Direct Access Technology Refresh - Accessions

As part of the Coast Guard's technology refresh effort to move HR functions from PeopleSoft version 8.0 (Direct Access I) to a supported version of PeopleSoft (version 9.1-Direct Access II), the Applicant Data and Accessions components and supporting business processes will shift to Direct Access II on 01 July 2013.

This shift includes upgraded functionality for Coast Guard recruiters, CGRC, TRACEN Cape May, Academy and Servicing Personnel Offices (SPOs). The Recruiting Analysis Tracking System - RATS will be replaced by the Direct Access Recruiting System - DARS. DARS provides a fully integrated solution for managing recruiting activities from initial applicant contact (including live chat and inquiries) to boot camp shipping reservations and the SPO hire applicant process.

Procedures for each Accession program will be provided via this web page.

Are Your Accession Contract Dates Right?

By: Ginger Farmer, PPC (ADV-PDC)

There continues to be confusion on calculating contract dates for accessions. To help with this, below is a reminder on some of the more confusing dates and basic information on how to calculate the dates for your accession:

Active Duty Base Date:

AD Pay Scale Date:

Contract Begin Date:


Expected AD Term Date:

Expected Loss Date:

Job Family Entry Date:

MIL Obligation Completion Date:

Pay Allowance Date:

Point SWE Date:

Pay Base Date:

Last Modified 10/21/2014