Direct Access Technology Refresh - PCS eRésumé

The Coast Guard will begin using the Direct Access II PCS eRésumé on 1 July 2013.

Procedures for each PCS eRésumé user role (member, endorser, and proxy) are provided in the tabbed sections below.


The PCS eRésumé functionality is part of a series of technology refresh projects designed to facilitate the transition to the newer version of PeopleSoft software (Migrating from version 8.0-"Direct Access I" to version 9.1- "Direct Access II"). This transition will culminate with the implementation of PeopleSoft Global Payroll replacing the Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS). Please read CG-1's "Flag Voice #335, The Future of Direct Access" for more information on upgrades to the Coast Guard's HR systems. During this transition, applications have to be created that support Global Payroll implementation AND maintain backward compatibility with JUMPS.


Access the procedures for each of the PCS eRésumé user roles (member, endorser, or proxy) by clicking tabs above.

Assignment Policy Guidance

ALCGENL 102/14; Enlisted Personnel Management Assignment Year 2015 Kick Off

The Coast Guard Personnel Service Center, Reserve Assignments Branch (CG PSC-rpm-2), Officer Assignments Branch (CG PSC-opm-2) and Enlisted Assignments Branch (CG PSC-epm-2), web pages provide timelines and additional guidance on the assignment process.

Direct Access II PCS eRésumé Frequently Asked Questions

Disregard the address displaying next to the SUBMIT button on the PCS E-Resume page. The address may not be your current address. This is a known issue. The address carries no importance for internal applicants. Go to Self-Service, Tasks, Home and Mailing Address to view or update current address information.

Q. How do you search for all billets of a specific rate/pay grade that are not on the current shopping list? Previously there was a check box to accomplish this. The box is no longer there.

A. As you noticed, you can only add jobs that are currently being shopped. If an unexpected vacancy occurs the AO will issue a "Critical Solicitation" message to solicit for candidates. Part of the solicitation process includes adding the position to the shopping list making it possible for candidates to apply.

However, you can obtain the data from the Coast Guard Business Intelligence (CGBI) Electronic Personnel Allowance List (ePAL). The ePAL provides easy access to position data. You can look up data on an individual position or download a spreadsheet with position data for an entire rate or rating.

Q. How can I put in for my "Dream Billet" if the system won't allow me to apply for positions that are not on the shopping list?

A. Every assignment year (AY) there are many questions and often much confusion regarding the placement of "dream billets" on eRésumés.

Although very much ingrained in Coast Guard lore and widely used throughout, the term "dream billet" does not exist within Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8. Positions are either open or closed within Direct Access and therefore either available or not for selection during any particular AY.

For this reason, members competing during their respective AY may list only positions noted as "open" when submitting their eRésumés. To do otherwise creates unnecessary work for assignment officers and prolongs an already lengthy assignment process. Listing closed positions on an eRésumé adds no value to the submission.

Unexpected off-season vacancies will be filled on a case-by-case basis given the situation and surrounding circumstances of the position in question. Assignment Officers will mitigate gaps and fill vacancies by utilizing potential fleet-ups, over-billeted personnel within their accounts if available, or by CG-wide solicitation via CGMS.

Source: ALCGENL 157/07

Q. Do I need to re-submit my eRésumé if I have already applied for a job using the previous version?

A. No. You do not need to submit a DA II PCS eRésumé if you've already submitted a DA I eRésumé (the previous version) for an assignment that was on the shopping list or an unexpected fill. However, each new DA II PCS eRésumé overrides any previous eRésumé you have submitted. If you submit an eRésumé with a list of positions and you later desire to add one or more positions, submit a new eRésumé with ALL of the positions listed in your order of preference. If any of the positions require a command endorsement, the endorsement must also be resubmitted.

Q. Is there any way to see all billets in a rate, specialty or pay grade? Like the old system had. If not, does the CG have a tool that we can use to see all billets in a rate, specialty and/or pay grade and transfer dates?

A. No. CG-6 was not able to include that self-service functionality in PeopleSoft 9.1.

However, you can obtain the data from the Coast Guard Business Intelligence (CGBI) Electronic Personnel Allowance List (ePAL). The ePAL provides easy access to position data. You can look up data on an individual position or download a spreadsheet with position data for an entire rate or rating.

Q. I followed the directions on submitting a new CG eRésumé but there are no billets available. What am I doing wrong?

A. The assignment officers haven't published the assignment year 2014 shopping list yet. Per ALCGENL 071/13 (, the shopping list will be published on 1 October. eRésumés are due on 08 November.

PSC-EPM will publish alternate timelines and early afloat solicitations for specific ratings and detached duty assignments as necessary.

Special assignments will be shopped earlier than regular assignments. For current timeline information please refer to the special assignments website found at

Q. I was told by my supervisor that she would like me to extend my current tour, how do I do this in DA?

A. You'll have to wait until your current position is advertised on the shopping list for assignment year 2014, submit an eRésumé with that position as your first choice. Indicate in the member comments you desire an extension and forward the eRésumé to your supervisor for command endorsement.

Q. I have attempted to enter member comments to my PCS E-Resume, however, I keep on getting a pop-up that indicates that I am above the character limit. What is the character limit?

A. Member comments character limit is 1350 characters by request of the AO'S.

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