Paycheck" Guides & Tutorials

The electronic LES

Each member has access to the eLES via the View Paycheck functionality in DA. In addition, Servicing Personnel Offices can use the View Member's Paycheck (eLES) page to view the DA LES. They can continue to access the LES in the JUMPS system as well. Providing SPOs access to the View Member's Paycheck (eLES) allows the SPO the same view of pay information the member has and will aid the SPO when counseling members on pay issues.

Pay Tables and more

Please see the Latest Rates/Benefits page for links to pay tables and benefit information.

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Last Modified 11/24/2014