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  • PPC E-Mail ALSPO Messages


    E-Mail ALSPO (All Servicing Personnel Offices) Messages are a method of communicating pay and personnel procedures and information to Servicing Personnel Offices (SPOs).

  • 2015 E-Mail ALSPOs
  • 2014 E-Mail ALSPOs
  • 2013 E-Mail ALSPOs

  • 2015 Messages

    Number Subject Release Date
    C/15 End-Month December Payroll Processing Schedule Change 20 Nov
    B/15 Policy and Procedures for Prior Service Accessions 10 Feb
    A/15 Payroll Processing Schedule for Calendar Year 2015 28 Jan

    2014 Messages

    Number Subject Release Date
    H/14 Direct Access/Global Pay -- In Production 31 Dec
    G/14 Direct Access / Global Payroll Cutover Guidance 05 Dec
    F/14 Annual Verification-Stressing Accuracy and Customer Service 02 Oct
    E/14 Estimating Reserve Early Retirement Date 21 May
    D/14 Implementation of Area Changes for Imminent Danger Pay and Hardship Duty Pay-Location Rate Changes 20 May
    C/14 Payroll Processing Schedule for July through December 2014 (Removed. Expired 12/31/2014) 06 May
    B/14 Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI) Premium Adjustment 05 May
    A/14 Separation and Retirement Order TONO Processing 26 February

    2013 Messages

    Number Subject Release Date
    N/13 Payroll Processing Schedule for January through June 2014 (Removed. Expired 06/30/2014.) 22 November
    M/13 FY 2014 Special Duty Assignment Pay Codes (Removed. Expired 12/31/2014.) 22 October
    L/13 PCS Orders - End of Fiscal Year Closeout Requirements (Removed. Expired at end of fiscal year.) 03 September
    K/13 Same-Sex Spouse Benefits 27 August
    J/13 Supporting Documentation Required for Payment of BAH/OHA to Reserve Component (RC) Members Without Dependents Ordered to Initial Active Duty for Training 26 August
    I/13 Direct Access DD-214 Worksheet Changes (Removed. Contents added to DA procedures.) 25 July
    H/13 Canceled 27 August 2013. See K/13 26 June
    G/13 Direct Access Technology Refresh - Accessions (Removed. Contents added to DA procedures.) 26 June
    F/13 Housing Allowance Change to Married Member-to-Member Couple When One Member is Serving on Sea Duty 20 May
    E/13 Direct Access/Image Now Systems Availability (Removed. Contents no longer relevant.) 10 May
    D/13 Direct Access Technology Refresh - SGLI/FSGLI (Removed. Contents added to DA procedures.) 15 February
    C/13 Canceled 27 August 2013. See K/13 13 February
    B/13 Removal of Direct Access Multiple Pay Entitlement Transaction Component (Removed. Contents added to DA procedures.) 01 February
    A/13 State Tax Withholding for Residents of West Virginia (Removed. Contents added to DA procedures.) 10 January

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